25 Best Netflix Science Fiction Movies

Although it seems to be a very specific genre, science fiction can be quite varied in cinema. There are countless titles of this genre that mix with other styles and types of stories. For those who like to watch films different from the usual, it is a good bet. Considering that Netflix is ​​one of the best sites to watch movies and series, it is also one of the most indicated platforms to find these works. Of course, it can be a little difficult to know which Netflix sci-fi movies are worth watching, especially with a large amount available.

To help you out, we've separated some of the best and most interesting titles of this type in the streaming service. You can check out the best Netflix sci-fi movies below!

1. Jurassic Park

netflix sci-fi movies jurassic park

To start our list, we have a real classic. The first Jurassic Park has always been very successful and, fortunately, has managed to age very well even after more than 25 years since its launch.

For the few who don't know, the plot is around a disastrous attempt to clone dinosaurs and put them in a kind of zoo. The film is worth it both for those who have never seen it and for those who want to remember it.

2. The Origin

Some may even think that Origin has some confusing concepts, but it is very detailed in its plot. In it, people can infiltrate the dreams of others to discover certain secrets.

During the story, a group of infiltrators is tasked with implanting an idea in a businessman's head. Although it seems like something impossible, the protagonist accepts the mission to have the chance to see his children again.

3. The Host

If you've heard of or watched O Parasita and want to see other films by director Bong Joon-ho, here's the chance. The Host is a South Korean film that tells the story of an unidentified monster that has already killed thousands of people and taken a girl away.

When her family finds out she may still be alive and held hostage, they do their best to save her. Really one of the best Netflix sci-fi movies.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Here we have a slightly different kind of science fiction than many on our list. It is not exactly a romantic film, as it leans more towards drama with a few moments of comedy, but the story is essentially about a couple.

After separating, the woman does a procedure to erase all memories about the ex. When he finds out, he decides to do the same, but regrets it as he relives these memories during the procedure.

Since his body is asleep, he has no way of stopping the process, so he tries to escape into his own mind with the memory of his ex-girlfriend. Of course, this summary does not live up to the film, which is really high quality.

5. Bandersnatch

netflix sci-fi movies bandersnatch

If you like the Black Mirror series, here's an unmissable recommendation. Bandersnatch is nothing more than a movie in the series, so expect a theme very similar to what we usually have in the episodes.

In this case, the plot unfolds according to the viewer's own choices, since you have several options of what can happen next. For that reason, we will not reveal much of the story.

It all starts with a programmer who begins to question his reality when he begins to adapt a half-crazy writer's book in the form of a video game. The rest of the story is up to you.

6. Ghostbusters

Here is another classic film that you may have at least heard of. Ghostbusters shows the story of a group that decides to make a living by hunting and imprisoning ghosts that terrorize the population of New York.

The comedy is very simple, but very effective in what it delivers. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's a movie you can't ignore.

7. Back to the Future

Another well-known film that could not be missing from the list is Back to the Future. In addition to being well known, it is a great film to entertain yourself and enjoy a good comedy.

For those who have not yet watched, it consists of the protagonist and a scientist making trips to the future. First to save a life, then the relationship that would give rise to the main character.

8. Severity

Gravity was not only very successful, it was also well awarded in several categories. It was even considered the best film at the Oscar ceremony in 2014.

We accompanied an engineer and an astronaut on a space mission together. Everything is going well until they are hit by space debris at high speed.

The consequences of the impact leave them without communication with Earth and they need to find a way to get home. Easily one of the best Netflix sci-fi movies.

9. Ant-Man

Of course, you can't help mentioning feature films of heroes in our list of Netflix sci-fi movies. To start, let's talk about the popular Ant-Man.

Despite not being Marvel's most beloved hero for many years, his solo film managed to win millions of fans. He's a lot more relaxed and funny than some other films of this type, so it's worth checking out.

10. The Avengers

Another good suggestion for those who like superheroes is the first Avengers movie. He's not exactly the first one you should watch if you want to follow the entire Marvel heroes saga, but it is indispensable.

It shows all the heroes available at the time joining for the first time as the group already known as "Avengers". There is no way to stop recommending it on our list.

11. Constantine

Here we have another character from the comics, but that doesn't exactly fit the category of heroes. John Constantine is a well-known exorcist who is wanted by a detective to help unravel the death of his twin sister.

What many believe to be suicide appears to have paranormal situations involved. What the two don't expect is to find a much bigger situation involving demons, angels and the Earth.

