20 easy-to-use email marketing tools

Those who own or think about opening their own business end up with some of the main marketing strategies that can be used in your company. Among the most important are the simple to use email marketing tools.

This type of contact can be responsible for establishing a relationship with customers and attracting them again to your products or services. Email marketing can also go a long way in passing important information to customers about their recent purchases and acquisitions.

If you're curious about the best simple email marketing tools you can use, just check out our list below!

1. E-Goi

Our first recommendation for simple email marketing tools is E-Goi. This platform allows you to create, edit and send newsletters to those on your contact list.

It is worth mentioning that E-Goi has its own models, which already makes life easier for those who are beginners with these tools. Other than that, they also have a system for sending web and mobile app notifications.

Click on the link to start using E-Goi and take advantage of the LARROSSA50 coupon to take advantage of a 50% discount on the platform subscription!

2. SendinBlue

Soon after, we have SendinBlue as a good alternative. It is really one of the simple email marketing tools you can try, especially if you don't know a lot about it yet.

It lets you configure the sending of emails, change the layout of the message body and even use SMS services to send messages. If you found it interesting, you can check out more at the link below.

3. Mailchimp

Another great option is Mailchimp, which you may have heard of since it is so popular. Fortunately, his reputation is also great and it really is very good to use in companies of all sizes.

To start, it offers an excellent email editor, lists your contacts' profiles and even checks the interactions made. In addition, it is one of the few that has different mobile applications, depending on your need.

If you liked this brief description, you can learn more about Mailchimp at the link.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is quite similar to other tools of this type, but has more advanced features as well. It also has an email editor that allows you to preview how your messages look.

The cool thing is that this is worth the layout of both the PC and smartphones, since they tend to be quite different. Considering that more and more people check their emails on their cell phones, it is important to know that their layout is functional in both.

Apart from these basic details, GetResponse still gives you the option to import images from Flickr, Facebook and iStock. There is also an option to sell products directly in emails by adding PayPal buttons to the message.

To check out even more about GetResponse, just access the link.

5. LeadLovers

email marketing options

Another good alternative is LeadLovers, even more because it doesn't just focus on email marketing. It also offers tools for creating landing pages and a member area for distance learning.

These options end up making it very interesting for those who need more types of tools on the same platform. This is especially true for those who are trying to sell their courses online.

The email section also has a tool for creating templates, scheduling, sending messages automatically and importing contacts. It is also possible to create SMS marketing campaigns and integrate with CRM.

Enough for a single platform, isn't it ?! If you found it interesting, just access the link to know everything else.

6. iContact

Our next recommendation from the list of simple email marketing tools is iContact. One of its advantages is that it allows you to add your contacts from different apps to your email list.

Other than that, the tool can be integrated with other apps to check what your customers are buying. This makes it much easier to gather information to segment your lists.

If you want, you can still use the tool to make updates on Twitter and Facebook in sync with your emails. You can check everything on the link.

7. MailerLite

Our next tip is MailerLite, which is also not that different from the other simple email marketing tools on the list. It features email automation and customization, landing pages, and 24-hour support.

Depending on what you need, this can be the ideal tool. This is especially true if you want more than just email marketing. If you liked it, just check the official website to find out more.

8. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is interesting because it helps you send emails with a very neat look. The email editor allows you to choose from a wide variety of layouts for text and media.

You can also enhance the design with different color schemes, something that you can change according to the messages. It is worth mentioning that the interface is very clean and can be used in several different languages.

If you found the Benchmark Email legal, you can check out more with this link.

9. Sendicate

Among so many simple email marketing tools, Sendicate is possibly one of the most suitable for beginners. The interface of this tool is much cleaner, intuitive and explanatory than most, for example.

Even so, its resources for creating and sending email are second to none. The prices are also very interesting as you can see in the link below.

10. Mailigen

Mailigen is our next suggestion among simple marketing tools. It is very cool for those looking for a way to incorporate their emails with mobile resources.

Thus, it is even easier to reach your target audience by segmenting the medium in which messages will be sent. The advantage is there are unique features for device type.

