33 ideas for those who want to work at home 2020

Moving to work without having to take the car or public transport for the company has become an increasingly larger reality for many people. Especially with the quarantine imposed by Covid-19. But not everyone knows where to start. So it is important to show ideas to those who want to work from home.

By learning any of these professions, you open up the possibility of making money on the internet. It is possible to take advantage of these ideas either to have a 100% full job, or just to make an extra income.

You can use this income to pay for small luxuries, or make a reservation to achieve some goal in your life. Regardless, we believe that some of these ideas for those who want to work from home during 2020 will be very useful and profitable.

So check out our full list below!

1. Create an online store

Having an e-commerce is much easier than during the early days of the internet. Although free tools are very limited, they still allow you to start selling products from the internet.

You can use the platform in several ways. It serves both to resell products of other companies and for your creations.

Creating a virtual store is also one of the best ways to create a business on the internet that starts generating income right away.

Among the various platforms available, we recommend Zyro. Specially designed to help entrepreneurs create e-commerce to sell products over the internet, you can use it to create your website. Remember that you can do this even if you have no knowledge of web design or programming.

Want to know more about Zyro? Then click on the link right now to get started!

zyro is a platform to create online store

2. Create a blog

Another alternative is to create a blog and work from home with online content. Despite being a form of content considered "old", it is still very effective in attracting people and generating money online.

If you consider yourself a good writer, you just need to learn some search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and define a niche where you will work. You can create a blog on a topic that will allow you to gain many visitors quickly or simply talk about your hobbies.

That way, you can make money talking about your favorite topic! Just remember that creating a blog is a long-term project, as it takes some time, work and dedication to start making money.

3. Create and sell ebooks

Selling digital books is infinitely easier than physical books. While the cost of the second option forces you to be rich or have a publisher – who will be responsible for the costs, but take a good chunk of your sales – you can publish a digital book independently.

Platforms like Amazon, for example, allow you to publish your ebook for sale at no additional cost. Even if you sign an exclusive term, you can place your ebook in the Kindle Unlimited collection.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service along the lines of Netflix. Instead of series and films, however, the service offers its subscribers a large collection of books.

4. Teaching online

Do you usually teach classes or have you always been told that you have didactics and patience to teach? So one of the best ideas for anyone who wants to work from home with this skill is to teach online.

There are several platforms on which you can choose a skill to teach and inform your available times. Students can schedule their classes with you. Think of an Uber, but with an appointment.

5. Create and sell online courses

An advantage of teaching online is that money comes in more often, usually after teaching. But you can expand your ability to earn money by recording your own online courses.

That is, you create the course format, record the video content, prepare the complementary material and sell it on platforms such as Eduzz or Udemy. Creating and selling courses online is an excellent way to generate recurring income, which comes in without you having to do a job for it.

create online courses to work from home

6. Offer online mentoring

You are already a renowned professional in your area, but want to change the way you work? Among the various ideas for those who want to work from home, offering online mentoring may be the best for you.

Using platforms to meet online, you can help other professionals in your field. This means helping them to behave better, how to perform a task in the best possible way, teach them how to ask the boss for a raise, among other lessons.

7. Make audio or video transcription

One of the most laborious tasks in the career of journalists and content producers is transcribing interviews. Whether in audio or video, the process of transcribing everything that has been said is incredibly long.

To get an idea, it can take about 4 to 6 hours just to transcribe a conversation in less than 10 minutes. To expedite this work and leave the journalist free for other reports, companies hire people just to do this transcription work.

In short, just open the audio or video and transfer each spoken word to a text editor.

8. Online writing

Writing online doesn't just mean working with transcription. In fact, online newsroom is one of the biggest job markets on the internet. And one of the best ideas for those who want to work from home.

As with blogs, you will need to learn some specific things about writing online. Among them, search engine optimization, which we have mentioned before.

On the other hand, there is no shortage of free courses and classes teaching the basics to start a career in this area. From there, just acquire experience and practice to start improving your writing.

