20 Best Science Fiction Series for Traveling to the Future

One of the coolest things about science fiction series is that they offer us a multitude of visions of the future of our own world. Some works, however, focus on very distant galaxies or even on other dimension planes.

This means that the genre is one of the most varied in relation to the works. Within the science fiction series, we can witness works more focused on investigations and suspense, breathtaking action or even a comedy that also offers us a lot to think about our future.

If you are a beginner in the genre or a longtime fan, be sure to check out our recommendations below. In addition to a brief synopsis of each of our recommendations, we will also show you which streaming services you can watch the works on.

This way, it is much easier to choose the science fiction series that will be part of your list, according to the apps to watch movies and series that you usually use.

Check it out below and start creating your list right now!

1. Upload

As you will notice throughout the list, many science fiction series appeal more to the side of dystopian and tragic futures, while others show intergalactic adventures. Upload follows a different path, being also a comedy series.

Taking place in the near future, the Upload Earth is not much different from what we see today. However, our mastery of technology made us overcome a barrier that today seems insurmountable: death.

A few moments before passing away, we can go through a process called Upload, in which our consciousness is transported to a virtual world, where it can reside on a server forever. Even with the ability to make video calls for those who are still in the world of the living.

In an unexpected automated car accident, the protagonist – who worked on a free version of Upload – goes through this process, even at the height of his life. The plot will show its adaptation in this new reality, in addition to its advantages and disadvantages.

In the meantime, he investigates the reasons that led to his accident and the problems that the misuse of technology has caused to this world.

Upload has only one season, but with a second season confirmed for 2021. The series is available on Amazon Prime Video.

upload is one of the best comedy sci-fi series

2. The Mandalorian

The first series with real actors from the Star Wars saga, The Mandalorian takes place between episodes VI and VII of the franchise. Unlike the movies, here the protagonist is an unnamed bounty hunter.

In the midst of his fighters and missions, he receives a designation that seems to be common: to rescue a creature and take it back to its contractor. After arriving at the designated place, the surprise: he must rescue a baby.

But not just an ordinary baby, but of the same race as Yoda, the great Jedi master who taught the hero Luke Skywalker. Also without a name, he ended up receiving the nickname "Baby Yoda", since he and the Jedi master are the only members of the race to appear until today.

The Mandalorian is not yet available in Brazil. On the other hand, the two seasons of the series will arrive together with the streaming service Disney + in the country on November 17.

3. The Tale of the Maid

Although technologically similar to what we see today, The Tale of the Maid shows a dystopian future in which most of the United States has become another country: Gilead. After an environmental crisis and an inexplicable outbreak of infertility took over the country, a religious faction seized power and used the military might of what was the American army to consolidate itself in command.

Due to high infertility, women who are still fertile and who were not in a religiously sacramental marriage are forced to become nurses. Its function: to generate children for the commanders of that country.

The plot follows an ex-book publisher who is captured and turned into a maid by that government, showing the abuses and dangers of allowing religious extremists to come to power.

In addition to an overview of what a future of this type would look like, the story also shows the protagonist's efforts and different supporting actors to survive and resist this world.

The Tale of Aia is in its third season and available on Globoplay.

4. The 100

For those who like to watch series in dystopian futures, The 100 can be a full plate. The series takes place 97 years after a nuclear war destroys the world as we know it.

Living in spaceships since then, a group of 100 troubled youths are sent back to the planet. Its purpose is to colonize and repopulate the planet again.

The 100 ended that year in its seventh season. Six of them are now available on Netflix!

5. Star Trek: Discovery

One of the most respected science fiction franchises in existence, Star Trek brings new stories to this day. Star Trek: Discovery is one of them. It takes place 10 years before the original series, showing a new crew in search of finding new worlds and understanding the different alien races of the universe.

One of the advantages of Star Trek: Discovery is that, because it takes place even before the classic series, you don't need to have watched the old series to enjoy the series.

