35 Best Suspense Series Ever

Keeping up with the best suspense shows is a guarantee of being apprehensive, but stuck with phenomenal stories. In fact, it is because of this apprehension that watching series of the genre is a unique experience, since we are always one step behind the plot.

Trying to guess what the big turn of the story is going to be is also one of the best things to do when watching the best suspense series that we're going to show here. Remember that there is no age limit here.

In other words, series from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s that are considered the best or the most popular are present on our list. Want to see which are the best suspense series to put on your list of apps to see movies and series you use?

So just continue with us below!

1. Breaking Bad

Also considered one of the best drama series, Breaking Bad brings the story of a chemistry professor who discovers terminal cancer. Without good finances and the ability to guarantee a good future for his family after his death, he decides to produce and traffic meth. For this, he joins one of his former students.

With five seasons, Breaking Bad recounts Walter White's rise and decline as a criminal and the moral barriers he transgresses to achieve his goal. The Netflix series also criticizes the American health care system, which does not offer free treatment for illness and injury.

Click the link to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix.

screen with the protagonists of breaking bad, one of the best suspense series

2. Chernobyl

After the end of Game of Thrones, the most popular fantasy series today, HBO needed another hit that would occupy the minds of its viewers. Despite having nothing to do with the medieval war series, Chernobyl did the job well.

Using facts and historical documents as a basis, the story tells how the Chernobyl disaster happened and how the lack of transparency caused it. The series follows a team of people who try to avoid the disaster, preventing it from taking on even greater proportions.

As an HBO series, Chernobyl is available exclusively on HBO Go.

Tip: which is the best? Netflix or HBO Go? Find out in our comparison!

3. Listening

One of the most prominent series in the early 2000s, A Escuta follows the daily life of an agent infiltrated in drug trafficking in an American city. One of the best suspense series ever, A Escuta makes you anxious to know what will happen next.

In addition, the series does not exempt itself from questioning values ​​considered rigid in our society. Concepts like good and evil or crime and punishment are addressed at all times. Even though its last episode was shown more than 10 years ago, the questions are still valid today.

The five seasons of A Escuta are available on HBO Go.

4. Sherlock

A reimagination of Arthur Conan Doyle's work, Sherlock is a series that brings the author's iconic characters to the modern world. That is, this Sherlock and Watson exist in our time, instead of the past.

On the other hand, the only thing that changes are the technological apparatus and the way one looks for clues, since the series will set the famous investigator against Moriarty, his most perceptive enemy.

Four of Sherlock's five seasons are available on Netflix!

We are a family owned and operated business.sherlock is one of the best suspense series and this version brings the character in the current times

5. Beyond Imagination

A classic among the best suspense series, Além da Imagination is a show from the end of the 1950s that is mentioned until today. Their stories are unique to each episode, without a clear sequence.

The episodes carry themes widely explored in science fiction to this day. Alien visits and time travel are themes that you will encounter, but they are not the main themes. In each story, elements of our own humanity are questioned.

Want to know Beyond Imagination? Then click on the link to watch it on Oldflix!

6. True Detective

One of the series that revealed the talent of the award-winning actor Mahershala Ali, True Detective is one of the best suspense series of today. Despite having only three seasons, the series manages to capture the attention of those who watch it.

In the plot, two detectives have been working for almost 20 years to capture a dangerous serial killer. The problem is that this dispute will bring out personal and professional secrets from its protagonists.

Watch the three seasons of True Detective on HBO Go!

true detective scene

7. Death Note

If you like to watch anime, surely you already know that some of the best animations can also be considered one of the best suspense series. Death Note proves this point masterfully.

The plot begins when a supernatural entity responsible for ending the lives of humans decides to throw his notebook of death in the human world to see what happens. The one who meets the fateful Death Note by chance is the schoolboy Light Yagami, who starts using it to do justice with his own hands.

Throughout the plot, the student is hunted by a mysterious and eccentric researcher who does not yet know his identity. Thus, a game of cat and mouse begins, in which one begins to investigate the other to find out what justice will prevail in the world.

The first season of Death Note is available on Netflix, where it also features an original Netflix movie made with real actors.

death note animation screen

8. Fargo

When a malicious man arrives in the small town of Bemidji, the peaceful place begins to be turned upside down. Using his ability to influence, he begins to change the minds of some locals. This causes a series of crimes to begin to happen.

To resolve it, a deputy and a police officer begin investigating the trail, suspecting the subject and a location that fell on his lips. Fargo has four seasons, three of which are available on Netflix. Click the link to start watching.

