30 Most Popular Netflix Series of 2019

As one of the largest streaming services in the world, Netflix is ​​now also well known for its original productions. This is especially true of his series, which are very successful worldwide. But with so many productions being released every month, it's even hard to decide what to watch next. To help you with this, we have prepared a list of the most popular Netflix series of 2019.

Many of them were released last year, while some older ones had new seasons in 2019. If you're curious what they are, just check out our list of Netflix series below!

1. Black Mirror

netflix black mirror series

Even after a few seasons, Black Mirror remains one of the most popular Netflix series today. The anthology series, that is, with each episode telling a different story on a similar theme, still focuses heavily on the evils of our addiction to technology.

Even being in this style, it is one of the easiest to marathon, since there is always some mystery or surprise with each episode.

2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things was another huge hit among the Netflix series from the start. Apparently, this has not diminished when new seasons have been launched in the last two years.

The series closely follows some strange happenings involving a small American city in the 1980s. There are still numerous references to movies, games and activities of this era, which can be very interesting for those who are fans of works of the distant decade.

3. Glow

Possibly less well known than our latest suggestions, Glow was also quite successful in 2019. This is another Netflix series set in the 1980s, but with a very different theme.

In it, we accompany some participate in the creation of an all-female wrestling program. Each playing the role of a fighter of different nationality and purposely stereotyped.

4. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black has come to an end recently and has kept its smash hit until the last episode. For those who don't remember, this was one of the first Netflix series to be very successful worldwide.

Based on a book of the same name, the series shows the story of several prisoners in a minimally secure female prison. The beginning is focused on Piper, an upper-middle-class woman who must serve a sentence of an old crime.

Fortunately, we soon got to know more of the other and more interesting women who are serving their time in prison.

5. Bandits on TV

Another big surprise we had lately was the Netflix series produced in Brazil. Bandits on TV is one of the most interesting, being totally documentary rather than fiction like the others.

It shows the mysterious case of Wallace Souza, a former host of a police program who later became a politician. In the series, it is shown that after spending his life reporting crimes on TV, Wallace was accused of being involved with them.

The most interesting is that the episodes appear more evidence and testimony defending and accusing the presenter. It is therefore difficult to predict each episode, which makes it even easier to follow in marathon.

6. The Witcher

Relatively new, The Witcher was also quite successful in 2019. For those who already knew the books or games of the same name, the series follows the journey of wizard Geralt de Rivia.

Apparently old and new fans have approved the production and this is already one of the Netflix series with next season confirmed. Given the amount of Geralt's adventures that can still be recounted, there's room for even more future seasons.


Here we have another Brazilian production, but fiction this time. The 3% series has a more futuristic and dystopian theme, something not so common to see in national productions.

Like most works of this kind, the world is divided between a more advanced and technological society and one that lives in misery. Of those who live in poverty, only 3% can migrate to the other territory.

This is exactly the process we follow in the series, as every 20-year-old has a chance to make this transition.

8. The Paper House

This is one of the Netflix series you should definitely have heard of. Even if you haven't watched it yet, it is almost impossible to escape the articles, posts, videos, memes and comments made about it on the internet.

The Spanish series shows a Mint robbery with very distinct and special skill thieves. During the episodes, we see their motivations, how they deal with the situation, their relationship with the hostages, etc.

9. The Good Place

The Good Place is another very interesting option that starts out in an unusual way. At first, the protagonist dies and ends up going to paradise totally by mistake after living a very corrupt life.

The theme itself is quite interesting, but the issues raised in the episodes may end up hooking you even more. Other than that, the series is very funny and worth it for those looking for a humorous marathon.

10. The Crown

netflix the crown series

The Crown was one of Netflix's biggest surprises, especially for its high production quality. She tells the story of the British royal family, focusing especially on Queen Elizabeth II, since she was 20 years old.

Each episode shows a number of historical facts, characters important to English politics, and the challenges the queen had to face in sacrificing most of her life for the British crown. In addition to many accolades, the series also wins several awards each season.

11. Sex Education

Even by name and synopsis, Sex Education may seem like one of the American bullshit movies we were used to in the 1990s. But just beyond the jokes, the series shows the life of a teenager who doesn't seem so interested in sex, unlike his own. colleagues of the same age.

All because your mother works as a sex therapist and loves talking about it with her son, who can't take it anymore. On the other hand, he ends up giving his friends advice with everything he knows.

12. The Umbrella Academy

If you're a fan of unconventional comics, The Umbrella Academy might be a good bet. The series is based on the comic of the same name and follows some individuals with special abilities.

It may seem more like a hero story, but it goes well beyond that. Especially because all the focus goes to the mystery of who killed the man who created the group since childhood.

13. Explaining

Another good suggestion for those on top of documentary series is Explaining. But unlike so many Netflix series of its kind, it doesn't have a heavy theme to focus on.

In fact, each episode works more like a conversation, where various topics are explored and explained. It's very interesting for those who want to know more about some different and important subjects today.

14. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is another of the Netflix series that has been very successful and loud, especially for the sensitive themes it focuses on. She follows the story of several teenagers after classmate Hannah Baker commits suicide and leaves tapes citing her motives.

The series already has three seasons and has a new one in production. Just remember that the work has many triggers for dealing with very difficult situations.

15. Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek fans can already celebrate, after all, we finally have some new content in series form. The good news is that the show is really of good quality, both in the theme of its episodes and in its new characters.