Still showing between Netflix series, the third season of the series is being distributed in weekly episodes. Click the link to start watching it on Netflix!

star trek discovery

6. Star Trek: Picard

While Discovery is in the past, Star Trek: Picard takes place years after the events of the Star Trek: New Generation series. Featuring actor Patrick Stewart again as the iconic captain Picard, the show shows the character's life 15 years after his retirement from the USS Enterprise.

The peaceful life in his vineyard is abruptly interrupted by a young woman who asks for help, but who may be connected to the protagonist's past.

Star Trek: Picard is in its first season and can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

7. City of the Dead

A science fiction that seems more like a representation of our current reality, City of the Dead brings a civilization threatened by a terrible and contagious disease. In the series, the wave of panic that the disease caused is causing looting and chaos in the Russian capital.

To avoid infection and protect themselves from violence, a small group of family members and neighbors choose to unite, but they themselves have diverging interests and goals. In other words, a fragile alliance with a tendency to conflict that may arise. One of the best science fiction series with big hints of drama!

2020 release, City of the Dead is in its first season and available on Netflix!

8. Next

Blending science fiction with elements from the spy series, Next follows the trajectory of a former technology company CEO. After retiring, he joins a team from a government agency specializing in digital security. Its objective is to prevent the emergence of an intrusive artificial intelligence, which gives the series its name.

Despite the interesting premise, it is not yet available on streaming services, as it recently debuted on American TV and has only one episode to date. (10/21/20)

9. Black Mirror

One of the first series to show the dangers of indiscriminate use of technology, Black Mirror brings separate stories to each episode. Each of them demonstrates the extreme use of some technology.

For example, what would the world be like if the rating system used in apps like iFood and Uber was applied to everyone and you could evaluate them with each interaction.

Although its use in the series is scary, it is not so far from reality: in the real world, we already have scoring systems to assess our ability to pay bills and loans, for example.

Black Mirror has five seasons and is available on Netflix.

10. Star Trek: The Original Series

One of the most interesting things about science fiction series is seeing how their authors imagine our future world. But have you tried to see a show of the type made in the past and compared it to what we have today?

Star Trek: The Original Series is an excellent example for doing this. On American television, the series ran between 1966 and 1969, showing characters who would become immortal, such as Captain Kirk and Spock.

Despite the dated special effects – but impressive for the time – it is interesting to see technologies that were considered fiction to become true, such as mobile telephony itself.

Are you a fan of the current Star Trek series, but haven't seen the classic series yet? Then watch all your three seasons on Netflix!

Star Trek

11. Star Trek: The New Generation

Today better known and even the favorite of many fans of Star Trek, Star Trek: The New Generation has also gone further than the original. While the classic series spanned three seasons, the New Generation exhibition lasted eight years, from 1987 to 1994.

If a century passes after the events of the classic series, the new model of the USS Enterprise is now driven by Captain Picard. However, it follows the same premise as the original: boldly go where no one has ever been.

Like the classic series, the eight seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation is available on Netflix!

12. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

One of the coolest features of Star Trek is its wide universe. While the classic series and The New Generation focus on space exploration, series like Deep Space Nine address the day-to-day life of a Federation station.

The station houses citizens of different races living in this space, all with their prejudices, objectives and unique characteristics, which bring unusual situations. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered in 1993, with a screening parallel to the previous series. Like her, the series also achieved great longevity, with seven seasons.

Best of all, they are all available on Netflix!

13. Star Trek: Voyager

Another series in the franchise that aired on television in the 1990s, Star Trek: Voyager ran parallel to Deep Space Nine. However, it also follows a different premise from the other franchise series shown so far.

Voyager is a Federation ship that ends up being pulled to a corner of the galaxy where the Federation cannot reach. Even if the ship used its maximum speed, it would take 75 years to return to its old post.

In other words, the ship's crew is alone in an unknown corner of the galaxy, being forced to explore the surrounding systems in search of a chance to survive and try to return home. Star Trek: Voyager has also spanned seven seasons, which are available on Netflix.

