23 best science fiction series

Science fiction series often mess with our imagination about the future. While some bring optimistic perspectives, but other problems that we don't even imagine dealing with yet, others show a planet Earth that ended up regressing, even with technological advances.

There are those that don't even happen on Earth, while others bring alternative versions of our planet, with another type of technological development. There are science fiction series that cater for all tastes.

Some of the best series ever follow this genre and are extremely popular. For a fair listing, we use as a basis the list of the best or most popular IMDB aggregator series, ignoring all those that do not follow the genre.

Because it is a very broad genre, in the list below you can watch series of almost all types, but always using science fiction as a background.

If you like to watch anime, you already have a reason to celebrate: the best rated science fiction series is just Japanese animation!

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Available between Netflix series, the most indicated series is the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Launched in 2010, the plot shows us a universe in which alchemy is capable of truly incredible feats. So much so that two prodigal brothers attempt the feat of resurrecting their mother using their skills.

However, the experiment went quite wrong, causing the youngest body to disappear and forcing the older brother to seal his soul in armor, making it incorporeal. Taking the blame for the failure, the protagonist's goal is to find a way to recover his brother's body.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a rich history, full of interesting characters and a very creative universe, justifying its first position in the list of best science fiction series. Of course, it is worth mentioning that it is also one of the best animation series you need to watch.

The series is available on Netflix.

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is an anime, but still one of the best sci-fi series

2. Beyond Imagination (1959)

One of the oldest sci-fi series in existence, Beyond Imagination continues to be highly regarded. Each episode has a different story, addressing issues such as alien abduction or communication with the supernatural.

Basically, each of these stories uses our own human characteristics to send us messages about how we behave and the consequences that behavior can have.

The classic version of Beyond Imagination is available on Oldflix, a streaming service specializing in old movies and series.

A new version was launched recently and already has two seasons. This edition is available on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Firefly

Despite being canceled with just one season, Firefly has become a classic worshiped by fans of the genre. For this reason, it is still considered one of the best science fiction series.

Its plot takes place 500 years in the future, in which a crew of renegades pursued by the law tries to survive the confines of space, avoiding their capture by law enforcement officers. At the same time, they also try to avoid being caught in the crossfire of wars between different space factions.

Although cultured, the series is not available on any of the current streaming services.

4. Cowboy Bebop

Another animation to be included in our list, Cowboy Bebop is an anime from the 1990s that is quite popular among fans of the genre until today. Set in a distant apocalyptic future, the drawing shows the routine of a band of hunters for hire, who chase criminals in exchange for a good reward.

That's because our planet was uninhabitable after a galactic accident. This expelled us from Earth and made us occupy new planets, increasing crime considerably. Demand has made rewards for capturing bandits once again a reality.

As a result, four characters who are not well integrated into society were forced to join and pursue this career. On the other hand, its licensing in Brazil made the exhibition of anime difficult, which is why it is not possible to watch it in apps to see films and series that we are used to.

bebop cowboy mixes future and past, but talks about families formed by chance

5. Black Mirror

Even if you have never seen the series, you certainly know someone who watched it and at some point commented “weeeeeeeeee, this is very Black Mirror”. This is because the science fiction series takes an element of our existing technology and exaggerates it many times.

The goal here is to show how the misuse of technology can end up ruining our humanity. The possibility of recording videos at any time, star rating systems like Uber and iFood and the overexposure caused by social media are some of the themes covered in episodes of the series.

In general, each episode tells a different story, making it possible to watch loose episodes without losing any of the plot. Currently, there are episodes with continuity, so the ideal is to try to follow in a linear way. Black Mirror is available on Netflix.

6. Steins; Gate

This sci-fi animation shows a group of students who accidentally discover how to send messages over time. Using their knowledge about the future, they will try to destroy the plans of an evil organization, using the machine to send messages to their personalities in the past.

Of course, the organization itself is not going to make it cheap, so they should do it while escaping the clutches of the organization, which already dominates the future. Despite the great evaluation, Steins; Gate is not available in Brazil.

steins gate plays with time travel

7. Battlestar Galactica (2005)

Despite having versions even in the 1980s, Battlestar Galactica became extremely successful with its 2005 series. Introduced by a film and a miniseries – spoiler: which is also on that list! -, the series shows the return of the Cylons, beings created by humans, but who turned against us.

