30 best WhatsApp games: Status and Groups

We know that WhatsApp primarily serves as a messaging app, but you can use it for fun too. There are countless WhatsApp pranks you can try on your status or in groups. You can challenge your contacts and receive fun answers.

To help you, we have separated some of the best WhatsApp games we found. Just don't forget to take WhatsApp online if you don't want your contacts to know when they are using the app. This is very useful if you end up getting a lot of responses to the jokes you post and don't have time to reply at all.

1. Your favorites

To start our list, we have the favorite game. With it, you can not only talk more about your tastes, but discover your friends' favorite things.

In the image below, you have several questions about your place, series, film and favorite music, for example. You can send it to your group of friends or post it directly to your status.

favorite whatsapp games

2. Scoring games

If you like games or have friends who share that taste, this game can be ideal. Everyone needs to answer their favorite games, one that everyone should know, which is their first console and much more.

whatsapp games games

3. Crush requirements

Among so many WhatsApp games, we have a great one to send to your crush. You or the person who receives it needs to answer your 5 requirements for a perfect crush.

It may even be that it piques the interest of the person who is watching that way. Especially those you met through relationship apps.

whatsapp crush games

4. What you can't miss

In this game you and your friends have to answer what they prefer in their role. It can be a lot of fun, especially to know if your friends enjoy the same things you do when they go out.

whatsapp games

5. Things to do before death

There must be things you want to do before you die, so why not enjoy and talk about them on WhatsApp? This joke proposes just that.

In the image below, you can choose your main options. You can still write something that is not listed.

whatsapp games before you die

6. How WhatsApp works

There are certain behaviors that everyone shares when using WhatsApp. This joke serves exactly to make fun of it.

This includes how people are slow to respond, who silences all their groups and even who never raises the subject.

whatsapp behavior games

7. Everything about your series

In this game, you can answer several questions about the series you watch. This is great for posting on status and getting responses from several different people.

This way, you can even get some suggestions for some really cool series.

whatsapp games series

8. You at school

Whether you are a student or just someone reminiscing about your school days, this can be a really fun game. It makes you answer several questions about how you behaved at school.

It's pretty cool to compare responses with your friends too, so it's a good one to send out in groups.

whatsapp school games

9. Who gets more questions right

This is a joke to see if your friends really know you well. They will have to answer things like their birthday, favorite color, style of music they like, etc.

It's another good one to send in groups, but you can also post on the status and wait for the answers to arrive.

whatsapp games questions

10. Your biggest flaws

In this game, you can mark all the defects you think you have. Your friends can do the same, but it's even more fun if they respond about you instead of themselves.

Of course, if you want to avoid fighting, it is better to stay in the original format.

whatsapp defects games

11. Choose a data

This is one of the WhatsApp pranks that you can send in two parts to your friends. In the first, the person chooses one of the data and in the second, he can see what it means.

It can be posted in status or sent in groups, depending on how you want to play with your contacts.

whatsapp games given

12. Choose a color

In this game, you ask your friends what colors they choose. Each has a meaning in relation to you, as well as in the dice game.

whatsapp games colors

13. Filling in the sentences

With this game, you send the image with questions to your friends and they send the answers. Some have to do with you while others have more to do with who is responding.

It can be posted in the status or sent to specific people if you prefer.

whatsapp games answers

14. Choose a question

Unlike some of the games with questions for WhatsApp, this one makes your contacts choose a question for you to answer yourself. Each person is entitled to a question out of 40 different options.

This game can also be more interesting to play in private than in groups.

whatsapp games a question

15. Things I did in childhood

In this game, you and your friends need to mark some of the things you did in childhood. There are many legal options, but there is also room to answer something that is not on the list.

childhood whatsapp games

16. What you like and don't like

This is one of WhatsApp's pranks to get to know more about your friends. It is full of food options that you can check if you like it or not.

Just circulate what you like and make an X on what you dislike.

whatsapp games likes

17. What's on your phone

Everyone uses their smartphone for similar things, but the amount always varies from person to person. In this game, you paint the screen white with the color of what else has on your phone.

Be it social media apps, music, games or memes, for example. Very fun to see what each friend does most on the smartphone.

whatsapp whatsapp games

18. Gifs that represent you

If you like to send or create GIFs, this is a good joke. It serves to send a GIF corresponding to each question.

It's a way to make these question games a lot more fun.

whatsapp games gifs

19. Your taste in movies

Everyone has a genre of film that they love to watch. In this game, you complete the chart with the genres that you most like to see.

Just increase or decrease the color in the bars of the genres you prefer, or those you dislike.

favorite movies

20. Guess the popular sayings

In this game, you have to guess the popular sayings. Each is in emoji form, so just decipher each one.

It is much more fun to solve with more people, so we recommend sending in groups instead of just posting on your status.

whatsapp dictations

21. Knowledge about Harry Potter

The Harry Potter saga is extremely popular, so of course there are specific jokes about the plot. In the one we choose, you choose which characters you like best.

Each column has two options, so just choose your favorite.

Harry Potter

22. Time of Sagas

For those who like sagas of movies and books, this is a game that is worthwhile. In it, you and your friends mark the sagas you have watched or read.

It can even be nice to know if your friends have never seen some of the most famous sagas in the world, like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, for example.

sagas "width =" 600 "height =" 806 "src =" https://www.apptuts.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/brincadeiras-sagas-1.jpg "/></p><p><noscript><img class=

23. Me and him

Here we have WhatsApp games more for couples. You just need to answer questions with whoever did something first or who acts more in a certain way.

It is very interesting to compare the answers you gave in relation to those of your partner. It's just not worth fighting if the answers are very different.

whatsapp games me and him

24. Quick questions

In this joke, it ends up being better to send the questions to someone you may already be interested in. After all, they are all very suggestive and to the point.

For that reason, it is better to leave questions to send in private instead of groups. We only suggest that you learn how to take WhatsApp online if you don't like the answers and don't want the person to know that they saw it.

whatsapp games quick questions

25. Prank to tag friends

In this case, we have a great game to send in groups. The image only requires participants to tag someone in the group for each of the phrases.

tag friends

26. Question of relationships

As you can see, this is one of the WhatsApp games that has to do with relationships. Each question is about a different aspect of what the person thinks about it.

It may be more interesting in private, but it also works very well in groups.

relationships "width =" 342 "height =" 600 "src =" https://www.apptuts.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/brincadeiras-com-perguntas-para-whatsapp-relacionamentos.jpg "/></p><p><noscript><img class=

27. Emoji games

In this game, you post the image in groups or status and wait for your contacts to respond. Basically, each emoji set has a different meaning than what people want or feel for you.

They can be very innocent or very direct, as you can see below.


28. Your favorite hobbies

We bet you have some hobbies that you don't give up on. With this game, you can reveal them and discover your friends' hobbies.

The cool thing is to post in the status with your appointments and wait for the responses from the contacts to arrive.


29. What are you more…

Here is another one of the WhatsApp pranks that reveal more details about you. Just mark some of your personality traits and send them to your friends.

The cool thing is to encourage them to respond as well, so try it out in your groups.


30. Your favorite songs

Finally, we have the best pranks for WhatApp to talk about your favorite songs. Enter the name of the song that best fits each category and send it to your groups.

It's a good way to share the songs that most impressed you and to get to know your friends' favorites.


Did you like the WhatsApp pranks?

Did you take advantage of our suggestions to know some of the best WhatsApp games to use in groups or status? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think.

Also tell us if you have other WhatsApp games you would like to see around here.

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