35 best pranks with questions for WhatsApp

We know very well that WhatsApp is easily the most used messaging app in the world today. But in times of boredom, it can also be used with certain WhatsApp games with your friends, especially in crowded groups. One of the most common things is playing with WhatsApp questions. In this case, you need to send ready-made images with questions and answers and wait for your friends to respond.

This can be really fun and a great way to get the whole group to interact, for example. If you are curious to know what games with questions for WhatsApp you should send in your groups, just check out our main suggestions below!

1. What songs would you sing

For starters, we have one of the simplest WhatsApp questions games. She basically asks which song on the list the person would sing for you.

Each has a number, so it’s very easy to answer.

games with questions for whatsapp music

2. What drink would you give

The next game follows a similar line, but with drinks. In this case, each friend needs to say which drink he would give you, each having its meaning next to it.

Maybe you can order more than one drink depending on the contact.

games with questions for whatsapp drink

3. What would you steal

In this game, the question is quite simple. The person needs to answer what they would steal from you.

As this image does not give any options, each one needs to answer for himself. So it gets even more creative.

games with questions for whatsapp steal

4. Nostalgia

For those who like games with WhatsApp questions involving nostalgia, this is great. In it, people need to answer what things from childhood do today.

Instead of just answering, they can mark on the image itself and resend it in the group.

games for whatsapp child

5. Netflix Favorites

This is a great game for those who love Netflix series. In it, people mark their favorite series from the streaming platform.

If you prefer, you can score differently too. This includes which series are currently watching or which series are in the mood to watch, for example.

games for whatsapp netflix

It's very simple: just check the box for each series you've seen and post to your Status or Instagram Stories. Just remember to put the template blank so your contacts can also participate!

6. Your favorite foods

This is one of the games with questions for WhatsApp that are sure of success in your groups. After all, there is no one who does not like to talk about their favorite foods.

It is very simple, with images showing different types of foods that most people really like. In the answers, just say which option you prefer.

games for whatsapp food

7. Last things

This is a good game to learn more about your friends' day. They need to answer the last things they did, which includes something they ate, heard or bought, for example.

The image already gives some pretty cool options, but of course you can include other questions of the same type.

what was the last thing you did

8. Chorus of the song

This game works more like a challenge than anything. Each option is a chorus of music in the form of emojis.

People need to answer that each chorus is only when deciphering these emojis. There are 29 challenges, so you can move your whole group of friends.

games for whatsapp music

9. Hobbies

Here is one of the best games with questions for WhatsApp if you want to know the hobbies of your friends. They just need to respond by checking the hobby options they like best.

You can start by tagging and sending yours to encourage others to respond.

games for whatsapp hobbies

10. Favorites

Here we have another game to learn more about your contacts in general. The image has questions about people's favorite things.

These are very innocent questions, including favorite places, series, movies and music. If you want, you can add more depending on the groups you send your questions to.

favorite whatsapp games

11. Games

For those who like games and have friends who love to play, here is a great game. People need to answer their favorite games, which is their first console and more.

It is certainly a joke that has chances of starting good conversations on the subject after the answers are sent.

choose your best games and consoles of life

12. Perfect crush

In our next game, we have a very interesting format. In it, the person needs to answer the 5 requirements for a perfect crush.

Start by sending your answers to your friends and encourage them to respond as well. Who knows, maybe he will find the crush he wanted in the group to send the joke.

games for whatsapp gamesdavida

13. Favorite roll

This game consists of answering what you prefer in your role. It's even a great way to find contacts who like the same thing as you do the next time you decide to go out with friends.

use this game to find club partners

14. Before you die

Have you thought about the things you would definitely like to do before you die? So take the opportunity to respond to this WhatsApp game and see what your friends would also like to do.

Of course, if you have something beyond the options in the list, just include it in your answer.

whatsapp games before dying

15. You on WhatsApp

Even with so many users on WhatsApp, we have to agree that most have very similar behaviors on certain issues. This joke serves exactly to make fun of it.

You and your friends can answer how they behave on WhatsApp. This ranges from people who take too long to respond, who block everyone, even those who silence all groups.

show your friends how you behave in the zap and see if they agree

16. Likes and dislikes

We have already shown lots of pranks with WhatsApp questions that talk about your favorite things. In this case, the answers are about what you like and what you don't like.

You circle what you like and make an X on what you dislike. In this case, the options are only food, but you can do other matters if you prefer.

funny whatsapp status

17. On your mobile

Everyone uses their smartphone for similar things, but the amount always varies from person to person. In this game, you paint the screen white with the color of what else has on your phone.