After decades since peace between humans and Cylons was established, the Cylons mysteriously cease to appear in mediation sessions. Suddenly, they return, but with the intention of resuming the conflict against the human race. Almost a series of war with science fiction.

One of the best science fiction series of all time, Battlestar Galactica is available on Amazon Prime Video.

8. Westworld

Blending futuristic elements with the past, Westworld is an amusement park specializing in creating virtual reality environments. To entertain their users, they are sent to a digital world inspired by the Wild West, where they have the freedom to do whatever they want without putting their lives at real risk.

The purpose of the series is to show us how we would behave if we lived in a world in which we can do anything, without fear of reprisal, judgment or causing suffering to other humans. With three seasons released in Brazil, Westworld is an exclusive production of HBO Go.

Tip: check also our comparison between HBO GO and Amazon Prime Video!

9. The Mandalorian

Set in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian was one of the debut productions of the streaming service Disney Plus, which arrives in Brazil next week (November 17). The saga takes place between episodes VI and VII of the films and, instead of the eternal battle between Jedi and Sith, accompanies a bounty hunter.

In the first season of the series, he receives a service that proves to be unusual: when he goes after a creature to capture it, he discovers that it is a baby. The problem: the baby is the same race as the iconic master Yoda, until then the only one of his race to appear.

The Mandalorian is not available at the moment, but the two seasons of one of the most watched series in 2019 will arrive at Disney + on November 17 of that year.

10. Star Trek: The New Generation

Thinking about the best science fiction series and forgetting Star Trek can be considered a crime. Despite not being the first series of its kind, the original series was one of those responsible for popularizing it.

Star Trek: The New Generation has managed to not only repeat the feat of the original, but has overcome it considerably. With eight seasons, the series takes place a few decades after the adventures of Captain Kirk and his mate Spock.

Now with a new crew, the plot of the series follows the same: exploring space, the final frontier, going boldly where no one has ever been. All Star Trek: The Next Generation seasons are available on Netflix.

11. X File

From the same time as Star Trek, The X-Files doesn't have such a futuristic footprint. In fact, it takes place today. What makes it one of the best science fiction series is that it addresses one of the most common themes in the genre: the presence of aliens among us.

Following in the footsteps of detectives Scully and Mulder, they both have different approaches when it comes to investigating the series' mysterious cases. While Mulder is credulous in supernatural forces, Detective Scully is skeptical and approaches everything based on science.

One of the most successful series in history, the 11 seasons of The X-Files are available on Amazon Prime Video.

12. Battlestar Galactica (2003)

This is the miniseries that introduced the Battlestar Galactica series. With only two one-and-a-half-hour episodes – it can almost be said that it is a science fiction film – it serves as an excellent introduction to the other series.

So much so that, even with two episodes, it is considered one of the best among science fiction series. In the episodes, we will see the events that precede the Cylons' attack on humans.

Battlestar Galactica's 2003 miniseries is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

13. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Like Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a milestone among the science fiction animations of the 90s. With 26 episodes, its plot follows a group of teenagers who fly giant robots, and must face monsters of equal size that seek to decimate the world.

In addition to the fights between robots and giant monsters, Neon Genesis Evangelion also shows the relationship between these teenagers, in addition to all the emotional weight of the obligation to save the world. The full animation is available on Netflix.

14. Fullmetal Alchemist

Easy, you're not seeing repetitions here. Fullmetal Alchemist was released before Brotherhood, but it follows the same premise. However, there is a crucial difference that makes them different and justifies the inclusion of the two in the list.

While Brotherhood faithfully follows the line of the comics that originated the series, only the beginning of Fullmetal Alchemist is similar, going in a different direction. Although not considered as good as Brotherhood, the original animation is still of high quality.

With 51 episodes and also being one of the best fantasy series, Fullmetal Alchemist is also available on Netflix.

animations can also be sci-fi serials and Fullmetal Alchemist is an example

15. Doctor Who

Another classic series and perhaps the longest running of today, Doctor Who is divided into two periods. The first is the original season, with 26 seasons. The current one also continues to be successful, on the air since 2005, almost half the time in which the original was shown.

The plot follows the Doctor, a time traveler with the task of correcting flaws in the timeline, caused by the space conquerors Dalek. To do this, he uses a spaceship that is strangely familiar to a British phone booth.

