20 Ways to Make Extra Income Without Spending Anything

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to make extra income without spending anything, as money is getting tighter. Therefore, we carry out a selection of the best alternatives and platforms for this.

If you are interested in this topic, read on and discover them all!

1. Work as a freelancer

The first of the best ways to make extra income without spending anything is by working as a freelancer. By doing this, you can offer any area you are particularly good at, such as writing, translating, programming or developing websites.

You can use any of the best sites of this type to make money, such as Freelancer.com, UpWork, Fiverr or Guru. Through them, it is possible to create a profile with your specialties and proficiency, as well as work experience and even a biography of you.

Work as a freelancer

2. Transforming your car into a taxi

Anyone who has a car can earn a lot of money by turning it into a taxi, using platforms such as Uber, Cabify or 99 – check out a review of the last one here – in addition to some other alternatives that are available.

To learn how to use Uber, follow the link, where we explain in depth all the necessary steps. The other platforms have an extremely similar process.

This is one of the best ways to earn extra money by creating your own hours, without having to answer to anyone. Of course, this means that you are responsible for the quality of the service, which requires a lot of discipline and versatility.

3. Working as a pet sitter

Another excellent way to earn extra money is through DogHero, one of the best platforms to work as a pet sitter, or nanny of pets, being ideal not only for those who like pets but also for those who want to work at home .

It also has an excellent application to earn money, through which you can easily apply, saying if you have other pets in your home, being able to host dogs for those who are going to travel or just walk with them. With this, you not only earn money, but help animals to exercise!

4. Create an online course

If you are looking for ways to make extra income without spending anything and have extensive knowledge on any area or subject, the ideal thing for you may be to create an online course on one of the best online course platforms.

Through these sites, such as Udemy and Beved – check out a complete Beved guide here -, you can create courses in any area, such as language teaching, programming, writing, website creation and everything you can imagine. The best part is that you charge as much as you think is reasonable for your job, without pre-defined prices!

5. Renting luggage space

Those who travel a lot are probably worried about the expenses involved, since traveling is not cheap. Therefore, it is important to find a way to compensate, one of the best being selling space from your suitcase through Entrusters.

On this platform, you can create ads saying where you are leaving, where you are going to, how much you want to charge for transport and even what you are willing to take. If you prefer, you can browse other users' orders and choose what you want to upload from there.

Renting suitcase space ways to make extra income without spending anything

6. Delivering through Rappi

Being a delivery man for Rappi is another one of the best ways to make extra income without spending anything. Through the platform, you make deliveries of all kinds, with things ranging from the most common, food, to ranches, and even physical money.

To register for it, it is necessary to have a bicycle or motorcycle, in addition to some other restrictions. Check it out on the official website!

7. Delivering through iFood

IFood is the largest food delivery platform in Brazil, with millions of monthly orders and a huge amount of users everywhere in our country.

If you want to earn extra money on iFood, you need to have an Android smartphone, as well as a motorcycle, car, bicycle or scooter, bank account and some other things. It is a sure way to supplement income.

8. Renting through Airbnb

If you have a spare room in your house or a vacant house or apartment, advertising on Airbnb may be one of the best options. Through it, you can get extra money without worrying, renting to travelers.

To register, it is necessary to go to the website and fill in all the necessary data, to receive an estimate of how much you can profit from your place.

9. Taking trips with BlaBlaCar

A service very similar to Uber is BlaBlaCar – see here everything you need to know about it -. In it, you can advertise trips you intend to take, such as going from São Paulo to Sorocaba, for example, and charge a fee to take passengers.

It is beneficial for all parties, since it is thus possible to cover all expenses with gasoline, while its passengers make the trip by paying a much lower price than by bus or taxi. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you will get hitchhikers, as long as your rides are good and you are polite.

10. Using cashback services

One of the best ways to make extra income without spending anything is to use any of the existing cashback apps, such as Méliuz or PicPay. Cashback, in short, means return on money, that is, you earn a portion of what you spend buying through these apps, as advertised.

It is an excellent way to earn money with your purchases, and in the end you save a lot, since the return rates reach more than 10%, guaranteeing a good extra income on the internet.