Be it social media apps, music, games or memes, for example. Very fun to see what each friend does most on the smartphone.

paint your phone according to the apps you have installed on it

18. Me in Gifs

Here is a great game for those who love to send and create GIFs. It serves to send a GIF corresponding to each question, instead of answering the traditional way.

You do not necessarily need to place GIFs in the circles, as this can be very laborious. Just answer in order if you prefer.

games for whatsapp gifs

19. Genre of films

Everyone has a genre of film that they love to watch. Some prefer comedies while others always choose horror movies.

In this game, you complete the chart with the genres that you most like to see. Just increase or decrease the color in the genre bars that you prefer or dislike.

prank for WhatsApp show your favorite movie types

20. Popular sayings

Similar to the chorus game of music, here you have to guess the popular sayings. Each is in emoji form, so just decipher each one.

It can be great to settle in a group instead of sending it to people individually. In this way, everyone works together and have more fun.

games for whatsapp sayings

21. Harry Potter

We know how popular the Harry Potter saga is, especially here in Brazil. Therefore, we could not miss such an option in our list of games with questions for WhatsApp.

In this game, you choose which characters you like best. Each column has two options, so just choose.

To make the game more fun, you can make a final selection of the chosen ones after this initial list.

jokes for WhatsApp which are the best harry potter characters

22. Sagas

Since we mention one of the most famous sagas in the world, it is worth talking about a game that mentions other sagas. In this game, each one marks the sagas they have watched or read.

They don't even have to be your favorites, just the ones you've consumed at some point.

Mark your Sagas

23. Me x Him

Here we have a very cool game for couples or even groups that have many different couples. You just need to answer the questions with whoever did something first or who acts more in a certain way.

It is very interesting to compare the answers you gave in relation to those of your partner. It's just not worth fighting if the answers are very different.

Just me and him

24. Series

A little different from our other game with series, here you answer several questions on the subject. This includes the first one you watched, your favorite, what you’re currently watching, etc.

It's really cool even to give and get series suggestions with your friends.

Talk about your series

25. Who was at school

Looking for pranks with WhatsApp questions to send to school friends? Here we have a great option.

It makes you answer several questions about how you behave at school. Of course, even those who have finished their years of study can answer, just remember what they were doing at the time.

who were you at school

26. Who knows you best

Here is a joke that can be fun or cause discord in your WhatsApp groups. That's because people are going to have to answer personal questions about who sent them.

Now imagine if your best friends don't remember your birthday.

jokes for whatsapp who knows

27. My Defects

In this game, you can mark all the defects you think you have. Your friends can do the same, but it's even more fun if they respond about you instead of themselves.

Of course, if you want to avoid fighting, it is better to stay in the original format.

whatsapp defects games

Then your own friends can also make theirs and text you. Remember to include an unmarked version so you can play too!

28. Dice game

Among the games with questions for WhatsApp, we have the dice. In it, the person must choose which data he wants, from 1 to 20.

The idea is to choose the data without knowing what each one means. Once chosen, you show the question or action that the person needs to ask.

games with questions for whatsapp given

29. Colors

In the play of colors, there is not much secret. You ask your friends what colors they choose, each one having a meaning in relation to you.

Maybe you still don't get more than one color in your answers.

games with questions for whatsapp colors

30. Multiple responses

In this case, you just send the picture full of questions to your friends and they send you the answers. Some have to do with you while others have more to do with who is responding.

It turns out to be even better for sending in private than just in groups.

games with questions for whatsapp answers

31. One question

Unlike some of the games with questions for WhatsApp, this one makes your contacts choose a question for you to answer. Each person is entitled to a question out of 40 different options.

This game can also be more interesting to play in private than in groups.

games with questions for whatsapp an answer

32. Childhood

games with questions for childhood whatsapp

33. Quick game

In this joke, it ends up being better to send the questions to someone you may already be interested in. After all, they are all very suggestive and to the point.

For that reason, it is better to leave the questions to send in private instead of groups. We only suggest that you learn how to take WhatsApp online if you don't like the answers and don't want the person to know that they saw it.

games with questions for whatsapp quick game

34. Tag someone

In this case, we have a great game to send in groups. The image only requires participants to tag someone in the group for each of the phrases.

It's a very relaxed game, so it's worth a try.

games with questions for whatsapp score

35. Relationships

As you can see, this is one of the games with questions for WhatsApp that has to do with relationships. Each question is about a different aspect of what the person thinks about it.

It may be more interesting in private, but it also works very well in groups.

games with questions for whatsapp relationships

Did you like the games with questions for WhatsApp?

Did you take advantage of our list to know some of the best games with questions for WhatsApp? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are any other games you would like to see on our list.

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