5 coronavirus YouTube channels to learn

Seeking information is important, but nowadays it is necessary to be careful, especially in YouTube channels about coronavirus. There is no lack of fake news and misinformation, which can cause you to take the wrong attitude and end up putting yourself at risk. At times, it may seem better to even access other video sites besides YouTube. But there are coronavirus YouTube channels that are reliable.

With the high likelihood of contagion, any wrong information can make you a target for COVID-19. It is essential to fight fake news on the subject.

On the other hand, there are coronavirus YouTube channels that have this responsibility and commitment to answer questions and provide correct and verified information. That is, you can watch your content without worrying about absorbing false information.

That said, check out the top 5 coronavirus YouTube channels below that you can follow and learn more about how to fight COVID-19!

Tip: have you found a channel distributing fake news about the corona? Then learn in this article to report fake news!

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1. Ministry of Health

The first among coronavirus YouTube channels to go to get updates on the situation of COVID-19 in Brazil is the Ministry of Health's own channel. In doubt whether a content is fake news or not? This is the channel where you should go to check if the information you received is true or false.

The channel is having daily live broadcasts to inform citizens about COVID-19, in addition to having already published several videos with information on how to protect itself. There is also content teaching you how to proceed if you are experiencing symptoms of the disease.

So, check out the video below, see what has already been published about the coronavirus and stay tuned for news on the Ministry of Health's YouTube channel!

2. Attila Iamarino

Doctor of virology, the Attila channel can be considered the main reference in relation to the effects of coronavirus on society. Also demystifying and taking down fake news, it is certainly one of the main YouTube channels on coronavirus.

Your YouTube also shows how we should behave in relation to this crisis, including teaching preventive and safety measures to contain its spread.

In addition to showing the impact of the coronavirus, Átila Iamarino has also been making daily lives on his channel with updates on the advancement of COVID-19 in Brazil and worldwide.

Check out one of his videos below and be sure to check out his channel!

3. Dráuzio Varella

Probably the best known doctor in the country, Dr. Dráuzio Varella has a channel with his own name to talk about public health. The goal is to demystify myths and talk about taboos on health in society, which it already does on TV programs.

With the arrival of the coronavirus in the country, the doctor has been dedicated to publishing more content about COVID-19.

In the videos, he comments to about 2 million subscribers on YouTube about how the virus will affect our routine and also provides a comprehensive guide on how and when to seek care to fight the coronavirus.

The doctor also broadcasts live, answering questions and debunking false information that is disseminated about the disease.

4. Casa do Saber

With the participation of several scientists and renowned people in their fields, Casa do Saber is a project that is also facing the coronavirus. In its content on COVID-19, the channel invited a neurologist who taught methods of preventing and coping with the disease.

One of the highlights of the Casa do Saber content is the transparency with which it addresses each published video. In the description, it is possible to find all the references and research used in its elaboration, so that you can make your own check.

Therefore, Casa do Saber is also a good indication among coronavirus YouTube channels.

5. Pirulla Channel

A blog focused on science, religion and evolution, the Pirulla channel is also helping to combat false and unsupported scientific information about the coronavirus. In its content, Pirulla provides tips on prevention and what to do if you have symptoms of the virus.

Your channel also has a group on Telegram, with updates on the current state of the virus. Check out the video below to learn more about the coronavirus and follow Pirulla's content to keep up to date on the progress of COVID-19.

Access these coronavirus YouTube channels!

At this point, it is extremely important to avoid getting information forwarded by messaging apps, unless they come from official channels.

That is, avoid getting informed by WhatsApp groups and look for official or expert sources, as we have shown throughout this article with the main YouTube channels on coronavirus.

All the authors of the channels mentioned here are committed to seeking concrete and scientifically based information. That is, they are not just curious who decided to talk about the coronavirus because it is "in fashion" and can be a good shortcut to make money on YouTube.

Spoiler: it is not. Google is demonetizing or even dropping videos with information that appears to be false about the virus.

Do you want to continue to learn more about COVID-19 and avoid falling into fake news? Then also see our articles with the best coronavirus apps or websites!

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