Using cashback services ways to make extra income without spending anything

11. Announcing your work on GetNinjas

GetNinjas is one of the best job apps, through which you can find freelance jobs of all kinds. Through it, it is possible to advertise services such as general repairs, air conditioning repair, cleaning and cleaning, repair of computers, smartphones and notebooks and much more.

The more areas you have knowledge and are able to work, the more chances you have to make money and get jobs, filling your free time with paid activities, without a formal contract. It's not ideal, but it certainly helps anyone.

12. Delivering via Uber Eats

Another excellent option if you want to deliver food is Uber Eats, one of the best known alternatives to iFood. If you don't know this platform yet, check out everything you need to know about Uber Eats!

With it, you can deliver orders made in the best restaurants, ensuring you earn extra money in your downtime, or even making this option your main source of income. Remembering that, even though it is possible to make income from these applications, a lot of effort is required.

13. Create your online store

Creating a virtual store can be a good option for those who like to make crafts and is good at it, being an excellent way to work over the internet. Some of the best sites to create an online store are Shopify, WooCommerce and CloudShop.

It is a somewhat complicated process, since it is necessary not only to make the products, but also to carry out marketing and deliveries. However, it is almost guaranteed that some income will come out of it!

14. Selling your accumulated miles

One of the best ways to make extra income without spending anything is through websites to earn extra income by selling your accumulated miles. Through them, you can sell the points accumulated on your credit card quite easily, making money without losing anything, since they always have an expiration date.

So, if you use your card a lot but don't travel by plane, or generate more miles than you spend, head over to some of the best sites for selling them, like MaxMilhas or 123Milhas!

15. Renting your bike

If you have a bike but don't use it, renting the bike can be a sure way to earn extra money, using sites like Spinlister.

Through it, you can rent the bike for as long as you want, earning a stipulated amount for yourself, being ideal to ensure that your skinny girl will not accumulate dust!

Renting Your Bike Ways To Make Extra Income Without Spending Anything

16. Cooking for travelers

Anyone who likes to cook and likes to meet new people, often from other countries and other states can really like MealSharing, a website where you can offer to cook a specific menu and become a host for a day.

In it, you charge as much as you want and receive requests from travelers. It is possible to list the languages ​​you understand, to help the choice of other users, ensuring that you always understand who to receive and vice versa!

17. Selling your photos and videos

Foap is an incredible site, through which amateur photographers who like what they do can earn a good extra income by selling their creations of the highest quality, selling at the price they want.

It has a community of more than 3 million creators, who sell to some of the biggest brands in the market, such as even Nivea. To use, just upload the videos and videos and wait for offers from brands, agencies or individuals who like what you have done.

Profits are divided fifty-fifty on the platform, through which you can also create your own portfolio. In addition, it has Missions, an extremely easy way to earn extra money by completing them. Always remember to use the best photo editing tools to make them even better!

18. Answering surveys

Another of the best ways to make extra income without spending anything is to answer surveys on your smartphone or on your computer, being able to earn money from apps with ease. Some of the best platforms of its kind are the PiniOn and MeSeems.

Through them, you receive surveys, sometimes daily, that you must answer as soon as possible and earn rewards for it. It is usually necessary to accumulate a certain amount before receiving money in your account, but it is an easy way to make money in your spare time when you are not doing anything.

19. Watching advertisements

Another easy way to get extra money, which you can make even while watching some of the best series, is by watching advertisements. Slidejoy has one of the best known applications for making extra income that follows this model.

In it, you earn rewards simply by using their lock screen, through which they show you the latest news and personalized advertisements. To use, just install and apply it as a lock screen. When you get a certain number of coins, you can take the money from your PayPal account!

20. Testing websites

The last of our options for ways to make extra income without spending anything is to use TryMyUI, a website through which you receive values ​​starting at $ 10 to test a website and give your opinion on it.

It is necessary to record a video from your screen, where you give your spoken review of the website or app, in addition to writing a summary of what you said earlier; in general, users perform a few tests a week, always receiving on Fridays through PayPal.

Testing websites

So, what did you think of our list of ways to make extra income without spending anything?

Leave your opinion in the comments, saying if you already knew one or prefer another one. Also, don't forget to check out our complete guide on how to make extra income on the internet, where we detail in depth some of the best on our list!

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