5 Best PDF Converters for Word 2020

Knowing the best PDF to Word converters in 2020 is a good idea. After all, it is very difficult to be able to edit a file in PDF format.

This leads us to an attempt to convert this file for use in Microsoft Word, the main writing application on the market. As an editor by nature, it is possible to convert to edit a document and probably save it in PDF again.

Check out our selection of the best PDF to Word converters in 2020 below!

1. PDFElement

One of the main alternatives on the market, Wondershare's PDFElement is a complete solution for working with PDF. In addition to converting PDF to Word, you can also convert a document to Excel and Powerpoint format.

The software team ensures that the formatting and fonts used will not be lost in this process, something that often happens in other programs.

It is worth considering that the reverse process is also possible in PDFElement. You can transform Office suite files into PDF documents, making the entire conversion process easier.

In addition, PDFElement allows you to create files from scratch, in addition to making edits to the document itself. This makes it easy to scan signatures on digital documents, for example.

If you work with online surveys, the software is also great for creating and editing forms. There, you can make fields editable, as well as add buttons and checkboxes, among others.

The program also allows you to protect your PDF documents with a password, in addition to erasing sensitive information that cannot be accessed by third parties, increasing your security.

Click on the link to start using PDFElement right now!

pdfelement is one of the best pdf converters in 2020

2. Soda PDF

Another software that also ranks among the best PDF to Word converters in 2020, Soda PDF can be used in your

Another software that also ranks among the best PDF to Word converters in 2020, Soda PDF can be used in your favorite internet browsers or downloaded to your computer.

Among its features, we highlight the conversion of PDF to Word and also other files in the Office package. Images can also be converted to PDF.

Soda PDF also makes it possible to merge or split PDF files, include digital signatures to avoid using the scanner and compress files so that they take up less space on a thumb drive or memory card, for example.

Access the link to use Soda PDF.

3. PDFCandy

Another good quality converter, PDFCandy is used exclusively on the web, without the need to install a program.

It has a very varied range of features in addition to the conversion itself. You can split a PDF file into several or merge a set into one file, for example.

In addition, you can rearrange the pages of a file, add or remove password protection to a document, and even add a watermark to protect your copyright on a work.

To learn more, access the PDFCandy website through the link.

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4. PDF to DOC

Another of the best PDF to Word converters in 2020 that works only by browser, PDF to DOC also allows you to convert files to other formats, such as the notepad's own .txt. In addition, you can also convert a PDF to an image and vice versa.

In addition to conversions, PDF to DOC also allows you to compress PDFs so that they take up less space on your thumb drive, merge several PDF files into one and extract compressed PDFs.

It is also worth mentioning that PDF to DOC also goes the other way, converting Word, Excel files, note-taking apps and images to PDF.

Click on the link to access the PDF to Doc.

5. PDF to Word

Closing the list is PDF to Word. Like the first converters, it also has a PC version, but still allows you to use it only through the browser.

Working a little differently, it brings the convenience of sending conversions to your email address, allowing you to have them stored somewhere other than your PC. In addition to the text editor, PDF to Word also makes it possible to convert PDFs to Excel and PowerPoint.

On the other hand, the software is limited to conversions, not counting with other features present in other apps, such as compression, division or merging of files.

However, if you need simplicity, you can start using PDF to Word by accessing the link.

pdf to word

Best PDF to Word Converters in 2020 – Which is the Best?

Now that you've seen some of the best alternatives, tell us: which one seemed ideal for you? Comment with us right now!

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