20 sites to download free online books in PDF

The digital universe made a lot of content accessible that was expensive or difficult to find. With many sites to download free online PDF books, you will have access to knowledge beyond a lifetime.

That is, there is a lot of good content being made available for free. It is not by chance such a large list: there is no shortage of sites to download free online books in PDF.

So we have compiled this list with several examples of where you can download books – and some also offer audiobooks! – to read on your computer or smartphone.

Check out our complete list below!

1. Google Books

Did you know that the page dedicated to ebooks on Google Play is also an excellent way to download free PDF books? It is worth mentioning here that, in addition to the cell phone, you can also access it in internet browsers.

google is one of the best sites to download free books in pdf

Although it is a store whose most works are paid for, it eventually releases some works to download for free. Another tip that we find interesting to purchase paid books without spending a cent is to use the Google Opinion Rewards app.

This app rewards you with credits to use on the Google Play Store – including the books portion – for taking surveys to improve the search engine algorithm. Use these credits to buy books on Google Books!

Tip: see how to download paid apps for free on Android using this method!

2. Loyal Books

This foreign portal has a collection of thousands of books that are available in the public domain. That is, it is not the intellectual property of any company or author, and can be made available free of charge.

This automatically makes it one of the best sites to download free PDF books online. In addition, it is a good opportunity to learn English, since the works contained therein are all in that language.

You can find works of all genres by accessing Loyal Books through the link.

3. Open Library

Working in a similar way to the previous one, the Open Library is a non-profit website, in which sponsors help the website to offer works for free to visitors.

On the home screen, the Open Library itself shows some of the works they are looking to include in the collection, allowing anyone to sponsor its permanent acquisition on the website. It also has a loan tool, exclusive for registered members.

On the other hand, the Open Library is also available in English only, requiring you to learn the language in order to be able to read your ebooks.

Click on the link to see the Open Library.

4. World Digital Library

Another public online library with a gigantic collection, the World Digital Library brings works from all over the world. For this reason, it is possible to find great works that I never imagined existed, precisely because they are out of everyday life.

In addition to discovering cultures incredibly different from ours, it is also your chance to learn different languages, as online books are available in their original language.

Click on the link to learn more about the World Digital Library.

digital world library

5. eBooks Brazil

We understand that many of the sites for downloading free online books in PDF do not have examples in our language, but that does not mean that they do not exist. EBooks Brasil is an example of this.

Operating through donations, it allows any visitor to use the works and use them at their leisure, except for commercial and political purposes. Entrance is free and you do not need to register to download the works.

In addition to PDF, you can also download books in MOBI format – ideal for the Kindle ebook reader -, eBookPro and MS Reader, among others.

Access eBooks Brazil through the link.

6. Gutenberg Project

With more than 10 years, Project Gutenberg is an initiative to provide fiction and entertainment sites for free, making them more accessible. As in eBooks Brazil, books are in different digital formats, including for reading on Kindle.

His works are available in a variety of languages, including Portuguese. In fact, our language is one of those that most have books on the platform. Of course, this achievement is shared among all the countries that speak the language.

The Gutenberg Project also has a special section of audiobooks available for free. Click on the link to know the initiative!

7. FeedBooks

Unlike other sites to download free online PDF books shown so far, the FeedBooks collection is not available for download in its entirety. This means that it is a virtual ebook store, but it has an exclusive section for works in the public domain or original books by authors who have chosen to make them available for free.

With a respectable collection, there are books of all genres in it. On the other hand, the works are only available in English, requiring a certain command of the language.

If the language is not a barrier for you, click on the link to use FeedBooks.

8. Manybooks.net

With a respectable collection of ebooks, Manybooks.net has an exclusive section for works in our language. His variety of genres is also wide, allowing him to read everything on the site.

Still, nothing prevents you from venturing into works in other languages, if you have mastery or want to practice reading.

Access the page to see the Manybooks.net collection.

9. Brasiliana

Project of the University of São Paulo (USP), Brasiliana is a digital collection of Brazilian works or released in Brazil in our language. His works are also all in the public domain, some of which are great classics of literature.

On the website, you can also find manuscripts, maps, almanacs and even letters published in the past. The range of genres is also quite varied, so you can find interesting pearls in it.

Click on the link to get to know Brasiliana right now!

brasiliana is one of the sites to download free books in pdf in our language

10. .TON Blog

Despite being a blog, it is also a collection of books available in the public domain. With hundreds of free ebooks to download, the site features works from the most diverse genres. Hit the head with the most famous apps to download books on the market.

