20 best serials of all time

With so many quality series in existence, it can be difficult to know which one to watch next. Other than that, there are productions of so many genres, such as war series, spy series or fantasy series, that it is even worse to make a single decision. For this reason, we separated no less than the considered best series of all time.

So, not only do you check out quality suggestions, but you have the opportunity to watch classic and acclaimed series. If you are curious to know the best series of all time, just check our list below!

1. Seinfeld

seinfeld tv series

To start, we have the production that really was considered the best series of all times several times. Seinfeld not only modernized the sitcom format for what we see today, but he also broke the cliché that TV and comedy protagonists need to be nice.

Even more than 20 years after its completion, it remains very funny and one of the best series to do marathons. For those who don't know it so well, the series puts its characters more in common and seemingly dull situations in the absurdities we see in these sitcoms.

2. Friends

Another good suggestion for those who like to watch comedy series, is the classic Friends. This was one of the biggest sitcoms ever created and is more seen as pure comedy, but it is impossible to ignore that almost the entire series has several episodes focused on relationships and romance.

Be it between the main characters or the secondary ones that always show up in the series. Either way, it's really one of the best romantic comedy series you can find.

3. The Twilight Zone

For those who like to watch classic series, The Twilight Zone is one that cannot be missing from your list. It has had several versions over the years, with the original being shown in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

There were versions still in the 1980s and 2000s, in addition to one that debuted in 2019. For those who can't, this is an anthological series, that is, each episode tells a different story from a similar theme.

Generally, the theme focuses a lot on technology and the way it affects humans. It is easily one of the best series of all time and has inspired so many others, like Black Mirror, for example.

4. Veep

Veep may not be as well known in Brazil, but it is quite successful in the United States. She accompanies a former senator named Selina Meyer, who recently had the opportunity to hold the post of vice president of the USA.

With that, we see the backstage of her political life and her support for something to happen to the president so that she can occupy the position herself. It is easily one of the best comedy series on our list.

5. The Good Place

watch the good place

At first glance, a series about good people going to paradise seems quite harmless and common. Except that the plot of The Good Place brings much more than this simple premise makes us believe.

It is easily one of the best comedy series created in recent years and its fantasy elements only make it more fun to watch. In the series, we accompany Eleanor, who arrives at “Lugar Bom” after his death and realizes that his stay there is a mistake.

6. The Office

Even if you haven't watched it, it's quite possible that at least you've heard of The Office. The British series was so successful that it was retrofitted into 10 other versions around the world.

The most famous adaptation is the American one, which you should also know. In general, the premise is to accompany an office where several people work and try to spend time in a minimally more interesting way.

Everything is recorded as if it were a documentary, which makes the series much more interesting. Our recommendation is to watch both versions, both American and British, as they have a very different tone.

7. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Since we mentioned Seinfeld, we also couldn't forget the other series from one of its creators: Curb Your Enthusiasm. Created and written by Larry David (co-creator of Seinfeld), the series follows a fictional version of himself.

It is as if we followed his life after Seinfeld ended in everyday situations. Except as Larry is a bit picky about everything and everyone, these situations always escalate to something bigger.

The series itself is very funny and any comedy fan should watch it. But something that makes it even better is that virtually all dialogues are improvised by the actors, who only know what needs to happen during the scene.

8. The Crown

The Crown is not only one of the most interesting Netflix series, but is considered one of the best on the platform. She always wins several awards and is highly praised by expert critics.

If you don't know her, just know that she focuses on the history of the British royal family, especially Queen Elizabeth II. The cool thing is that they show their life since they were 20 years old, a period that many of us have never known even superficially.

Each episode shows several historical facts and people important to English politics. It may not seem so interesting at first to some, but we guarantee that when you start, you will not be able to stop watching.

9. That ’70s Show

For those who like sitcoms, but looking for a different environment, our suggestion is That ’70s Show. As the name already indicates, the series takes place during the 1970s.

We accompanied a group of teenage friends during this time, as they grow up, graduate, get jobs and think about what to do in the future. Of course, the series is full of old references.

Although quite simple, it is easily one of the best modern sitcoms you can find. The best part is that it is available entirely on Netflix, so it is also easy to watch.

10. Twin Peaks

watching twin peaks is a must, as it is one of the best serials of all time

The next option is already untraditional, but considered a milestone in the history of TV series. It was one of the first to be taken seriously, as it was created and directed by the renowned David Lynch at the height of his film career.

