30 best TV shows of 2019 to watch

TV series are much more popular these days than in the past, even leaving great films behind. The previous year, for example, we brought great new series or unpublished seasons of our favorite works. Of course, with so many options, it can be extremely difficult to decide what to watch or catch up on. To help you with this, we have separated the best series of 2019 to watch.

If you are curious to know what our suggestions are, just check out the full list below!

1. Chernobyl

best series of 2019

To start our list, we have one of the best series of 2019 to watch, but also one of the heaviest. This series focuses, as the name implies, on the accident that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986.

It shows not only the disaster itself, but what caused everything to happen and its consequences. It is produced by HBO and can be watched by HBO Go, one of the best apps for watching movies and series today.

2. The Umbrella Academy

If you like comic books and want something different than what we normally see, The Umbrella Academy is a good suggestion. It is based entirely on the comic of the same name launched in 2007.

It focuses a lot on certain people who were born on the same day unexpectedly and with special powers. They end up being created by a billionaire who wants to help them save the world in the future.

The biggest plot develops when the billionaire is killed and the "heroes" get together to find out what really happened. This was easily one of the best Netflix series in 2019.

3. 13 Reasons Why

Speaking of Neflix series, of course, you couldn't leave 13 Reasons Why off the list. It is already well advanced in terms of the season, but it was one of the biggest hits of the previous year.

Since its inception, it has followed the story of some teenagers who were closest to a schoolmate who committed suicide. In the first season, the focus is on the tapes that she leaves for each one citing the reasons that led her to this.

The other seasons, on the other hand, prefer to show more the achievements that came to the other teenagers after these facts.

4. The Witcher

The Witcher was not only highly anticipated but received a lot of attention during her months of recording. This ended up attracting even more new fans, in addition to those who already liked the franchise for the books and games it has.

It shows some early adventures by Geralt of Rivia, a wizard hunter of monsters and bounty. He tries to fit in with normal humans while being treated like the monsters he hunts for most people.

5. The Crown

best series of 2019 crown

The Crown came after several other Netflix series, but is considered the best by many. Not only does it have an incredible quality in relation to its plot, characters and dialogues, but it also has an excellent setting for each season it presents.

In this case, it shows several phases of Queen Elizabeth II's life, including the time before she became queen. Considering that there are countless historical facts and characters, it ends up being interesting even for those who didn't care much about the British royal family.

6. Sex Education

Sex Education was one of Netflix's biggest recent surprises and deserves to be among the best sitcoms of 2019 to watch. It shows how many teenagers deal with sexual issues and how they can have wrong or misleading information on the subject.

This is most apparent by the fact that the adolescent protagonist is the son of a sex therapist who speaks openly about the subject. Although he is not interested in this, he ends up helping his colleagues with guidance and useful information.

7. Explaining

Among so many fictional series, it is sometimes good to have a good documentary series for a change. In the case of Explicando, we have several different and very recent subjects being addressed and explained in each episode.

This includes eSports, K-Pop, tattoos, monogamy and more. The cool thing is that everything is treated as a conversation instead of just playing various facts without stopping at the viewer.

8. Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek has had several different versions over the years, including series and films. Fortunately, the latest version is also one of the best series of 2019, for both old and new fans.

Star Trek Discovery tells the events of 10 years before the original series of the 1960s. This ends up being very interesting for those who already followed the old series, but it is also a great entry point for those who have always been curious about Star Trek.

9. Watchmen

Watchmen is possibly the most famous comic book in the world, so it was inevitable that she would receive a series one day. The good news is that instead of relying solely on the plot of the comics, it follows an original story.

Its events take place years after the end seen in the HQ, which is already much more interesting for fans of the original work. Even so, the series has more space to shine alone and this ended up becoming one of the best series of 2019.

10. The Boys

Since we are talking about classic comics, it is worth remembering that The Boys is another of the best series of 2019 to watch. So, like Watchmen, The Boys' story is anything but conventional about the heroes of their world.

In this case, the heroes are almost all corrupt and it is up to some vigilantes to take revenge for their actions. It is really worth watching, if only to try something different.

11. Condemning Eyes

Eyes That Damn is another heavy series that is based on real events. In this case, it shows the story of five black teenagers who were wrongly accused of raping and killing a woman in Central Park.

Racism, as well as media exposure and the population's thirst for revenge are extensively explored in the episodes. Especially because they were factors that influenced the case of adolescents and worsened the situation for a long time.

12. Our Planet

Our Planet is a good Netflix documentary option in series format. Its main objective is to show how the presence of humans affects the Planet in negative ways, even without our knowledge.

Each episode addresses a few different situations and presents a lot of interesting information. It is a series option to learn more about our existence on Earth and to be more aware of what we cause.

13. The Good Place

The Good Place is another series that has existed for some time, but that continues to be successful in its current seasons. It basically shows a woman who dies and goes to paradise by mistake.

That's because she lived in a very corrupt way and without paying much attention to her negative actions. Easily one of the best series of 2019, especially for those who love comedies.

14. You

Leaving the comedies a little, we will recommend a great Netflix suspense. The Você series shows a bookshop manager who becomes totally obsessed with an aspiring writer.

The man does everything to learn more about the girl and try to get closer to her. The biggest problems start when he thinks other people are getting in the way of his big disturbing romance.

15. Lucifer

Lucifer already has four seasons and has no reason to stop anytime soon. His plot develops from the moment that Lucifer leaves hell and decides to live on Earth to open his own business in the United States.

