5 Best Sites To Download Free Music In Mp3

Having an offline collection of music that you like is always a good idea, since it is always possible that your internet goes down for some reason (or if you don't want to spend your data plan listening to music). To achieve this, it is recommended to use some sites to download free mp3 music.

Read on to find out which are the best and when they are recommended, starting to download right now!

1. Jamendo

Let's start our recommendations with one of the most popular platforms for anyone who wants to download music online of any style, being particularly used by smaller, independent artists, so that it is unlikely to find more famous artists.

You can download all the content found on the site with ease, finding really good music for your own use. However, in order for you to be able to use the mp3s downloaded in videos or for commercial uses, however, you must pay a fee.

It is really the perfect site for those who like to listen to indie songs and covers of famous songs, being available in several languages ​​for anyone to use.

In addition, you can find radio stations and playlists with frequent updates to discover and explore new music to enjoy. Just follow the link to go to the official website, see more and have even more songs offline!

Jamendo sites to download free music mp3

2. Free Music Archive

Not so well known, Free Music Archive is an excellent option for you to download free music. All the songs you find in it do not have royalties, so they can be downloaded and used in videos, projects and commercial use without having to pay anything.

Of course, what you find is not going to come from such big artists or very well-known songs (but remember, that doesn't make the quality not compare!).

It is possible to find any musical style desired, with songs produced by its many users. In addition, you can connect with other users who also want to use the site to download free music in mp3, create and share mixes and even create a personal blog.

It is very easy to use: just go to the official website and, at the top of the page, search for what you want. You can use many filters, such as genres, curators, licenses and more. Check out our complete guide on how to download free music from the Free Music Archive!

3. SoundCloud

Probably the best known site on our list, SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for anyone who wants to upload and listen to music offline or on the internet, especially if they are from independent artists. But, still many famous and renowned artists make use of this platform.

Much of the content is exclusive for streaming (online), but it is possible to easily find a large selection of songs of the most varied styles to download, making it one of the best applications to download free music.

In addition, many novice artists make use of it, which gives them the chance to become better known with ease, while also allowing you to be always ahead of the new fashions.

It is very easy to use the site, requiring only that you create an account to have access to everything it offers. To download music online, just click on the download icon. See more about the site and start using it through the link!

SoundCloud sites to download free music mp3

4. Last.fm

Another famous option among the sites to download free mp3 music, Last.fm allows users to download music online from a rather large collection to listen without spending their data package. However, what you can actually download is quite limited.

It also functions as an online radio, through which it is possible to listen to the entire collection through free streaming, making it one of the best alternatives to Spotify.

Just visit the website to download the songs, without even having to create an account. Just click on the download icon, if available. If you don't find it, it means that the track cannot be downloaded.

Access through this link the list of all free songs to download, or through this link the home page!

5. Musopen.org

To close our list of sites to download free music in mp3, we have Musopen.org, an excellent option for those who like classical and orchestral music. The platform was founded in 2005 in California and is a non-profit organization.

The site finances recordings of classical songs that are always published free of charge. This financing is provided through a collective cash withdrawal. The library offered is really big, in the public domain!

It operates on a model known as “freemium”, where you have access to much of what they offer for free, but certain things, such as downloading in HD, are blocked behind a paid plan. To start using the website, follow the link.

Musopen.org sites to download free music in mp3

Did you like the list of the best sites to download free music in mp3?

Leave in the comments if you already knew all the options we included, if you already used them and if you prefer any other. Don't forget to also check out how to download free music on YouTube, the best apps for identifying music by sound and learn to see the lyrics on Spotify!

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