9. Virtual assistant

Online entrepreneurs and digital influencers also rely on repetitive tasks that are not as enjoyable as recording videos of incoming customers. This is how the profession of virtual assistant has become one of the most sought after in recent years.

Similar to a traditional assistant, the virtual assistant is responsible for managing common but important aspects. Controlling the agenda, organizing the online office and generating reports are some of these activities.

However, the virtual assistant also has other tasks, exclusive to the online environment. Creating and scheduling publications, evaluating metrics on social networks and online service via messaging applications are some of them.

To start, just evaluate the skills you already have and offer them. If you do not have as much experience in online routines as those mentioned above, there is no shortage of free or low cost courses that will teach you.

10. Selling handicrafts through social networks

Do you produce handicrafts and usually sell to neighbors or close friends? How about starting to sell them also over the internet?

It is possible that many people online, who would never meet you for not living nearby, like what you do. Selling handicrafts through social networks can be one of the best ideas for those who want to work at home, since the only way out will be to send the products by post.

selling crafts over the internet

11. Social network management

Do you like social media and have you thought about working with it? It is an excellent idea! There is no shortage of companies looking for professionals to manage their accounts.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that managing social networks is not just creating memes and responding to comments. It is interesting to know the company and topics such as content creation, metrics evaluation and even managing paid ads.

Still, there are also plenty of courses you can take at home to learn the main aspects of social media management.

Also learn about some of the main tools that will help you in managing social media.

  • Etus: allows you to manage accounts on different social networks. Click on the link to find out;
  • Scalehot: allows you to manage Instagram profiles and helps to gain followers. Click on the link to find out;
  • Bume: complete Instagram and Stories manager. Click on the link to find out;
  • Grow Social: tool that helps you gain real followers on Insta. Click on the link to find out;
  • I reported: allows you to generate performance reports on various social media. Click on the link to find out;

12. Traffic manager

Another idea for those who want to work at home in growth in the online market is the traffic manager. But what is a traffic manager?

While the social media manager takes care of the organic part – that is, it does not generate cost for customers – the traffic manager takes care of the paid part.

That is, it is he who develops the strategies for creating paid ads for the companies that have hired him. It is this professional who will guide the campaign, both in the audiences that the company will try to reach and in the development of creative pieces.

Learn more about the traffic manager by checking out this complete guide!

13. Sale of food by delivery

Applications like iFood have made life much easier for those who produce meals or snacks by delivery. Before them, the company had to bear the costs of delivery.

Whoever was a small producer, for example, was unable to bear these costs. However, with the outsourcing promoted by iFood, it is perfectly possible to work at home with delivery using these apps.

When taking orders, all you have to do is work on delivering the best meal possible. After finishing it, you can use the app to find an available delivery person, who will take care of the delivery and receive your fare straight from the app.

14. Dessert sale by delivery

Considering what we said above, you can also work with the sale of dessert by delivery. This will allow you to create any type of dessert: cakes, pies, sweets to order or any other confectionery item.

The process is the same, just activate apps like the aforementioned iFood or Uber Eats to find available deliverers.

15. Sale of products by affiliation

Selling products by affiliation is one of the safest ways to earn money working from home. It is also one of the most efficient ways to monetize blogs or YouTube channels.

How does affiliate selling work?

If you already have a content channel, you can subscribe to affiliate platforms like Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze, among others. On these platforms, there is a huge collection of products that you can register as a seller.

These products serve different niches such as beauty, economy, games, technology, among many others. No matter what your niche, you will probably find good products to work as an affiliate in them.

By being approved as a product affiliate partner, you can generate sales links, which can be included in your content. Whenever a visitor to your channel or blog clicks on a sales link and purchases the product, you will receive a commission for it.

Like creating and selling online courses, it is a way to make money even if you are not actively working to receive it.

being an affiliate and selling products is one of the best ideas for those who want to work from home in 2020

16. Copywriting

The copywriter is, in a way, a copywriter. However, the copywriter specializes in a specific type of text: sales-oriented.