Basically, it sets out to showcase events that occurred 10 years before the original series. Very cool for old fans or even for those who have always wanted to start their journey on Star Trek.

16. Titans

Netflix has seen several series based on Marvel stories going through its catalog, but DC fans don't have to worry. Titans is the first work to show the well-known young Titans in live action instead of an animation.

The series already has two seasons and told a lot about the origin of each of the heroes, besides exploring some of their adventures. It's best to start the marathon now if you want to be ready for the new season coming out this year.

17. Damning Eyes

Eyes that Damn could even be another documentary series, as it is based on very intense and uncomfortable real facts. The episodes of the series follow the story of five black teenagers, unjustly accused of raping and killing a woman in Central Park.

The series shows how racism is pervaded in society and the thirst for justice can end up ruining the lives of innocents. Condemning Eyes also shows how public opinion and the media play an alternate jury role, condemning even without evidence.

18. Narcos

One of the first non-US standard Netflix series to be successful, Narcos is another worth checking out. It begins by showing Pablo Escobar's life in Colombia, but goes on to other traffickers in future seasons.

The theme, despite being a bit beaten, remains interesting and guarantees good marathon sessions. It's really worth checking out, if only for Brazilian actor Wagner Moura as Escobar.

19. Black Lightning

Another series based on DC heroes, Black Lightning brings the veteran of the Superman universe and company. A successful headmaster of a public school, the hero who has chosen to retire his cape and live like a normal person will need to re-wear his uniform to rescue his daughters from a kidnapper.

Obviously, the brief return to superhero activity doesn't stop there. With an aggravating factor: how to be a superhero without exposing your family?

20. House of Cards

For those who don't know, the famous House of Cards follows the career of politician Francis Underwood. Totally unscrupulous, he shows us and narrates his schemes in search of the highest possible position in American politics.

The series has had six seasons and is still one of the most popular on Netflix. This is especially true of the controversy of actor Kevin Spacey, who was removed from the show last season. Whatever your reason, it is a work worth checking out.

21. Better Call Saul

When the series derived from Breaking Bad was announced, many thought it would be of very dubious quality. Fortunately, Better Call Saul showed in just a few chapters that it was just the opposite.

She follows the story of attorney James Morgan McGill, years before changing his name to Saul Goodman. We see everything that happened until he gets to the point where he becomes Walter White's lawyer.

22. Our Planet

Our Planet is another good Netflix documentary in series form. It shows, in general, how our presence on earth can affect different regions on the planet, especially negatively.

It is definitely a good series to learn more and understand what we do to the planet even without awareness.

23. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was not Marvel's best-known heroine, but gained a lot of notoriety with her Netflix series. She is a private detective who also has some special powers and tries to escape the horrors she experienced with villain Kilgrave.

He has not only held her hostage with her mental powers, but seeks to do the same during the first season. Of course we won't spoil the rest of the plot, so we encourage you to check out the series as soon as possible

24. Daredevil

Since we mention Jessica Jones, we also have to talk about Daredevil. This was the first series created in partnership with Marvel and Netflix. She has three very good seasons, in which we go along with attorney Matt Murdock.

Despite being blind, he has special powers and uses them to seek justice at night. Certainly a great choice for those who want different content on the theme of superheroes.

25. Fuller House

If you liked the old Three Is Too Much, you have to watch its sequel, Fuller House. The series again shows the life of the Tanner family, but almost 30 years after the events of the original work.

After becoming a widow, our dear D.J Tanner-Fuller needs help raising her three children. For this, she has her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy, who also fills the house with her own daughter.

26. You

If you like suspense, this is a great series to check out. "You" goes with a bookstore manager, who knows him and becomes obsessed with a fledgling writer.

He is using the internet, social networking and other tools to become ever closer to the girl. The problem gets even bigger when he thinks other people are getting in the way.

27. Sabrina's dark world

If you've heard of the famous teen witch series, you should know more or less what this is about. Sabrina's dark world is based on the same material, but makes a more faithful adaptation.

This time we accompany the half human girl and half witch as she discovers her powers. It is certainly worth it for those who liked the old series or are just curious to know how this version turned out.

28. Lucifer

This is definitely one of the most differently themed Netflix series. In it, we see Lucifer leaving hell to live in Los Angeles, where he opens his own business.

In the meantime, he still helps police officers solve difficult cases in the city. Very interesting, isn't it? Just for that it's worth checking out a few episodes.

29. The Staircase

This documentary series is one of the most interesting on Netflix. After all, it started in 2001 and only won its real ending in 2018 in streaming service. She follows the trial of Michael Peterson, accused of killing his wife.

He always swore innocence, but ended up spending years in prison. It is with evidence of corruption by experts that the case reopens and he has a new chance to defend himself.

Although all the images are real, the plot is so full of turns and news that it even looks like fiction. Definitely one of the best to marathon.

30. The Curse of Hill Residence

To wrap up our list, we have one of the few Netflix horror series. The Hill Residence Curse shows the problems caused by a family after spending only a few months in a seemingly haunted house.

Events are split between the current era and flashbacks at the residence. The interesting thing is to go on linking what happened there with the current times slowly, as everything is revealed every episode.

And for those who like a good scare or tense weather, pay attention to easter eggs. Each episode has some ghosts hidden by the haunted residence, so it's pretty cool to try to find them all on your own.

Did you like the Netflix series?

Could you use our list to know some of the best Netflix series that were very successful in 2019? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are any other series suggestions you'd like to see here.

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