Tip: see the best features of the Star Trek franchise on our list of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix!

14. The Expanse

Taking place in a terrestrial colony located in an asteroid belt, three quite distinct characters end up involved in a huge conspiracy. The purpose of this conspiracy is to end the land colony itself, known for its rebellion.

As you can expect, this is one of the best science fiction series that will pass some centuries in the future, similar to what Star Trek does. Unlike this one, however, the goal here is not to unravel the mysteries of space, but about the conspiracies on our own planet.

With five seasons, four of them are available on Amazon Prime Video!

Note: the series was initially produced and distributed by Netflix, but its production and exhibition rights were acquired by Amazon.

15. Doctor Who

An even older series than Star Trek, Doctor Who is one of the longest-running science fiction fantasy series in TV history. On the other hand, it is divided into two parts.

The first is the 1963 series, which has lasted an incredible 26 seasons, but is not on show on Netflix or any of its alternatives.

The second started in 2005 and is in its 12th season, adding a total of 38 seasons, counting the classic and current series. The series follows a time traveler known as "Doctor", whose function is to correct evils and attempts to corrupt the timeline.

The 12 seasons of the current Doctor Who series are available on Globo Play.

doctor who is the oldest among the best science fiction series on the list

16. Westworld

Following a premise similar to Black Mirror, Westworld has established itself as one of the best science fiction series by approaching virtual reality in an expanded way. In a virtual amusement park called Westworld, its users can live in a fictional world based on the era of the American West.

These users can explore the world however they want, as if they were in multiplayer games with no consequences for their actions. The story will show two of those players: while one mirrors his attitudes in the game according to the morals of the real world, another takes advantage of the freedom to do whatever he wants without guilt.

Three of Westworld's four seasons are available on Now, a streaming service from Claro / NET.

17. The Man from Castelo Alto

Mixing some elements from the war series with science fiction, The Man from the High Castle reimagines our planet if Nazi Germany and the Japanese empire had won World War II. In fact, this reality is an alternative plan, in which the protagonist – coming from our world – ends up stopping by accident.

The High Castle Man takes place twenty years after the end of the war, with a world divided between Germany and Japan. Despite allies in the conflict, tensions between the two main powers generate consequences around the globe, mainly in the United States and nations that are still in conflict with the superpowers.

The series is in its fourth season and is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video.

18. Battlestar Galactica

Another classic among the best science fiction series, Battlestar Galactica has been shown in several series over the past 42 years. The first was shown on American TV in 1978 and featured only 21 episodes. Then a short 10-episode season was shown two years later.

But it was in 2003 that Battlestar Galactica returned via a miniseries, which would turn into a four-season series the following year. From 2004 to 2008, the re-recording of Battlestar Galactica showed the human race struggling to return to Earth, while fleeing the Cylons, machines that have rebelled and now hunt us through space.

Both the 2003 miniseries and the four seasons of the 2004 series are available on Amazon Prime Video.

19. Babylon 5

The 1990s were full of series that take place in outer space, but addressing different themes. Babylon 5 is one of the best science fiction series and deals with the routine of a space station.

The big problem is that the peace of the galaxy is being maintained by a thread and that thread is the station itself. In other words, Babylon 5 is the only station that houses different races that are in conflict, but that must maintain diplomatic relations within the station.

Or at least that's what happens in theory, but what we see in the series is quite different from that. Babylon 5 talks a lot about prejudice, religions and power relations between species. Unfortunately, Babylon 5 is not available to assist in official media.

20. Stargate SG-1

Closing our list of the best science fiction series we have Stargate SG-1. The series takes place after the 1994 film. In it, a military group investigates a mysterious gate found on Earth and ends up stopping by accident in another dimension, very far from our planet.

The series shows that, after the events, we learned how to decode the gate and how the Lords of the System use them to conquer the universe. The SG-1 team is one of many military groups sent through these gates to explore new planets, discover new resources and find other alien species.

Despite the interesting premise, Stargate SG-1 seasons are not currently available on streaming services.

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