12. Click

There are a lot of people who don't like the films of actor Adam Sandler so much, but Click can please most without much difficulty. The plot is around a man who gets a remote control that controls his life and the people around him.

He can go back to the past, pause time at any time and advance boring moments, for example. Of course, after abusing this power, he sees control more as something negative than positive.

13. Big Fish

This is possibly one of the most interesting and beautiful works on our list of Netflix sci-fi movies. Directed by Tim Burton, the film focuses on a father-son relationship, which has always been somewhat distant.

Almost the entire film is told based on super exaggerated stories that the father told his son and his friends about his life. It is only in the final days of the father's life that his son realizes the importance and real meaning of these stories.

14. Invader Zim and the Florpus

For those who felt the lack of good animation on our list, you can already be content with the film of Invader Zim. It is based on the characters and stories of the old Nickelodeon cartoon.

As the animation was canceled years ago against the fans' will, the film starts by citing the fact that the alien Zim was long gone. Besides, the film really looks like a longer episode of the series, which is great for those who were already fans of the cartoon.

15. The Maskara

If you like absurd and very funny comedies, you can not fail to check out The Máskara. One of the most popular films by Jim Carrey in the 1990s, this is a great recommendation both for those who are already fans and for those who have never seen it.

The plot focuses on the life of a shy banker, who changes radically after finding a magical mask that changes his personality and appearance. It is one of the best options for those who like science fiction with great hints of comedy.

16. I Am Mother

Another good suggestion is I Am Mother, only it is a little different from what we have presented so far. It is an interesting alternative for those looking for a more traditional science fiction film.

The plot itself is quite simple. After the extinction of humanity, a teenager created by a robot encounters another human and begins to question everything she has learned about the world.

17. See you yesterday

Our next nomination on our list of Netflix sci-fi movies is See you yesterday. It also has a more traditional theme, but it is quite interesting.

We follow the story of two young prodigies trying to master the art of time travel. Only that a tragic shooting ends up putting them in a series of dangerous situations in the past.

18. Copies – Back to Life

Copies is a very interesting film about clones, as the title itself already kind of indicates. He stars actor Keanu Reeves in the lead role and can be quite interesting to watch.

The story focuses on a neuroscientist who lost his family in an accident and tries to bring them back with cloning. It is clear that despite good intentions, the procedure generates controversy and chaos.

19. Lunar Shadow

Here we have one of the Netflix science fiction films that also has a little suspense in its plot. We say this because it mixes themes like serial killers with time travel, for example.

It all starts when a police officer who wants to stand out begins his investigation of a serial killer who reappears every 9 years. The problem is that the crimes themselves have no logical or scientific explanation.

This is where the policeman becomes obsessed and science fiction themes come up with more force.

20. The Titan

There is no denying that The Titan is one of the most traditional titles when we think of Netflix sci-fi movies. Its plot has almost everything that one would expect from a film of this type.

Basically, we see a soldier undergo a radical genetic transformation to save humanity. The problem comes when his wife fears that he is becoming more of a creature than a man.

21. IO

IO is another very traditional film for those who like science fiction. Fortunately, it can also be very interesting, especially if you like the theme of post-apocalyptic periods.

The plot shows a distant time in which the Earth became toxic and most of humanity left the planet to colonize IO, one of Jupiter's moons. Still, a young scientist is looking for a way to save the Earth.

22. Beyond Skyline

Beyond Skyline is the perfect film for those who love feature films with aliens. It shows the story of a police officer suspended from his post who sees a large part of the population being taken away by extraterrestrials.

Only your son was one of the people taken away. This is more than enough for him to do everything in his power to try to prevent the alien attack and save the boy.

23. iBoy

For those looking for Netflix sci-fi movies that have a theme consistent with our generation, this is a good alternative. iBoy shows a teenager waking up from a coma with fragments of a smartphone in his brain.

With that, he starts to control other electronic devices. This becomes a problem when he uses his new powers to take revenge on some people.

24. Where's the second one?

Among so many different plots, this film has a story that really draws attention. In it, we see a world where only only children are allowed by the authorities.

Therefore, twin sisters try to hide from the government while looking for a missing seventh. It is a very interesting work that is worth checking out.

25. When I met you

To finalize our list, we have the film When I Met You with suggestion. It addresses another common theme in science fiction films, as it shows a new human race that is induced to have no emotions.

Everything changes when an apparent illness causes the infected to have feelings for the first time. This particularly affects a man and woman who fall in love and need to find a way to be together.

Did you like Netflix sci-fi movies?

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