That is, the copywriter is a copywriter, but he is also a salesperson. He is the one who writes the subtitles for paid ads that he finds on social media or on capture pages, among others.

17. Create a YouTube channel

Just like the content creator who posts articles on his blog, having a YouTube channel is a great way to make money. Even when you're not publishing content.

However, he also needs time, dedication and strategy before he even starts making money when recording videos. Creating a YouTube channel is one of the best ideas for those who want to work from home, especially if they have other sources of income while the channel is not monetizing.

18. Online proofreading

Don't you feel confident to write, but do you master grammar and spelling rules? Then you can proofread texts online. Many content producers, companies and freelance platforms employ these reviewers to improve the quality of their texts.

In addition to the rules of our language, it is also necessary to understand optimization rules for search engines, something that you will also have to observe when reviewing texts.

19. Translation

Working with translation is one of the careers for those who want to work from home very similar to what they would do in a company in the industry.

That is, you will take articles in another language and translate them into ours, or vice versa. Billing is done per page or per word. As it is possible to work with international companies, some opportunities also have payment in dollars. With the current scenario in 2020, it can be an excellent extra income on the internet.

20. Online service

One of the jobs that most appear on the internet today is online service. This was partly due to the pandemic, although it is already a trend.

In online service, you can answer customer questions by email, online chat, video conference or even by WhatsApp from the companies that hire you. All this with your computer.

online service is one of the ideas for those who want to work from home who have more vacancies

21. Dropshipping

One of the best things about selling over the internet is that you don't even have to stock. You can simply sell to order.

That is, when someone buys from your website, you can place an order with the product manufacturer, who will also be responsible for delivery. This means that your only job will actually be selling.

The name given to this practice is dropshipping. To learn how to sell better, see this guide with some resources to convert more into your online business.

22. Answering online surveys

It is one of the ideas for those who want to work from home, but it is more suitable for making extra income, instead of a career. For example, you can work with online writing and use some of your free time to do extra with these surveys.

Companies hire consumer research services to find out how their audience thinks and consumes. Thus, they have better ideas for marketing campaigns or creating new products.

Therefore, these research companies pay a fee for their users to answer these surveys. You can answer each survey in about 5 to 15 minutes. Online research is also one of the best ways to make extra income without spending anything.

23. Sell photography

If you are a professional photographer, you can make money online not just by selling your services at events like weddings or debutante parties. Have you thought about selling photography to stock images like Shutterstock and Pixabay?

These photographs do not yield as much as photos for private companies. On the other hand, you can send photographs that could not be used to generate income.

24. Online consulting for companies

Another very interesting option for those who already worked as a consultant or have enough experience as a manager in companies. With the difficulty of presence imposed by the coronavirus, you can very well assist companies as an online consultant.

In this way, you can use apps for online meetings and make money on the internet in 2020 helping companies to overcome the damage caused by the pandemic.

25. Create websites for companies

You can create a website or blog for you to make money. But have you considered developing websites for other companies?

If you have a lot of experience with web design, programming or simply know how to use tools like the aforementioned Zyro, you can offer this type of service to entrepreneurs who don't have much time for it.

In addition, you only need a computer to be able to create websites for these companies. That is, it also turns out to be one of the best ideas for anyone who wants to work from home.

create websites for businesses

26. Create mobile apps

Another way to work on the internet creating something is for mobile applications. Whether developing a mobile game or creating simple apps for businesses, it's perfectly possible to do everything from home.

Many companies don't need a robust, feature-rich app. Some of them, for example, just need an easy scheduling system to book customers. Others, just a way to distribute content exclusively.

By learning how to create mobile apps, you can turn this into a career. Want to start learning how to create apps?

Then click on the link and check out the Android Architect online course!