9. Black Mirror

Are the harms of today's technology just pessimistic talk or something to be concerned about? Black Mirror is one of the best suspense series precisely for taking the most pessimistic view possible of a technology and translating it to the screen.

Still, its creator reinforces that the problem is not the technology itself, but the uses that human beings can give it. In other words, technology is just a layer that the author uses to explain how we can make bad use of it.

Themes such as the spectacularization of violence, constant recording of our daily lives and the use of technology to influence elections are themes addressed in the episodes of the series. Black Mirror has six seasons and is a Netflix exclusive.

10. Twin Peaks (1990)

Another classic among the best suspense series, Twin Peaks begins when an FBI agent and the local sheriff must solve a mysterious death. Once a quiet city, the investigation will prove that many inhabitants are involved in the crime and have secrets they don't want to bring to light.

The series features the classic version of 1990 and a new edition released in 2017, which we will comment on below. Currently, the original series is not available on streaming services.

11. Dark

A Netflix exclusive German series, Dark brings the disappearance of a child to address mysteries that accompany three generations of four different families. Some of them supernatural.

With three seasons, the series is considered one of the best suspense series on the streaming platform. Click the link to start following Dark on Netflix!

12. Stranger Things

Strongly appealing to the nostalgia of those who were children in the 1980s, Stranger Things uses horror and suspense mixed with funny and heart-warming moments. The formula was successful, as the series is one of Netflix's most watched productions.

Accompanying a group of friends, the series shows the disappearance of one of them and the commotion to try to find it. On the other hand, the group comes across a mysterious girl, known only to Onze, who has special powers, but flees the secret installation where she was raised.

With three seasons and a fourth coming, Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

stranger things is one of the best suspense series today

13. Oz

From 1997, the series follows the daily life of a penitentiary. With six seasons, it shows the prison director trying to maintain control in the prison, preventing the proliferation of drug trafficking and violence among prisoners in his penitentiary.

The series shows the different groups of criminals who live there, including their cultural differences and how to resolve things. Besides, of course, showing their relationship with the team that takes care of the prison.

On the other hand, Oz is not currently available on video streaming services.

14. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

While Sherlock stands out for bringing the famous detective to the world today, the 1980s series brings the original version of the iconic character. Due to its investigative vein, there is no lack of suspense and attempts to guess what is behind the plot.

With two seasons, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes brings a compilation of cases that promise to entertain its viewers for many more. On the other hand, it is not available on any streaming service for now.

adventures of sherlock holmes brings the original investigator

15. The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Continued from the series above, The Return of Sherlock Holmes is classified as a new series, but uses the same premise as the previous one. That is, it puts the well-known investigator and his partner Dr. Watson to solve mysterious cases.

Like the series that preceded it, it also has only two seasons, running from 1986 to 1988. Another similarity is that, despite being one of the best suspense series ever, it is not available in any streaming app.

return of sherlock holmes is the continuation of the 1980s series

16. Westworld

Putting us in a highly technological amusement park, Westworld questions our nature by putting us in a virtual reality game in which everything is possible and without consequences. Including heinous crimes.

As the Westworld game takes place in an American Old West setting, the series is one of the few to mix elements of the era with futurism at the same time. Of course, not everything is just a game, since problems with robots in the park can bring problems.

Westworld is an exclusive, three-season series available on HBO Go!

17. The Shield: Above the Law

One of the best suspense series of the 2000s, The Shield: Above the Law shows the routine of a Los Angeles police officer. But not just any policeman, but a corrupt officer who tries to keep the streets safe while protecting his source of illegal income.

With seven seasons, The Shield addressed issues of public security and the relationship between the police forces themselves. Likewise, it also demonstrated how public security forces end up acting together with those who theoretically should fight for personal interests or lack of better conditions.

The seven seasons of The Shield: Above the Law are available on Amazon Prime Video. Click the link to watch!

18. The Bridge – Bron / Broen

This European series of investigations addresses a mysterious crime that takes place on the bridge that divides Denmark and Sweden. As the boundaries of where the crime took place are unclear, a pair of investigators must work together to clarify the crime.

With four seasons, the mysterious murder turns out to be just the gateway to the cases that are addressed in the following years. Despite its good reviews, The Bridge is not available on any streaming service.

19. The Curse of the Hill Residence

If you want to get to know one of the best horror thriller series in years, then The Curse of Hill Residence is one of the best series options for running a marathon. Inspired by a mansion considered haunted in real life, the story shows family brothers returning home to resolve pending issues of the past.

