27 Best series ever – no matter what age!

Watching series has become a custom of ours recently. Despite being more accustomed to soap operas, we are increasingly getting used to the American format of TV series. But they are not exactly new. So, we may end up losing some of the best series ever, but that have been out for some time.

For this reason, we searched the IMDB aggregator for the best television shows of all time. The website is one of the largest sources of information and evaluation on cinema and TV in the world.

We check which series are best evaluated by the aggregator. This means that we will not necessarily see popular programs. Comedy series like Friends or The Office are well known and acclaimed by the public, for example, but their rating in the aggregator did not allow them to be part of the list.

And that is good news! Watching other shows can make you know new and interesting things that you wouldn't even know existed until you see those recommendations.

Before we start, it’s worth noting that we’ll let you know when the series is available in apps to watch movies and series.

Now, check below which are the best series ever!

1. Planet Earth II

A documentary mini-series that shows life in nature, Planeta Terra II is the continuation of Planeta Terra, which is considered the second best series. Using advanced photography techniques, environmentalist David Attenborough presents fascinating details of how the fauna of our planet acts.

With six episodes, Planeta Terra II launched in 2016 and is a documentary series that evolves from its predecessor, 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, the documentary is not available on streaming services for now.

2. Planet Earth

Predecessor of the series above, Planet Earth follows the same premise of its continuation: to show, using incredible photography, what the wildlife of our planet is like. Narrated by the same environmentalist, this miniseries is a little longer, with 11 episodes.

Launched in 2007, photographic technology is inferior to what we have today. Still, it is quality to spare for those who like to know more about nature. On the other hand, Planeta Terra is also not available in streaming apps here in the country.

Planeta Terra is one of the best series ever in the documentary genre

3. Brothers of War (Band of Brothers)

One of the best war series, Irmãos de Guerra was shown on the HBO channel in 2001 and to this day it is one of the best series ever and the best rated in the genre. The series follows the routine and stories of an American aeronautics regiment in World War II.

War Brothers begins from the first training session of the soldiers and accompanies them until the end of the war. In the series, you will follow the war from the perspective of these soldiers. Including important events, such as the D-Day invasion of Normandy beaches, the capture of Hitler's Fortress and the release of several concentration camps.

However, the focus is not on bloody battles – although they are not lacking! – but in the companionship between the soldiers and the extraordinary feats they managed to do together, even though they did not have any kind of superpower.

With a ten-episode season, Brothers in War is available on HBO Go.

4. Breaking Bad

Although Irmãos de Guerra has great popularity, Breaking Bad is the most popular among the best series ever that we will show here. Launched in 2008 and with five seasons (in addition to derivative series like Better Call Saul), the plot follows the chemistry professor Walter White, who discovers a fatal cancer.

To guarantee the livelihood of his family after his death, the teacher decides to produce and traffic methamphetamine, joining one of his most problematic students. The series is a winner of two Golden Globes and is one of the best Netflix series today.

Watch all seasons exclusively on Netflix!

5. Chernobyl

One of the most recent series on our list, Chernobyl is inspired by the explosion of the nuclear reactor in the Ukrainian city, considered one of the worst man-made catastrophes. Inspired by this fact, Chernobyl shows some of the stories of men and women who struggled to contain the disaster, as well as prevent another from happening.

With only one season of 5 episodes, the series achieved 2 Golden Globes. Chernobyl is an exclusive series from HBO Go.

chernobyl is one of the recent but well rated series

6. The Wire

Occupying the sixth place among the best series ever, The Listening is a police series that takes place in the inner circles of drug trafficking in the American city of Baltimore. The plot does not accompany just one character, but shows all aspects of organized crime and the police force that tries to contain it.

That is, you will see the effect of illegal trade on people who become addicted. In the same way, you will also know the impact on street vendors, their bosses, the police and even the impact of organized crime on the political life of the city.

With five seasons running between 2002 and 2008, A Escuta is available exclusively on HBO Go.

listening is considered the best police series among the best series ever

7. Blue Planet II

While Planet Earth and its sequel show wildlife on the planet in general, Planeta Azul II focuses on marine life. Authored and narrated by environmentalist David Attenborough, the documentary series shows rare and unusual animals from the depths of our oceans.

In addition, the documentary also demonstrates some of the main problems that our waters face, especially considering the human action that causes these situations. Unlike most of the best series we've ever shown here, Planeta Azul II is available for free – and legally! – on Youtube!

8. Our Planet

Another documentary series by the same author of Planeta Azul, Nosso Planeta was released exclusively on Netflix. Following a footprint similar to what we see in the other works of the environmentalist, the series is the most recent among those shown here.

That is, it was made with the best technology for recording and photography, being one of the most beautiful. In the eight-episode series, you will be able to learn more about wildlife in different parts of the world, whether in the poles, in Africa or in the forests of our continent.

Watch Our Planet on Netflix!

9. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

While Our Planet and Blue Planet show wonders that are on Earth, this series looks into distant space. Produced by well-known scientist Neil DeGrasse-Tyson, Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey is a reboot of the original series, shown in the 1980s.

This means that the series updates some concepts that have changed over the past 30 years. With three seasons, the series will show us new planets, as well as discover details about our own origin.

On the other hand, Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey is not available on apps like HBO Go, Amazon Prime or Netflix.

10. Cosmos

The original 1980 series, Cosmos addresses issues similar to those we see above. Although outdated in some ways, the series narrated by the famous scientist Carl Sagan simplifies some of the main theories about the universe around us.

The documentary series has 3 Emmy awards, but is not available on streaming services.

Cosmos is a documentary series that shows theories about space and universe

11. Game of Thrones

If he follows series, he was possibly one of the millions of viewers who eagerly followed the most popular fantasy series in history for the past eight years. This made it one of the best series ever.

Inspired by the book series Chronicles of Ice and Fire, the series addresses the history of the fictional continent of Westeros. The plot revolves around the political and military plots that surround the uncomfortable Iron Throne, exclusive to the monarch of the continent.

That is not the only concern, as the arrival of what appears to be the harshest winter in history is surrounded by suspicions about the return of mythical creatures that have almost swept the continent in the past.

The eight seasons that make up the complete Game of Thrones series are available on HBO Go.

12. Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Although American, Avatar: The Legend of Aang is inspired by the format of Japanese cartoons to tell his story. That is, ideal for those who also like to watch anime.

In the world of Avatar, nations are divided according to the elements that govern them. Thus, we have the nation of fire, water, earth and air, for example.

A portion of the residents of these nations are able to master their ruling element, being called benders. However, in each generation only one being can learn to tame all the elements. This person is given the title of Avatar.

In history, the nation of Fire resolves to use its military might to dominate all nations. However, a prophecy dictated that the Avatar would stop the advance, bringing balance to the world. The problem is that the mysterious being has been missing for decades, until two young people from the water nation find him trapped in the ice.

From there, they must set out on a journey through. The goal: to help the protagonist Aang learn the rest of the elements and face the domination of the fire nation.

Avatar: The Legend of Aang has three seasons and is available on Netflix!

13. Rick and Morty

A more adult animated series, Rick and Morty is a comedy cartoon that depicts a traditional American family. The problem is that grandfather Rick is an immoral scientist, who carries his grandson Morty for adventures in interdimensional realms and totally crazy scientific experiments.

Amid the total lack of meaning that the series presents, Rick and Morty comments and criticizes about the most questionable elements of American and world culture in a very tactful way. In addition to bringing a bucket full of references to works of pop culture!

With five seasons, you can watch the first four exclusively on Netflix!

animations are also among the best series ever

14. Scam 1992: The Harshad Meta Story

The Indian series is inspired by a biographical book about the stock exchange operator Harsha Meta. The series takes place in Bombai during the 1980s and 1990s.

His plot inspired by real events shows how the rich trader leveraged the financial market, but also how he brought it down and was disgraced by fraud against the banking system itself.

Despite being considered one of the best series ever, Scam 1992 is not available on streaming services in the country.

the Indian series is one of the best rated in the world

15. Soprano Family

A classic series from the late 1990s that features the story of mob boss Tony Soprano. Fictional, almost the whole story takes place from the perspective of the mobster or his therapy sessions.

Like many series and films that portray the life of crime, Soprano Family does not skimp on violence and the use of morbid humor to entertain its fans. With six seasons, Soprano Family is available in full on HBO Go.

soprano family is a classic among crime crime series

16. Final Pitch (The Last Dance)

Despite being released this year, the documentary series that talks about the career of basketball star Michael Jordan was highly acclaimed. In Arremesso Final, we can see the rise that the Chicago Bulls achieved in the 1990s, when the team was under the leadership of the star.

With the presence of several coaches, sports reporters, relatives and players who shared the court with the legendary athlete, the documentary series brings some secrets behind historical court events at that time.

Final Pitch, also known as The Last Dance, is a Netflix exclusive series. Click on the link to watch it.

17. The World at War

As you have seen throughout this article, there is no shortage of series that address one of the worst periods in our history: World War II. Mostly fictional, some series from that period were also distributed in documentary format.

This is the case with The World at War. Despite being released about 50 years ago – mid 1970s – the series is still considered one of the best. In its 26 episodes, we can see the complete story not only of the conflict, but of all the historical events that led us to it.

That is, in addition to the period between 1938 and 1945, we also see some events from the 1920s that helped the world to reach this point. In addition, we also see the post-war results, which culminated in the historical period known as the Cold War.

Due to its release many years ago, The World at War is not available in streaming applications.

The World at War is one of the best series ever to address a historical period in depth

18. Life

Another serial documentary by environmentalist David Attenborough, Vida shows the challenges of wildlife survival. In addition to showing terrestrial life, we can also see some of the challenges that ocean creatures go through.