These works range from business books and digital marketing to the audiovisual area, through journalism and related areas.

Click on the link to access the collection available on the blog right now!

11. UNESP Open

An initiative of the Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP Aberta is a free virtual collection for everyone, even those who are not students of the institution. The digital library brings content from all areas of knowledge – human, exact and biological – to open and download whenever you want.

On the other hand, it brings only student books and manuals, not counting works of fiction, for example. Still an excellent alternative to obtain complementary material to study during quarantine.

Access the page to get to know UNESP Aberta.

12. Cultura Bookstore

Despite being a commercial institution, Livraria Cultura is one of the sites to download free online books in PDF as it periodically makes available some ebooks from its collection for free.

These digital books can be about any subject, as well as encompassing biographical, student or entertainment works. Comics and digital magazines can also be part of the collection distributed free of charge.

See the free digital books of the moment on Livraria Cultura's website.

13. Machado de Assis

Website dedicated to celebrating one of the greatest Brazilian authors, the official MEC website for Machado de Assis brings all the author's works. Available in PDF, you can read books, essays, letters and even critiques of the time you lived in the middle of the 19th century.

Doing so is very simple: just access this page and choose the work of the author you want to download!

14. Europeana

Considered the largest digital library in Europe, part of the Europeana collection has works available in Portuguese in Portugal. That is, it is one of the largest sites to download free online PDF books on the continent.

It brings books and works of art with different themes relevant to the Old Continent, such as stories from the First World War, archaeological treasures and, of course, literature from their various countries in formats like period books, magazines and newspapers!

Click on the link to access Europeana right now!

europeana is one of the best sites to download free pdf books online in the old continent

15. Read Print

Another collection in English, Read Print brings a varied collection of works, which include fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry and even academic works. All of them available to download online and open in apps to read books.

On the other hand, it also shows paid books, so it is necessary to stick to the free section of the page. It is an excellent site if you are looking for all the works of renowned authors, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen and Arthur Conan Doyle, among many others.

Therefore, access Read Print through the link

16. Digital Library of Rare Works

A digital collection from the University of São Paulo (USP), the Digital Library of Rare Works is essential for students looking to learn more about Classical Literature or History. In addition to books, you can also find period documents to improve your study base.

You can list the works available by different parameters, including the year of publication. It is also one of the few to have periodicals, especially from the last two centuries.

You can also search for books according to the faculty, such as Medicine, Education, Law or Agriculture, among many others.

Are you looking for free study material in PDF? Then access the Digital Library of Rare Works at the link!

17. Public Domain Portal

A Brazilian government portal dedicated to disseminating classic works freely and free of charge, the Public Domain Portal has works with a free license. That is, you can download without guilt or think you are pirating.

On this portal, you can find classic works such as A Divina Comédia and the complete work of Machado de Assis, for example. It is also possible to find complementary material such as videos of interviews with authors or personalities in the field of education.

To search for a work in the public domain, simply access the site and search for the name of the book or author!

18. Saraiva

Like Livraria Cultura, Saraiva also allows its customers to purchase some free ebooks, which change periodically. To do this, just have an account on the site and access it frequently to see what's free.

The collection is not as classic as in some previous examples, but can also include magazines and comic books, if you prefer.

Click on the link to access Saraiva's free books.

19. National Library of Portugal

Portuguese literature is one of the richest in the world and certainly had a strong influence on ours. Therefore, even if you are Brazilian, we recommend that you also access the National Library of Portugal.

One of the best sites to download free online books in PDF format, you can find works by renowned authors, such as José Saramago and Adalberto Alves.

So click on the link to see what's available online at the National Library of Portugal!

20. Archive.org

Finally, Archive.org is not necessarily one of the sites to download free PDF books. In fact, its collection is much larger, since it has magazines, manuals, movies, games and you can even download free music on it.

It is worth mentioning that everything available on Archive.org is in the public domain, so don't expect to see works of great commercial success on it. On the other hand, you never know: you might as well find a rare gem in it that you would never see elsewhere on the internet

For this reason, we highly recommend that you access and explore Archive.org through the link.


Sites to download free online books in PDF: which is the best?

From that list of nominations, which one seemed the best for you? Did you find a hidden gem among the sites that we show along the list?

Comment with us!

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