The series does not skimp on the terrifying scenes of its inhabitants' past, showing the reasons why the house was abandoned. With just one season, you can finish the series in one day. If you have the stomach for the terrifying scenes.

Click the link to watch The Curse of the Hill Residence on Netflix.

20. X File

Perhaps one of the best suspense series for those who grew up in the 1990s, the investigations of Scully and Molder are still cited when it comes to pop culture. She is also one of the longest-lived, with 11 seasons.

In their plot, FBI agents are expected to unravel mysteries that appear to be of supernatural origin. However, each case pushes them towards a conspiracy that hides extraterrestrial life on the planet.

Access Amazon Prime Video to watch the 11 seasons of The X-Files in full!

x file is one of the best suspense series of all time

21. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Continuing the Adventures and Return series, Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes closes the detective trilogy about the detective in the 1980s and 1990s. Throughout his single season, we will see the iconic character solving his latest set of cases, with some of them being adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle's books.

Unfortunately, the last season and series from that time is also not available on streaming services.

memoirs of sherlock holmes ends the series trilogy

22. Gomorrah: La Serie

The Italian series brings an insight into the Italian mafia's role in Naples, considered the bastion of organized crime in the country in this series. It shows the internal disagreements of the Mafia family, with several of its members seeking to head the family.

In addition, the series also demonstrates the effects of this dispute on the daily lives of its residents, who must follow family laws. With four seasons, Gomorra: La Serie is an exclusive production of HBO Go.

23. Dexter

Another of the best suspense series of the last year, Dexter shows the day to day of an unusual serial killer: instead of going after innocent people with a specific profile, Dexter murders only other serial killers. For that, he uses a disguise that helps him a lot to quench his thirst: working as a forensic specialist for the American police.

Over the course of eight seasons, we see the protagonist managing this double life, taking care not to be identified. All seasons of the classic series are available on Amazon Prime Video.

23. Mind Hunter

Another suspense series for those who are fascinated by the grotesque universe of serial killers, Mind Hunter brings two FBI agents assigned to interview this type of criminal. The goal is to use their testimonials to help solve cases that may involve other serial killers.

Despite being recent, the series takes place in the 1970s. The two agents also seek to break with the investigative pattern of the time. They seek to introduce scientific methods from areas such as anthropology, psychology and sociology to arrive at the real reason for the crimes they investigate.

Mind Hunter is from 2017 and has two seasons. Click the link to watch Mind Hunter on Netflix!

24. Monster

Perhaps one of the best animated thriller series, Monster tells the story of a dedicated doctor facing a moral dilemma in his profession. By choosing to save an influential politician at the behest of the hospital's director, he ends up letting a simple man die.

Seized with guilt, he swears to himself not to repeat the same mistake. The opportunity to redeem comes in the form of a boy, who enters the hospital with another patient: the mayor of the city where he lives. Going against the orders of the hospital, he saves the boy even if it costs his career.

The problem: the boy he saved turns out to be a serial killer whose own sister tried to end it. Consumed by remorse, he leaves the profession in order to stop the boy he had saved in the past. Despite being one of the best anime ever, Monster is not available in current streaming apps.

monster is an anime, but still one of the best suspense series

25. Umbre

Another series of suspense ideal for those who like works based on the world of organized crime, Umbre tells the life of a taxi driver with a double life. Taking and picking up passengers during the day, at night the protagonist Relu is a mafia collector.

Without mixing their lives, things start to change after he accidentally murders someone. Trying to detach themselves from criminal life, their secrets are at greater risk of being revealed, becoming more and more oppressive.

Despite its excellent rating on content aggregators, Umbre is not available in Brazil.

26. Twin Peaks: The Return

The current edition of Twin Peaks has managed to stay on par with the original among the best suspense series ever. This version takes place 25 years after the events of the previous one.

Like the original, Twin Peaks: The Return again brings the bizarre and mysterious elements that enshrined the previous seasons. Without missing the intriguing mystery, the new version of the series brings some of the original actors back, but it also shows new faces that will be involved in the strange events.

Although established, Twin Peaks: Return is not available in streaming apps.

27. Mr. Robot: Hacker Society

If you enjoy mysteries filled with elements of science fiction, then Mr. Robot: Hacker Society is one of the best suspense series to follow. Starring the award-winning actor Rami Malek, we can follow the journey of a digital security expert.