During his journey among mortals, he still decides to help some policemen solve difficult crimes. Just because of its different theme, it is already worth watching at least the first episodes.

16. Russian doll

Russian doll shows a woman who relives the two days before her death repeatedly. She tries to avoid the tragedy in several ways, but she always fails and goes back to the beginning.

The premise may not look so different from other films that followed this time loop scheme, but it is a lot of fun. If only to try a new series, it's worth checking out.

17. Euphoria

Euphoria is not only one of the best series of 2019 to watch, but it is also one of the most controversial. That's because she focuses on a group of teenagers and their involvement in drugs, sex and trauma.

It is worth mentioning that it is based on a 2012 Israeli series, but puts its own originality in the plot.

18. Game of Thrones

Unlike many series on our list, Game of Thrones was one that ended last year. Still, this continues as one of the best series of 2019, being also one of the most watched.

Obviously not all fans liked how it all ended, but that does not take away the highlight of the series that made everyone anxious for so long. If you haven't watched it yet, it's worth starting the marathon now that all episodes are available.

19. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is yet another series that remains popular even after many seasons. The anthological series tells a different story with each episode, following only a similar theme in them.

Its main focus is always our dependence on technology and its negative effects. There are those who say that she lost the quality of the initial seasons, it is worth checking out for yourself before deciding.

20. Twilight Zone

Since we are talking about Black Mirror, we could not fail to mention the series that inspired not only her but all the other anthologies. Twilight Zone was initially created in 1959 and had versions throughout the 1980s and 2000s.

In 2019, it received its most recent version and has followed the line of the original very well. She also always focused a lot on technology, but still shows sci-fi and horror themes.

Each episode shows a different story, as you would expect, so it's great to see without compromise. There remains the chance to enter the world of one of the most classic series in the world.

21. Glow

Glow returned for his second season in 2019 and continued to stand out as much as in his debut. For those unfamiliar, it shows the creation of a women's wrestling program in the United States of the 1980s.

The focus is more on actresses who are cast for wrestling. This includes their relationships and the unusual situations that led them to participate in the program that has no guarantee of success.

22. The Hill Residence Curse

The Curse of the Hill Residence is a great horror series, as the name makes clear. Overall, it shows the story of a family that was quite haunted in an old house decades ago and continues to suffer the consequences today.

The cool thing is that each episode reveals a little more of what happened at the residence and how it affected each member of the family. Everything is mixed with the current plot that brought the family together again after a tragedy.

23. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is the perfect series for those who like crime stories and serial killers. It shows two FBI agents and a psychologist looking for ways to find and identify killers of this type in a more efficient way.

Everything to prevent future murders from happening. The cool thing is that they base some things on real facts and famous serial killers from past decades.

24. Queer Eye

Queer Eye is the new version of an old reality show very popular in the 2000s. This reboot basically follows the same premise: five men specializing in design, fashion and culture help men and women to improve their personal style.

Each episode is a different person who tells his story and asks the group for help. As you can imagine, this makes each episode very unique and fun.

25. Dark

Dark is not only one of the best shows of 2019 to watch, but also one of the best in the Netflix catalog. This German series shows a little of the history of four families who tell a very mysterious and dark past.

At the center of it all is teenager Jonas, who has to deal with his father's suicide and his brother's disappearance. It's a much heavier series than most of our list, but it's still worth checking out.

26. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie has been a hit for quite some time, which has been repeated in its most recent season. From the beginning, it shows two elderly women who end up strengthening their friendship after their husbands leave them to be together.

As you can see, it is a very irreverent comedy that has unusual situations, to say the least. If you are looking for a series to be distracted and laugh a lot, here is the suggestion.

27. Dead to Me

Although not as well known, Dead to Me is also one of the best series of 2019. It shows two women who become friends while undergoing therapy to overcome the grief they face after losing their companions.

Despite the dramatic premise, the series is much more focused on comedy, even if unconventional. It is definitely an option worth checking out.

28. La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel is definitely one of the Netflix series that you may have seen somewhere. She ended up becoming very famous since her debut, especially among Brazilian viewers.

She focuses her first seasons on a robbery at the Spanish Mint. The most recent season, on the other hand, shows the events after this assault, focusing a lot on the criminal group and their reasons for the crime.

29. 3%

You must have heard of at least 3%, after all, it was the first Brazilian series produced by Netflix. Fortunately, it is also a work of excellent quality that continues to stand out in its current seasons.

It shows a not so distant future, in which only 3% of people can enjoy a privileged life in a rich and technological continent. The rest ends up having to live in misery and without much hope for the future.

30. Bandits on TV

Bandidos na TV is not only our last suggestion among the best series of 2019 to watch, but it is also a Brazilian production of great quality. Unlike 3%, this is a documentary series about the case of Wallace Souza.

He was the host of a police program that later became a politician in Manaus. The episodes revolve around the fact that he was accused of orchestrating the crimes he reported on TV, as a way to have more audience when he arrived at the crime scene earlier.

Except that instead of showing only one side, the series displays many evidences and testimonies that make clear the doubts in relation to the accusations of the police and motivations for a possible setting. Really, an easy series of marathon running without stopping.

What are the best shows of 2019 to watch?

Did you take advantage of our list to know some of the best series of 2019 to watch? Did you put any of them on your list?

So do not forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions and if there are other series that I wanted to see on the list!

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