21 Best Netflix Documentary Movies

If before they were considered more boring and still, documentaries today are much more dynamic and popular. So much so that there are documentaries on the most varied subjects, so it is almost impossible not to find at least one that interests you. The best thing is that many are available in streaming services and apps for watching movies and series. If you're looking for something like that, we've separated the best Netflix movies from documentary.

Considering that there are so many documentary Netflix series these days, it can even be difficult to find a movie in this format. Fortunately, here you can find the list of the main ones that you cannot miss. The best Netflix documentary films are below!

1. Absorbing the Taboo

netflix taboo documentary movies

To begin our list, we have nothing less than Absorbing the Taboo. He went on to be the 2019 Oscar winner in the Best Documentary Short Film category.

The film tells the story of women in rural India, where there is a very strong stigma towards menstruation. Fortunately, there is a group that has developed a machine capable of producing low-cost biodegradable absorbents.

It is the arrival of these absorbents that made the product accessible. Outside, it has really improved a public health problem.

2. Malala

It is hard not to know at least a little of Malala Youzafai's world-renowned history. Fighting for the right to study, the 14-year-old girl became a symbol of the fight against oppression and the youngest to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The documentary brings life in greater depth before and after the attack, showing more of her struggle for the right to education for women worldwide.

3. Hacked Privacy

If you like watching movies that show you something that really affects your life, this can be a good documentary to check out. The book shows how much of your information is available on the internet and how it can be used.

It really is one of the best Netflix documentary films to know how dangerous social networks can be. Just don't take everything so seriously that you're paranoid.

4. Homecoming

If you like Beyoncé, we recommend that you watch Homecoming. The documentary itself does not have much to do with her personal life as a singer, but behind the scenes of one of her biggest shows to date.

It is possible to follow the way she produces, choreographs and sings in her shows. There is also a good focus on how she works in general, both her methods and her ethics.

5. Winter on Fire

winter documentary netflix movies

Winter on Fire is another award-winning documentary that was even nominated for an Oscar in 2016. For those unfamiliar, the film focuses on student protests in Ukraine in 2013.

They ended up having a very violent response and no less than 93 days of conflict. All for the defense of civil rights in the country, as you can imagine. This is one of the most serious Netflix documentary films on our list and worth checking out.

6. Tickling Giants

Nothing irritates more powerful figures than satires with his image. That's what Tickling Giants tries to show by focusing on the story of the surgeon who became an Arab comedian Bassem Youssef.

In the middle of the Arab spring, he turned his mood against power figures in a country known to be undemocratic. What he received were numerous death threats or aggression from his supporters.

The documentary impresses by the level of violence of these threats and to remember the importance of preserving the right to satire and freedom of expression.

7. Wild Wild Country

It is hard not to have heard about the world famous guru Osho Rajneesh. Indian, he heads to the United States and founds a city with his followers in the middle of the desert in the state of Oregon.

Things start to go wrong when the inhabitants of the underground city come into conflict with the residents who were already there. The event turned into a kind of civil war, which eventually deposed the governor of the small state, neighboring California. Wild Wild Country tells how the city emerged, how it ascended and how it ended.

8. The 13th Amendment

Returning to the impactful documentaries, The 13th Amendment shows how the American judicial and prison system has a bias against the country's black population, the most imprisoned. Its name makes reference to the 13th amendment in the country's Constitution, which abolished slavery.

The 13th Amendment is an important documentary to understand how much of the structure of our society is still racist and why it should be tackled.

9. Icarus

Icarus shows how far a country's government can go to win medals. Throughout what is one of the most interesting Netflix documentary films, we see how greed has led to certain cases of doping in world sport.

Everything is shown and explained by two presenters, an American filmmaker and a Russian scientist. A great movie to watch whether you're a sports fan or not.

10. One Strange Rock

For those who want to learn more about our small planet, One Strange Rock can be an interesting proposal. It is easily one of the best Netflix documentary films you can find.

Narrated by Will Smith, the work brings the perspective of several astronauts who have already had the opportunity to see our planet from outside it. The documentary also features images of our planet, taken in about 45 countries.

It is possible to see different species of animals, geographic formations and much more than can be found on Earth.

11. Earth

Since we are talking about documentaries focused on our planet, we cannot stop talking about Terra. But his focus is a little different, since he is more focused on preserving the environment and our destructive behavior towards him.

The documentary brings stunning visuals about the different environments we have on our planet. A film to make us understand that the lack of compassion towards Earth's endangered species can still condemn our survival.

12. Fyre Festival: Fiasco in the Caribbean

The Fyre Festival promised to be one of the most anticipated and expensive music festivals in the world. It was supposed to be a party full of luxury, beautiful people and famous people, but it turned out to be a beautiful driven charade and by social media.

As soon as the first people arrived, there were only a few trailers available. But no DJ, luxury, stage, guests or anything like that. The documentary shows exactly how it happened.

13. Take your Pills

Along with the food and oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most criticized in the world. The documentary Take your Pills seeks to show this relationship of dependency that we have in products to maintain our efficiency.

It denounces our society focused on competitiveness and high performance. A perfect environment for pills that improve productivity cause alienation and dependency, while pharmaceutical giants make billions.

14. Raul, the beginning, the end and the middle

For anyone who is a fan of Raul Seixas, this documentary is one of the best you'll find. It shows a lot about the musician's life, including his career rise.

This is done through rare images and unpublished interviews with friends and family of the singer. Definitely, a nostalgic session that no fan can miss.

15. What the Health

This documentary is more geared towards those who care about food and health. The film makes several connections to certain foods and possible diseases or problems that you may have through consumption.

It is worth saying that some statements can be quite radical, so it is good to watch with certain restrictions. Anyway, it's a very interesting documentary and worth checking out.

16. This is It

Here is a documentary that many have seen, after all, it shows the backstage of Michael Jackson's tour that never happened. The film was being shot shortly before the idol's death and was released soon after.

Even if you're not a fan of the singer, it's worth watching what is one of the best Netflix documentary films. And of course we guarantee that the soundtrack will be great.

17. Sepultura Endurance

As we well know, Sepultura is one of the few Brazilian heavy metal bands that have achieved a huge international prominence. This documentary dedicated to the band, shows a little of its trajectory.

The film not only shows footage from behind the scenes and shows, but also very interesting interviews. As we can expect, he has current band members as well.

18. Democracy in Vertigo

Even if you have not seen it, it is quite possible that you have heard of Democracy in Vertigo. The Brazilian film not only caused controversy in our country, it was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary in 2020.

His main focus is political, even though he has some personal memories of the director. The plot basically analyzes the rise and fall of Dilma Rousseff and Lula, something that polarized Brazil, to say the least.

19. Cowspiracy: The secret of sustainability

In this 2014 documentary, the topic addressed very strong themes in the agricultural industry. Basically, they talk about how intensive practices in the area are decimating the planet's natural resources.

There is also a very strong focus on why this crisis has been ignored by major environmental groups. It's worth checking out if you're looking for Netflix documentary films with heavier themes.

20. Minimalism

This documentary is certainly a little different from some we saw on our list. It addresses the issue of people who believe that material goods do not bring happiness and live more simply by choice.

During the documentary, these people are interviewed and give their opinions, reasons for living like this and what led them to that conclusion. Very interesting to watch, especially in such a materialistic era.

21. The Truth About Alcohol

We always hear about the good and bad things that can be caused by drinking alcohol. Because of so many conflicting opinions and statements, it is very difficult to know what is or is not real.

In this documentary, doctor Javid Abdelmoneim explores the science of alcohol to discover the truths. This goes for both the risks and the benefits of the drink.

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