The series focuses on the murder of teenage Laura Palmer in the small town of Twin Peaks. What should be a simple investigation shows that there are more mysteries in the city than anyone could imagine.

11. Dexter

Another good addition to our list of best series of all time is Dexter. In this series, we accompany a serial killer who was trained by his adoptive father to kill only major criminals.

That's because the man realized early on that the boy was a psychopath and could kill innocents in the future. The premise is interesting in itself, but the series is even better.

12. Breaking Bad

The next suggestion on our list is certainly well known to most people. Even if you have not watched Breaking Bad, it is quite possible that you have heard of it or seen loose scenes on the internet.

The series follows the story of chemistry professor Walter White, who upon discovering he has cancer, does his best to save money for his family before he dies. Unfortunately, the method chosen is the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine.

This leads him to commit several other crimes and decisions that he never imagined. This not only changes you as a person, it also destroys your life and family in a very severe way.

13. The Sopranos

Another very famous series, The Sopranos is always mentioned in the lists of best series of all time. For those unfamiliar with HBO's production, it shows the life of Tony Soprano, the leader of a mafia organization.

Overall, the episodes focus on his attempt to balance his family life with life in crime. The series is very interesting and worth it for anyone looking for essential productions to watch.

14. American Crime Story

Another good anthological series is American Crime Story, which aims to show a famous crime each season. The first season, for example, showed every case of OJ Simpson, accused of killing his ex-wife and a waiter in the 1990s.

The episodes attempt to recreate the investigation and case in court fairly faithfully. Other than that, even the actors were handpicked to live the people who followed and lived the case closely.

15. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

monty python is one of the best serials of all time

If you like British humor like The Office, Monty Python’s Flying Circus is a series you cannot miss. It aired from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, and remains a huge success and influences comedians around the world today.

It is basically a series full of sketches by the humor group Monty Python. For those unfamiliar, they are practically considered as the Beatles of humor.

There are also a number of excellent quality films by the group and you can check them out on Netflix if you want. We guarantee that there are not many current comedians who have not been inspired by them.

16. Mad Men

Mad Men is another one of the best series of all time that we can suggest on our list. It takes place during the 1960s, focusing especially on the advertising world, which was on the rise at the time.

We accompany Don Draper most of the time, who is an excellent creative director at the agency where he works. As his past is somewhat mysterious, his actions and memories end up catching those who watch in a few episodes.

The series really succeeds in portraying not only the advertising world at that time, but several problems and changes that were happening during the decade. Really one of the best series of all time.

17. Lost

You can't make a list of the best series of all time without mentioning Lost. Whether you like the series' mysteries or not, you can't take your merits from what she's accomplished.

The series was a real fever while it was in the air and still causes some noise. And for those who always hear that the ending was poorly explained, we can guarantee that it is exactly the opposite, so you can watch it without fear.

18. Six Feet Under

Another HBO production, Six Feet Under is an excellent choice for those who like drama series. She accompanies a family that owns a funeral home, with work and relationship problems being the main focus.

Not only is it very interesting and captivating, but it has a strong cast. Even the protagonist of Dexter, which we mentioned earlier, has one of the most prominent roles here.

19. X File

A series as classic as The X-Files is another that could not be left out of our list of best series of all time. Together with Twin Peaks, this was one of the first serious TV productions.

It attracted a very large audience throughout its seasons and even received adaptations in the cinema. For those unfamiliar, she follows several mysterious cases being investigated by two FBI agents.

While an agent believes that many things have a supernatural root and an alien involvement, his partner is much more skeptical at first. If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth checking out.

20. Cowboy Bebop

best cowboy bebop series

The next is a very famous anime called Cowboy Bebop. This is considered one of the best animated series of the last few years, so there's no need to stop checking it out.

She focuses on the lives of four very different characters with poorly resolved backgrounds from whom they try to escape. Other than that, they work as bounty hunters in an advanced future, in which humans have already colonized most of the planets in our galaxy.

The series has only 26 episodes, each with a different story that gradually reveals details about the characters. The animation still has an incredible original soundtrack and the plot is very well tied.

Did you like the best series tips of all time?

Did you take advantage of our suggestions to get to know some of the best series of all time? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and which apps to watch movies and series you prefer to use to see your favorite productions.

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