20 most popular personalities on TikTok

That TikTok is the biggest fever of the moment should not be new to you. In recent years, the app has been so downloaded that it has managed to integrate into the list of most downloaded apps of the entire decade. The social network that focuses on dubbing and fun videos has its own network of influencers and most popular personalities on TikTok.

It is worth remembering that in this list we will show only personalities who achieved fame thanks to TikTok. If you are looking for your favorite celebrities on the social network, then check out this article now!

Did you start using the app and want to learn from them to also produce your content and gain followers on TikTok?

Then check out our list of the most popular personalities in Brazilian and worldwide TikTok right now!

1. Leticia Gomes

One of the main Brazilian influencers in TikTok, Letícia Gomes takes advantage of the social network to mix her beauty and makeup tips with the various effects that TikTok provides.

The makeup expert influencer has already collected the incredible mark of 3.4 million followers on the network and is also present on Instagram, where she publishes Stories frequently.

She can be found on TikTok through @leticiafgomes.

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2. Gustavo Martho

With about 200 thousand followers, Gustavo Martho won an audience on TikTok with his vlogs and comedy videos. Due to its type of content, you can find everything when browsing your profile.

Humorous imitations of series like Chaves and La Casa de Papel or even Pixar animations, along with videos playing guitar, are some of the content that the influencer publishes on his profile. That is, expect good variety when accessing your content.

You can find Gustavo on TikTok at @marthow.

3. Yurgen Maas

Like Gustavo, Yurgen Mass also publishes vlogs and comedy videos on his TikTok profile. In addition to the funny videos, he also brings tips on how to use the app and participates in the fun TikTok Challenges that occasionally appear on the network.

You can find Yurgen on TikTok by following @yurgenmaas.

4. Apollo Costa

If TikTok is an excellent network for comedy and music, the influencer Apollo Costa learned well about the platform. In his content, he uses good humor and everyday situations to make fun.

With about 1 million followers on TikTok alone, you can find the Apollo channel – which has been producing content since TikTok was Musical.ly – just follow @apollooficial.

5. Loren Gray

Teen singer Loren Gray is one of the most popular profiles on TikTok worldwide, with an impressive 42 million followers. Singer, she mixes her content among fun vlogs of the ordinary situations of her life.

You can find Loren Gray on TikTok by searching @lorengray.

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6. Baby Ariel

Actress Baby Ariel also uses TikTok as her main stage. The first to reach 20 million when the app was still called Musical.ly, it now has 32 million followers.

In her videos, the artist – who has participated in Disney youth series – sings, dances, makes vlogs and humor content. To find it on TikTok, just search for @babyariel.

7. Kristen Hancher

Kristen Hancher attracts the curiosity of TikTok users for the different wigs and styles, which often alternate in their content. The singer takes advantage of the platform to make vlogs, as well as music and dance.

You can find her on @kristenhancher, where she has already attracted an impressive 23.6 million followers.

8. Cameron Dallas

One of the longest-running video producers on Vine, Cameron Dallas made TikTok his new home. That is, the influencer was already an expert in producing comedy and vlogs content.

To understand its success, which has already attracted 18 million followers, follow @camerondallas!

9. Gil Croes

Also taking advantage of the various resources that facilitate the creation of funny videos, the influencer Gil Croes has an impressive amount of followers. With almost 26 million users following, its content is pure entertainment.

To check your profile, just search for @gilmhercroes

10. Savannah Labrant

Unlike most of the most popular TikTok personalities mentioned so far, what attracts followers to Savannah Labrant's profile are the comedy videos with her daughter Eveleigh.

With over 18 million followers, you can check out the mother and daughter interaction and chemistry by following the @ savv.labrant profile. The influencer is also present on social networks with a channel on YouTubee profile also on Twitter.

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11. Liza Koshy

Like Cameron Dallas, Liza Koshy was also an influencer on Vine. Now on TikTok, the influencer's short videos are all aimed at making her followers laugh at the bizarre situations in the influencer's life.

With 20 million followers, Liza Koshy can be found on TikTok through @lizzza. That's right, with three "z"!

12. Jayden Croes

If you recognized the surname, then you may have noticed that Jayden Croes is the brother of Gil Croes. With his own channel where he also produces vlogs and comedy content, Jayden also has an extensive following.

Until the closing of this article on 04/09, we registered that the influencer had 21.6 million users following him. Of course, the older brother and also an influencer is present in some content of the youngest.

13. Mackenzie Ziegler

Also with followers in the millions, Mackenzie Ziegler also takes advantage of humorous videos to make vlogs about his life.

In addition to them, the teenager also makes dance videos with friends and family. She has even participated in television shows about dance in the UK, where she lives with her family. The girl has 16.4 million followers and can be found at @mackenzieziegler.

14. Jaycie Nicole Memmott

Like most of the most popular personalities on TikTok, Jaycie Nicole Memmott produces comedy videos and mostly vlogs about his routine.

With 2 million followers, the teenager abuses personal content and thus managed to attract the user base that accompanies her daily videos. Follow her also on @jaycie_nicole.

15. Kevin Perry

Taking advantage of the platform to spread humor, TikTok became Kevin Perry's main stage. The influencer publishes content daily, making fun of everyday situations.

It also has a wide base of followers, reaching the 3 million mark. To follow your content, you can search @kevboyperry.

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16. Sarah Graysun

Of short stature and with a “baby face”, the influencer Sarah Graysun uses these characteristics to make comedy vlogs laughing about the subject and telling embarrassing stories.

In her videos, she also takes the opportunity to make fashion posts, showing the looks and probably earning a lot of money from it.

As one of TikTok's most popular personalities, the influencer also has a wide range of followers, with 4.7 million users following what she posts. Sarah Graysun is also on Instagram and you can find her on @sarahgraysun.

17. Griffin Johnson

With the same number of followers as the influencer above, Griffin Johnson also abuses vlogs and comedy to entertain those who follow him on TikTok.

In addition to the platform, he also has a YouTube channel and Instagram profile, where he posts other types of content. To follow the influencer, just look for @imgriffinjohnson.

18. Mr Faisu

Unlike the other most popular TikTok personalities shown so far, TikToker Faisal Shaikh is a famous actor in India, where he participates in soap operas and films.

At TikTok, the artist shows vlogs of his life and also videos behind the scenes of the productions he is participating in.

A curious fact about the actor and his media team Team 07 is that, by repudiating the lynching of a Muslim, he and the team were banned from the social network. Such positioning was prohibited by the guidelines of the social network.

However, with fan support, their accounts were recovered and they continue to publish content frequently. The Indian actor has an impressive base of 26.6 million followers

Want to accompany the influencer? Then look for @ mr_faisu_07!

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19. Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Like the influencer above, Jannat Zubair Rahmani is also one of the most popular personalities in TikTok from India. Like her colleague, she is also a prominent actress, especially in the country's soap operas.

In his TikTok, Jannat makes funny vlogs and videos, following the formula of influencers on the social network. Her number of followers is also impressive, clashing with Mr. Faisu with his base of 22.6 million users following her.

You can find the actress on TikTok by looking at the profile @ jannat_zubair29.

20. JiffPom

Closing the list of TikTok's most popular personalities with a canine influencer, JiffPom does everything his human counterparts do on the social network: vlogs and funny videos of his dog life.

That is, using the same weapons, added with cuteness and charisma of the canines. Want to know how a dog can be so famous on TikTok?

Then look for @jiffpom and be impressed by its almost 21 million followers!

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