Solving all kinds of cases, the series is available in full on Globoplay.

16. Love, Death & Robots

This animated series from Netflix follows a format similar to what we see in Black Mirror or Beyond Imagination. That is, all of its episodes are separate stories, with little or no connection between them.

Unlike the Japanese animations mentioned so far, Love, Death & Robots is not a series that can be watched by children. The episodes are loaded with morbid humor, violence and nudity. It is worth noting here that not all episodes are animated, also featuring episodes made with real actors.

Love, Death & Robots is available on Netflix.

three robots from the love, death and robots animation

17. Mystery Science Theater 3000

An unusual mix with comedy series, Mystery Science Theater 3000 brings its own creator in an unusual situation: he is thrown into space on a satellite and forced only to watch B movies, accompanied by a group of robots.

Torture comes in the form of a lot of laughter for awkward situations, low budget films and poor performances that these films usually bring. Which generates virtually all the funny situations in the series.

Since it is already an old series, Mystery Sciente Theater 3000 is not available in Brazil, although a new version is available on American Netflix.

mystery science theater mixes science fiction with comedy

18. Mr. Robot

As a science fiction series, Mr. Robot delves into the subject of hacking and digital surveillance. Starring the award-winning actor Rami Malek, the plot shows us the life of a digital security engineer, who acts as a hacker outside the office.

In the plot, his two lives end up in conflict, since he joins a group that targets the very company where he works. That is, he now has to attack and defend her at the same time.

Three of Mr. Robot's four seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video.

19. Star Trek: Discovery

One of the most recent series in the science fiction franchise, Star Trek: Discovery takes place ten years before the original series, shown in the 1950s. The series features a human captain raised in Vulcan culture, struggling to discover her emotional but accustomed side the logic of the planet where it was created.

In the series, Discovery will be part of the conflict between the Federation and the Klingon, the warrior race of the series. With three seasons, Star Trek: Discovery is an exclusive Netflix series.

20. The 100

Centuries after the Earth became uninhabitable due to a nuclear apocalypse, humans started to live in several space stations. Hoping to return to the planet, they send 100 young people who have committed minor crimes on the planet.

Your mission is to try to re-colonize and repopulate the planet so that civilization will flourish. With seven seasons, six of them are available on Netflix.

21. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Superhero series don't usually fit into the science fiction genre, but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. it doesn’t focus on Marvel’s super powers, but the world around them. Mixing elements from the spy series with many weapons and equipment worthy of science fiction, the group of agents will face threats that are below the radar of the Avengers.

But that, without due care, can become more problematic than them. Despite having characters of super powers, the focus of the series is to show the relationship between the agents and the problems they face around the world.

It is the longest Marvel series to date and is in its seventh season. Currently the series is not on any streaming service, but will return with the arrival of Disney + on November 17.

22. The Tale of the Maid

One of the most watched series today, O Conto da Aia does not focus on the use of science for mind-boggling technologies, but on telling an obscure direction that our story can follow. After an event that made most of the population infertile, an extremist religious group seizes power in the USA, transforming it into the nation of Gilead.

In it, the few women who are capable of bearing children and who are not in a religiously official marriage are obliged to serve in the country's commanders' home, with the sole purpose of generating children for their homes. To maintain power, Gilead commanders use technology such as cameras, drones and spies infiltrating the population to keep an eye on everyone.

The Aunt's Tale tells the story of one of these women, who aim to reunite with their daughter and escape the oppression of that country. With three seasons and a fourth coming, the series is available on Globoplay.

23. The Expanse

Closing our list with the best science fiction series we have The Expanse, a classic and futuristic story that takes place in space. The plot revolves around a group formed by a detective, a mate of a space freighter and a United Nations executive.

Although they have nothing to do with each other, everyone ends up being involved in a conspiracy that takes place in one of Earth's colonies, located in an asteroid belt in space. Of course, this conspiracy puts all of humanity at risk and only the trio of characters know it.

With four seasons and a fifth on the way, The Expanse is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Which sci-fi series most appealed to you?

Now that we've closed our list of suggestions, how about starting to put some on your list? It is worth mentioning that some of the series mentioned here are also part of the list of Netflix's most popular series in recent years!

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