5 best sites to download music for free

If you want to listen to songs offline on your device, it's a good idea to visit the best sites to download music for free. Many of them offer their entire catalog, others give you access to only part and still others are focused on independent artists.

To see our complete list, read on and prepare your favorite app to listen to music offline!

1. SoundCloud

The first of the best sites to download music online is SoundCloud, it is also one of the best known. It essentially works as a free streaming service, but it offers a lot of downloadable content without charging you for it.

The availability of the songs will depend a lot on the artists and their contracts with labels, which often prohibit them from making them available for free download. On the other hand, there is no lack of quality covers.

A negative point of this platform is the lack of a section where you can find all the free songs, forcing the user to search for them in depth, on their own.

To officially download from SoundCloud, log in to the platform and go to the song you want to download. Then, in the "More", you will find the "Download file". If the button is not there, the track in question cannot be downloaded.

Fortunately, there are several services that allow you to download any file on SoundCloud, even if they are not authorized by the platform. Most applications for downloading music and videos from YouTube also work for this, but if you want a specialized website, you can use the S Cloud Downloader.

Using the unofficial medium, just go to any of the best sites to download music from SoundCloud, paste the link of the desired track in the bar and click the button “Download.


2. Jamendo Music

Another of the best sites to download music online is Jamendo Music, which allows you to download all the content found on the site. In it, you will find the best songs, which can be downloaded for free for your own use.

It is a place where you can download free music, created by independent artists who do not mind the download for their own use by users. So, if you're after big artists like Drake or Selena Gomez, this is the wrong place.

In short, it is where those who want to explore new music, with radio stations and playlists that receive frequent updates. With it, you can create a large collection of offline music to listen to whenever you want on your device, whatever it is.

Now, if what you want is music for videos, commercials or movies, you need to pay a fair and accessible value to the platform, choosing from all they offer. To use this site, follow the link!

3. ReverbNation

One of the best sites to download music is ReverbNation, where you can find millions of artists of any musical genre you want. Through it, you can find what you like and download the songs for free, since most of them are available.

It works in a very similar way to SoundCloud, allowing the streaming of the songs you want, but needing to check if you can download, song by song.

In addition, it also does not have a dedicated download section, which makes the search more complicated. However, it is possible to work around this limitation by going to the search page and selecting “Free MP3s Required”. To make it easier, just follow this link to be able to download music online!

In it, you can find many of the greatest artists, such as Imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars, but they only allow streaming. It was through this platform that they started, and gained great popularity precisely because of the accessibility of the content.

ReverbNation best sites to download music

4. SoundClick

SoundClick could not be left out of our selection of the best sites to download music. In it, you find downloads of thousands of artists of all types, whether with recorders or without, independent and everything.

In short, if the artist wants to offer free music, SoundClick will do its best to offer it. The search section is quite complete, however simple. You can search by artist or genre, and you will find millions of songs in total.

Not everything offered, however, is free, as many artists choose to charge so that users can download. You also won't find complete catalogs of great artists, like Drake; for that, it is necessary to use one of the best music streaming services.

To use SoundClick and start downloading music, follow the link!

5. Bandcamp

The last of the best sites to download music is Bandcamp, a place that also serves to discover news. It is a platform widely used by independent artists to publicize their creations.

Many of the artists make everything available for free, but many also charge payment for the download. To download the songs, just follow the artist's page and, in the “Name your price”, enter the amount you want to pay, remembering that zero is valid.

Each artist has their own personalized page, which makes it very attractive for dissemination. Follow the link to learn more about Bandcamp!

bandcamp best sites to download music

So, what did you think of the best sites to download music?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the platforms we include, saying which one is your favorite, or if you think we forgot any.

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