4 types of games that stimulate the brain's ability

Discover the 4 types of games that, in addition to doing good to the brain, improve the player's mental health.

As you may already know, certain genres of video games and online games are designed to improve your cognitive performance. Experts agree that the visual abilities of regular players are remarkably better than that of other players or even those who have never played.

And while these same experts do not agree on whether violent games encourage violence in players, it seems that the general opinion is that games, whether strategic or creative, played for a certain period of time, can greatly improve the your mental health.

4 types of games that stimulate the brain's ability

Remember that the brain is like a muscle: it needs to be exercised to stay in shape. And there are some ways to stimulate it: learning different activities, doing exercises and also through games. Among the benefits brought by games are the improvement of logical reasoning, memory, agility and reflexes.

Knowing these benefits, we decided to bring a short list with 4 types of games that stimulate the brain's capacity, which help in this regard:

1 – Chess Games

Strategy, prediction, analysis, memory, problem solving, concentration, cognition and visualization are just some of the things that require brain energy. It's no surprise that playing chess is not only fun, it also helps improve cognitive and brain skills. Like the muscles in the body, the brain also needs a workout to achieve its best and serve its purpose. Chess games are one of the 4 types of games that stimulate the brain's capacity and one of the most effective ways to develop and strengthen it.

2 – Card Games

Card games, such as can be found on NetBet or Bet365, are also positive for cognitive development. Among the countless card games, poker stands out, because although it is one of the most difficult card games to master, the benefits of doing this are real. A 2009 French study found that playing poker dramatically reduced the chances of developing brain-related illnesses by up to 50% or more.

Lead Alzheimer's researcher Dr. Jeffrey Cummings agrees with the study's results and adds that poker is the best game genre for an individual to keep their brain healthy.

3 – Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the brain-stimulating games that is made up of highly addictive number placement that depends on memory. To complete a Sudoku puzzle, you need to look ahead and follow the trail of consequences. This “planning” helps improve short-term memory and concentration. It is a popular brain game that you can play online and is available on many websites and apps that offer these games free.

4 – Action video games

Action games (for PS4, Xbox, PC) require the player to be able to make split-second decisions and react accordingly. Who hasn't been scared of what a teenager can do in an online game a thousand times better than you? Players who play this type of game regularly usually have better brain connections by activating gray matter. Scientists believe this improves memory and cognitive functions. Add that to the fact that we already know action players have better attention and coordination skills, and the result is an incredibly good genre for ongoing brain development.

What did you think of the 4 types of games that stimulate the brain's capacity?

Let us know if you already knew about these benefits and if you have played any of these on the list.

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