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5 best Instagram profiles about coronavirus

5 best Instagram profiles about coronavirus

There is no longer any way to deny the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, which is beginning to spread in the country. However, it is still time to be well informed about its causes and effects. In addition, learn the methods of prevention and what to do if you are suspicious of the virus. Fortunately, some coronavirus Instagram profiles are helping a lot.

It is always best to get your information from official or trusted sources. When we say trustworthy, it doesn't mean your trusted cousin or uncle who has forwarded an audio on the family's WhatsApp groups.

We are talking about people or specialized vehicles in the health area. Quality information is essential to know how to prevent and prevent panic, which can be most harmful to you and those around you.

So, get to know some Instagram profiles about coronavirus that you should follow to learn more about the crisis!

1. Ministry of Health – @minsaude

The Ministry of Health is present in the main social networks in the world. The goal is to expand the reach of information and announcements, in addition to educating citizens on disease prevention.

With the coronavirus, his performance became even more necessary and his profile at Insta is the best place to update himself about what is happening in Brazil. In addition, the profile also provides prevention tips, what to do if you experience symptoms and in what situations you should seek medical help.

Therefore, it is mandatory to follow the Ministry of Health on Instagram. To do this, simply access the link and click on the follow.

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2. Átila Iamarino – @oatila

Perhaps the main name to talk about coronavirus, virologist Átila Iamarino is on the front line against the fake news that is released about COVID-19.

Through videos and Stories on Instagram, he has been explaining common doubts, such as the duration of the coronavirus in a person's body or on surfaces, for example.

In addition, you will also be able to watch videos explaining the possibility of getting infected again by the coronavirus or if gargling with teas and vinegars works to eliminate COVID-19.

We strongly recommend that you follow Átila and follow your daily coronavirus videos. Click on the link to start following him.

3. Dr. Dráuzio Varella – @sitedrauziovarella

Another among Instagram profiles on coronavirus that is full of real information about COVID-19, the well-known Dr. Dráuzio Varella has also been working hard to fight fake news.

Its contents are available both in videos and Instagram Stories. That is, it can absorb educational content about the virus in any way that it finds most interesting.

Some of its contents, for example, teach six hygiene measures to prevent coronavirus. In his recent video, he mentioned the importance of having common sense and following only reliable sources to find out about the coronavirus, just as we are already doing here!

Follow Dr. Dráuzio Varella and stay informed and protected against the coronavirus by accessing the link!

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4. Luciano Larrossa – @lucianolarrossa

With a purpose different from the profiles shown so far, Luciano Larrossa's profile is aimed at people who want to learn how to work at home and undertake over the internet.

In his profile and Stories on Instagram, he is publishing a series of contents to adjust his life as a home office. In addition, he is also teaching how to keep his mind healthy and focused during this time of quarantine.

If you are working from home and are having trouble adapting to this new routine, click on the link to follow him on Instagram.

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5. Casa do Saber – @casadosaber

A cultural institution with a strong presence on social media, Casa do Saber also advises its on-site students not to leave their homes. In addition, the profile contains content made by health professionals teaching how to fight the coronavirus.

That way, you'll know how to prevent and avoid unnecessary panic. Click on the link to follow Casa do Saber and learn about COVID-19!

Follow these coronavirus Instagram profiles!

This is an unprecedented situation due to the high contagion capacity of the virus. No other disease in recent times has had such a great capacity to infect individuals, forcing the closure of borders and the establishment of total isolation in the most affected countries, such as Italy.

So isolation is necessary for the next few weeks for the coronavirus surge to cause the least possible damage. Especially considering the difficulties already faced by the public health system in Brazil.

So it is important to stay at home as long as possible. Constant hand hygiene and the most commonly used devices in your routine, such as smartphones, are also essential. and notebooks.

In addition to avoiding fake news and finding out about coronavirus via serious websites and apps, also follow the recommendations below:

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially as soon as you get home;
  • Do not frequent places clusters;
  • Avoid leaving the house in general, only in unavoidable situations;
  • Sanitize frequently used devices, such as your smartphone;
  • Do not buy masks if you are not showing symptoms. These resources are limited;
  • Do not panic. The situation is alert and it is important to pay attention, but panic does not help anyone. 🙂

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Stay at home, take care and, mainly, take care of your elderly!

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