27. Create and edit photos or images

Did you see how companies need to post daily on their social networks to keep their audience active and buying? The problem is that creating and editing these photos or images is persistent and time-consuming work.

After all, it is not enough to just throw any image there. You have to think about relevance to the public and consider elements such as the company's visual identity.

If you have knowledge of tools to create and edit photos, you can offer to create these images for social networks, receiving good money for that.

If you are interested in this method, but do not know where to start learning how to create or edit these images, then we invite you to discover Canva right now!

The platform is one of the easiest to learn. With bundled free image banks, you have access to a collection of elements and photos that you can include in your posts. In addition, you can start from a template with the ideal size for the social media you work with.

Click on the link and see how easy it is to use Canva to create images for social networks!

28. Create and edit videos

Using the same logic as above, these companies also need to create and edit videos. Even more that they are more likely to generate engagement, especially if posted on Instagram Stories.

Just as there are tools for creating images, so do videos. There is no shortage of tools and editors that are user-friendly for beginners.

That way, you can learn the basic tools of that app or platform, and then start creating simple business videos. All of this working at home, even in quarantine.

To create or edit videos on your computer, we recommend Movavi as a useful and easy to use platform. Access the link now to know the tool!

29. Sell clothes / thrift store online

Are you wearing old clothes that are still in good condition, but you no longer intend to wear them? So why not do a thrift store online?

In this modality, you don't even have to set up an online structure, as this is a method to make an extra income from what you already have at home.

Take the clothes you want to “detach”, take good pictures or even record a video making a demonstration. Post it on your social media and ask for help from the family to share and make the announcement of your pieces reach more people.

Your used clothing may seem useless to you, but rest assured that it can be exactly what someone was in need of.

Did you enjoy selling your used clothes and decided to turn this into a business? Then see the next tip.

30. Make sales online

You can continue to make sales online. If you took advantage of the previous idea of ​​the thrift store, but sold all the clothes, you should take the next step if you liked selling: look for manufacturers and distributors.

Buying in bulk, you can secure clothes at a better price, which you can resell and keep the profit. However, in this modality we already recommend a better structure.

If you got used to selling on Instagram, then we recommend using Bagy. This platform for creating virtual stores is specialized in serving those who usually sell through Insta.

In addition to allowing you to create a website that looks like the Instagram feed, it can take care of making your catalog available for use with Instagram Shopping. This tool allows you to place a digital tag on the clothes you post.

By doing this, your followers will already be able to see prices and conditions, as well as being able to close the purchase on your website.

Click on the link to meet Bagy and see how it works!

you can sell clothes online and work from home

31. Test sites

Working with websites doesn't just mean creating them. You can also test websites and make extra income from it.

When you test the site, you should explore its different pages, test that forms are working correctly and even make fake purchases, just to assure your customers that all elements are working as they should.

32. Test apps

This is also true for those who like to use different types of apps and have some sense of how they work. When testing apps, you should also try to use all of its functions.

In addition, you should imagine scenarios where an application may crash and cause an error. Then, try to cause the failure to see if the app is well developed.

33. Offer small services

Do you usually work as a seamstress or do small jobs such as drilling walls or installing showers? You can also use these skills as ideas for those who want to work from home.

Of course, you won't be drilling into your home wall, but you can help someone else do it through videoconferencing apps, for example. Another possibility is to receive the materials in your home and work on them, such as sewing or repairing appliances, among others.

Some sites to make money on the internet like GetNinjas are used exclusively to help you find customers.

Get organized to execute these ideas for those who want to work from home!

Working directly from the comfort of your home also poses some challenges. One of them is the organization of your tasks, both those that you will do to earn money and those that are necessary to maintain your well-being.

There are several apps that can help you with this task.

One of them is MeisterTask. There, you can create lists of cards with tasks. On each card, you can include files, images and comments with information that can help you with the execution.

You can also organize the lists according to the type of task, as a kind of virtual wall.

Best of all, you can use MeisterTask for free, just by clicking the link!

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