By day, he is more of a megacorporation employee, working on data security. At night, he is part of a group of hackers facing the system. But he will find himself at a crossroads when he is tasked with breaking into the systems of the same corporation he was hired to protect.

Mr. Robot: Hacker Society has four seasons, with three of them available on Amazon Prime Video.

28. Hannibal

Preceding Silence of the Lambs, acclaimed by moviegoers and fans of all kinds, the suspense series shows the day-to-day life of a talented FBI agent. His main ability is to insert himself at crime scenes, being able to see exactly what happened.

On the other hand, this ability requires a lot of your mental capacity, which requires you to see a psychiatrist frequently. This psychiatrist is none other than Hannibal Lecter, who he doesn't even suspect is not an ordinary professional.

Currently, Hannibal is not available on Netflix, nor in its alternatives.

29. Children of Anarchy

Mixing criminal drama, action and suspense, Sons of Anarchy follows the routine of a biker club that acts outside the law. Dominating a small town, the plot follows the different onslaught and conspiracies that law enforcement officers, rival gangs, and drug traffickers want to take over for themselves.

As we see in other series that address the relationship between criminals and police, Sons of Anarchy takes a less dual approach, drawing layers of goodness and evil on characters who would normally be in one of these spectra.

The seven seasons of the series are available on Amazon Prime Video!

children of anarchy enters the world of organized crime

30. Big Sky

Launched this year, Big Sky became very popular due to its intense pace and suspense. The series accompanies a private detective with the task of solving a kidnapping case in a small town.

To help him, he hires the help of a former police officer, who no longer has the bonds of the corporation to act as he pleases. Even with an intense rhythm, the mysteries and twists do not make the plot confusing.

For now, Big Sky has not yet reached streaming services, which should change soon.

31. The Walking Dead

One of the most acclaimed and long-lived thriller series of the past decade, The Walking Dead was responsible for making zombie films even more popular. The plot begins when ex-sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma in a hospital.

Strange that there is no one else there, he discovers that the world was no longer the same and was taken over by the zombies. Seeking survival, he comes across several groups, only to discover that, even in the scenario in which they live, human beings themselves are more dangerous threats than the undead themselves.

The Walking Dead has 11 seasons, with eight of them available on Amazon Prime Video.

32. The Black List

In addition to being one of the best suspense series ever, The Black List is also a reference when it comes to spy series. The plot follows an FBI agent who starts to work together with one of the biggest international criminals.

The reason is unknown, only that he demanded the presence of the agent to divulge secrets and help to arrest other criminals. Throughout the plot, we discover the motivation for the choice, as well as unraveling cases and breaking up conspiracies that threaten American national security.

You can watch seven of the eight seasons of the series on Netflix!

33. Criminal Minds

Another investigative series that brings the routine of one of the sectors of the American federal police, Criminal Minds is in its fourteenth season. Throughout the series, we accompany members of a base in the state of Virginia.

They are responsible for investigating heinous and extremely violent crimes, which has a mental impact on health. That is, in addition to the investigations, we also see how the crimes affect the personal lives of the agents portrayed in the series.

Six of the 14 seasons of Criminal Minds are available on Now, Net Claro's service for watching TV over the internet.

criminal minds is one of the longest-running crime and thriller series today

34. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Another of the highly acclaimed thriller series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a spin-off from the original series. To differentiate itself from it, the series follows investigations only of heinous crimes involving rapes. Considering the theme, it is always important to remember that strong scenes are frequent.

Without a fixed plot, it is perfectly possible to watch loose episodes. Although there is a connection between the stories, it does not force you to marathon seasons in an almost endless way to understand what is happening in front of the screen.

Despite being in its 23rd season in the United States, in Brazil only three seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video.

35. The Tale of the Maid

Closing the list of the best suspense series with one of the most commented series today, O Conto da Aia shows a new reality: much of the United States has been replaced by a religious and totalitarian regime.

Due to a global fertility crisis, the new regime forces the rest of fertile women and women outside religious marriages to become "nurses", who are expected to produce children for the country's commanders. The plot follows June, one of those women who was captured and enslaved to assume this role.

Based on the book of the same name, O Conto da Aia does not exempt itself from heavy moments and criticisms of ultraconservative movements that exist today, as well as the dangers of totalitarianism, especially for women.

The Tale of Aia is in production and currently has three seasons, which are available on Globo Play.

What best suspense series have you watched?

With so many award-winning series, there is no shortage of options to keep you intrigued and anxious about what will happen next. What are the best suspense series ever made for you today? Comment with us!

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