Even plants and insects pass through the lens of the documentary filmmaker, who seeks in the documentary to show how species evolved in our recent history. Another point that differentiates this series from the others we have shown in our best series ever is that the environmentalist this time is not the narrator.

Who takes the voice of this documentary is the famous American presenter Oprah Winfrey. On the other hand, the five Seasons of Life are not available in the main streaming apps.

life is one of the best documentary series and is narrated by Oprah Winfrey

19. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The first anime to appear on the list of the best series ever, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood introduces us to a world in which alchemy is real. In it, the Elric brothers live the trauma of having tried to bring their mother back to life.

The experiment failed, resulting in the loss of the entire body of Alphonse, the youngest. In order to survive, his soul had to be attached to armor, which also cost him the loss of a leg and an arm from Edward, the older brother.

Swearing to find a way to bring his younger brother's body back, Edward becomes an alchemist in the service of his country's army. However, his searches will lead to a conspiracy within the government itself, which could result in something much bigger than his personal journey.

Not just one of the best series ever, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is also one of the best anime ever. All episodes of the animation are available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

20. The Vietnam War

Launched in 2017, this documentary series addresses the controversial war that took place in the 1960s and marked Americans and Vietnamese. With dozens of testimonies from people who were involved in the war in some way – on both sides -, the series covers all the events that led to its beginning and end, from all possible perspectives.

A short documentary series, The Vietnam War has only ten episodes, but is not available in Brazil.

21. Sherlock

Starring the well-known actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, Sherlock reimagines the story of the famous private detective for modern times. War doctor John Watson returns as an Afghan War veteran after receiving an injury that removes him from the conflict, forcing him to share an apartment with the detective.

Over the five seasons of the series, we see classic stories translated into our environment and current technology, but without losing the charm and the eternal duel with its rival Moriarty. You can watch Sherlock on Netflix!

22. Beyond the Imagination (The Twilight Zone)

Perhaps one of the oldest series on our list. But as age doesn't matter, Beyond Imagination remains among the best series ever. Also known by its original name The Twilight Zone, the series features loose stories, each following a different theme.

Launched in 1959, Beyond Imagination puts conventional humans in a separate dimension, where they will have problems that they never imagined going through. Successfully overcoming these situations can mean prosperity and happiness, but failing to achieve it can leave you stuck in this bizarre territory forever.

With five seasons, the first of the series is available exclusively on Oldflix, specializing in old series.

In addition to it, a remake was released under its original name in 2019. With two seasons, the current version of the series is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video.

beyond imagination is known for its unusual approach

23. Human Planet

Unlike most wildlife documentaries, Planeta Humano is a documentary series that describes our relationship with nature. In the series, we can see how different peoples adapt to the natural environment around them.

Therefore, we will be able to see highlights about how people who live in the Arctic, indigenous tribes who live in the middle of the forest and people of the desert behave and relate to their homes. Human Planet is not available on streaming services.

24. Sahsiyet

This Turkish criminal series has one of the most interesting premises. Unlike superheroes who put on masks to face criminals, it actually follows the life of a widower diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

With the imminence of having his memories removed because of the disease, he decides to murder criminals in his later years. His logic is that, due to the forgetfulness that Alzheimer's causes, he feels that he will do a service to society, but without remembering the remorse caused by the murders.

Unfortunately, Sahsiyest is not available in Brazil.

25. Blue Planet

The first version of one of the best series ever mentioned in the article, Planeta Azul aims to show the exuberance of the life of the creatures of the ocean. With impressive photography, the documentary shows the natural history of the oceans, showing how its creatures evolved into the forms we know today.

Despite being acclaimed and with two seasons, Planeta Azul is also not available in Brazilian streaming services.

blue planet is one of the best series ever for those who like the sea

26. The Beatles Anthology

If you are a fan of the most famous English band in the world, then The Beatles Anthology may be one of the best series ever. From 1995, the documentary series shows some details of the life and the time when the Beatles were the biggest musical fever.

With clips and videos describing famous tours, the series is also concerned with showing a little of the lives of its members. As it is an autobiographical series, the band's own living members at the time of recording are present.

Still, The Beatles Anthology is not available in streaming apps in Brazil, such as Netflix or HBO Go.

27. Batman: The Animated Series

Along with X-Men and Spider-Man, Batman: The Animated Series was one of the most watched animated series in the 1990s. On the other hand, only the Bat-Man series made it onto the list of the best series ever.

Bringing some of the main stories of comics to the television screen, the series was not limited to that, but also with original and exclusive sagas of the drawing. One of the main curiosities of animation is that the Harlequin, today one of the most beloved characters in comics and cinema, first appeared here.

Batman: The Animated Series debuted on TV in 1992 and is currently available on Oldflix!

What are the best series ever for you?

Even though many years have passed, some series are unforgettable and we always think about watching them again. What are the best series ever that you like to watch again and again? Comment with us!

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