20 most used filters by bloggers 2020

Anyone who has ever used a photo app on a smartphone has come across the filters offered in those apps. They can change the photos in fun ways or give a totally different look to the original image. Except that among thousands of existing types, there are the filters most used by bloggers and influencers that you may want to know.

Overall, they are great for enhancing your images or making them more interesting than usual. We separate these most used filters and are concerned with selecting those that are available in almost any photography app.

So, you don't have to worry about using a single specific app or changing your favorite. To check out more about these filters, check out our list below!

1. Vintage

vintage filter

For starters, we have one of the most used filters by most people who use camera apps on their phone. The Vintage filter exists in most photo apps and usually gives images an older look.

Usually, this filter is used to have a very specific season effect. In many apps, you can even have the right settings for each decade.

2. Retro

retro filter

A bit like the option above, the Retro filter tends to refer more to the 1950s and 1960s. This aesthetic turns out to be very beautiful in landscape photos, but it also fits well in images of people.

This is especially true for relaxed situations and with clothes in a more timeless style.

3. Painting

paint filter

Many people have seen filters that turn photos into caricatures, but some are softer to emulate the feeling of an oil painting. This does not change the appearance of the photo so much, but it plays more with the colors and their tones.

If you want something more artistic, but not drastic, this is a good option.

4. Design

Since we are talking about painting filters, it is worth talking about those that transform photos into drawings. With these filters, almost everything in the image seems to have been drawn by hand and leaves a very interesting impression.

Of course, it doesn't look so good on photos full of elements, but it's great for selfies.

5. Vibrant

vibrant filter

Another of the most used filters is that it makes the photo more vibrant. As you can see in the example like this, the color saturation is very large and gives a more fun and relaxed aspect to the photos.

Many people looking for a more connected look in the 1980s and 1990s end up using this filter.

6. Vignette

vignette filter

The vignette filter is another great known, after all, it is an effect that is present in most camera apps. This is an easy effect to achieve on a manual camera and can be emulated with these filters on simpler cameras, such as those on a smartphone.

Simply put, this filter makes the edges of the photo darker.

7. Black and White

black and white filter

Another classic of the filters most used in smartphones is the black and white effect. A lot of people love to leave their photos in this style, and there are numerous versions of it depending on the app.

Some opt for a smoother and more grayish effect, while others prefer a more dramatic look with darker tones.

8. Artistic

artistic filter

The artistic filter can make your photos more interesting by making numerous changes. Depending on the app, you see lighter tones, darker edges, or even the highlight of specific colors in the photo.

Definitely a good filter for those who want to post their most beautiful poses on social networks.

9. Pastel

pastel filter

As the name makes clear, the Pastel filter serves to leave your photos with colors in pastel tones. This is kind of a trend in apps like VSCO and Instagram, so it's a good filter if you're going to post your photos over there.

10. Polaroid

polaroid filter

The Polaroid effect is one of the most used and famous filters that you find in most photography apps. It basically takes your photo and leaves the image in a format similar to the snapshots we saw on Polaroid machines.

The filter has become so popular that instant cameras have returned to peak sales among their fans recently.

11. Blur effect

The blur effect is another widely used filter that is also common to find in several apps. it allows you to leave part of the photograph, usually the background, with a more blurred look.

This gives more prominence to what is in front, be it a person or object.

12. Bokeh

bokeh filter

Another well-known effect is Bokeh. This filter makes the background of the photo more blurred and turns the points of light into bright circles without much definition.

It is a super known effect in professional photography and can be done easily with professional cameras. The filter on smartphone cameras is generally not so natural, but it is still quite beautiful.

13. Nature

most used nature filters

Our next suggestion among the filters most used by bloggers is that of nature. As the name implies, this filter is widely used in images representing natural landscapes, as it highlights the colors of the photographed scene more.

14. Brightness

most used starry filters

Also called “Sparkle” in photography apps, this filter simply adds a glow effect to your images. It is a very simple effect, but it can be beautiful depending on the photo you use it on.

15. Pixelated

pixelated filter

The Pixelado filter is also very interesting and has a very obvious effect. It leaves the whole photo with a pixelated aspect, something that can attract a lot of fans of pixel art or simply those who loved older games from the 8 and 16 bit era.

16. Light leakage

light leak filter

Anyone who has seen old photos must have come across one that has a light leak. It is those smears of light on the edges of the photos that happened only with old manual cameras.

Also known as Light Leak, this effect is often reproduced today with filters. Everything to give a retro look to the image, but without touching the rest of the photo too much.

17. Lens Flare

most used filters lens flare

Another known and present effect in photographs of course is Lens Flare. For those who don't know, this is an optical aberration that happens due to the dispersion of light that enters the lens through its ends.

To mimic this effect on smartphones, you can use this which is one of the most used filters today. It is also a great thing for those who want to give the images a retro touch.

18. Lomo

Lomo effect is one of the most used filters

Although it is one of the most used filters in many apps, many people do not know what the Lomo effect is. Basically, it is a filter that makes colors more saturated, makes some distortions and puts prismatic effects on the image.

You may have even seen or used the filter without knowing it, after all, it really makes the photos look pretty.

19. Christmas

most used filters for christmas

Believe it or not, Christmas filters are some of the most popular among festive effects. Considering that this holiday is one of the most celebrated in the world, it is not surprising.

Each app has different Christmas filters and you can often find them only from the second half of December.

20. VSCO

most used VSCO filters

Many people know that VSCO is one of the best apps for bloggers and has excellent filters. Still, the app ends up having a very specific look associated with itself.

The type of filter that makes images look smooth and in pastel colors is called VSCO in many situations.

Did you like the most used filters?

Did you take advantage of our list to get to know some of the filters most used by bloggers and other influencers? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of them and what are your favorites.

And if you're interested in making your images even more beautiful, check out our article on secret photography apps!

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