The most common email is very familiar and with well-known functions, while SMS focuses on objectivity and ends up being efficient for shorter ads.

If you found it interesting, just access the link to learn more.

11. Mad Mimi

Another alternative is Mad Mimi, which focuses much more on sending emails than just marketing strategies. Despite being the opposite that many people look for, this is great for those who really just want this feature.

As expected, the email editor is very easy to learn to use. It also offers themes based on color schemes and blocks of content.

The cool thing is that it is possible to integrate the app with some social networks. Check out more about Mad Mimi at this link.

12. BombBomb

BombBomb is something completely different from the other simple Email Marketing tools on our list. Instead of focusing on text email layouts, it focuses especially on videos.

This means that you can record videos with their app or upload existing files. Then, they are sent as normal newsletters, and your contacts can even respond with videos if they want.

If you are interested, you can check out more at this link.

13. Campayn

We're already talking about simple email marketing tools in general, but Campayn is an ideal option for those just starting out in the business world. It is one of the easiest to learn to use and has a very simple and intuitive interface.

Other than that, this tool allows you to import your contacts from various other apps and services, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook. There are also many beautiful templates that you can use without having to customize anything if you don't want to.

Another advantage is that sending messages is very easy, since it is possible to segment your contact lists according to the content of the emails. For those who liked it, just access the official website.

14. Emma

The tool known as Emma can be a very cool option for those who want to have more personalization in their emails. We say this because you can control the entire process of planning, creating, designing and sending your email marketing.

Best of all, the whole tool is very simple to learn to use. It even comes with beautiful email templates, offers specific layouts for certain occasions and more.

Another advantage is that you can ask the Emma team to create custom designs for your company and brand. Check out more about the tool by accessing the link.

15. AWeber

aweber emails

Our next tip among simple email marketing tools is AWeber. Its main objective is to focus on getting people really interested in your products / services to receive emails.

For this, it integrates with WordPress, PayPal and Facebook. In this way, you will be able to add to your contact list those who already have some type of interaction with your company.

Apart from what we mentioned, there are two very interesting mobile apps where you can check your status and add subscribers. If you liked what you saw, you can check out more by accessing the link.

16. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an interesting alternative, especially to take better care of the customer relationship. It even includes a complete CRM system, which facilitates this task.

Basically, it helps you to have information about your customers, divides them into lists based on interests, locations, etc. Other than that, it’s good to mention that it includes a very easy to use email editor.

If you want to know more, you can check it by accessing the link.

17. Drip

Drip is a little different, since it is technically a CRM system. This means that you can use it to manage the company's relationship with its customers.

Among the many resources available, the email marketing tool is just one of the most useful. As you can see, this makes it the perfect platform for anyone who really wants something complete.

You can check out more on the official website.

18. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is our next alternative to simple email marketing tools. You can tell that it is more suitable for companies that maintain constant contact with their customers.

In general, this can be useful for those who hold many events or offer promotions and discounts on their products. Other than that, they can help you plan events, create presence confirmation pages, send reminders to your contacts via email and social media, etc.

You can check it all out with the link.

19. Campaign Monitor

Another interesting tip is Campaign Monitor. This tool gives you the chance to create and customize your own email laytous, which is great for those who don't want to use ready-made templates.

It is worth mentioning that although it is easy to use for any user, those with programming knowledge can make designs even more advanced. If you found the concept interesting, you can check out more of Campaign Monitor at the link.

20. FreshMail

freshmail for email marketing

To end our list of simple to use email marketing tools, we have FreshMail as a suggestion. It is interesting because it offers very different models, high resolution images, unusual fonts and detailed layouts.

The cool thing is that you can create your design yourself. For those who want to personalize everything with their brand, this ends up being an excellent opportunity.

Other than that, it is worth mentioning that the email editor is very simple and easy to learn to use. If you are interested, you can learn more about FreshMail at the link.

Did you like the simple Email Marketing tools?

So, did you like our simple Email Marketing tool suggestions? Now just don't forget to leave your comment telling us which tool looked more interesting and if you've used any of them before!

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