5 platforms to study without leaving home in quarantine

The coronavirus quarantine has certainly brought you many different difficulties. In addition to the serious health risk that the current state of the planet represents, Covid-19 can cause financial losses or force you to have a new routine mixing professional and home work simultaneously, especially those who have children. Whether for you or for them, having platforms to study without leaving your home is essential.

After all, studying and learning new things is a good way to gain skills to take advantage of opportunities to work from home and make money on the internet. Maybe the quarantine doesn't end up showing you a new and profitable career?

So, see below some of the best platforms to study without leaving home!

1. Youtube

Want to learn about a new subject? So YouTube is likely to have the answers you need. The largest video platform in the world has a huge catalog for any subject you are looking to learn.

That's why it is our first choice of platforms to study without leaving home. Whether to learn the basic principles of Yoga or Portuguese rules to correct texts, it is likely that someone on YouTube is talking about it.

To record the lessons and access them even outside the internet, copy the address of a video you liked on the platform and install YouTube By Click through the link to get this content and keep it saved on your computer.

2. Udemy

Another well-known platform for studying without leaving home, Udemy also features one of the largest online class catalogs. You can study about almost anything, as online courses on any subject can be published there.

In addition, you can also learn how to create a course and sell it through Udemy. This also means that, unlike YouTube, courses on Udemy are paid for.

Still, it is worth knowing the platform through the link, as often the prices of courses fall dramatically, with many costing less than R $ 50.

On the other hand, if you were interested in producing an online course, then be sure to check out this complete guide on how to make extra income on Udemy!

udemy is the best known among the platforms to study

3. Duolingo

Unlike the two platforms for studying without leaving home mentioned above, Duoling is perfect for those who want to learn languages ​​during quarantine.

With about six languages ​​- in addition to Portuguese itself – the platform teaches in an easy and practical way, using gamification techniques in its teaching.

What does that mean?

That lessons, exercises and tests are shown and given as if you were playing a game. That is, the more you play and improve, the more you get points and rewards.

Duolingo serves both beginners who are learning their first words and people with advanced knowledge, who are looking for a way to fix what they have already learned. Click on the link to access Duolingo.

learn languages ​​without leaving home with duolingo

4. Coursera

With a proposal similar to that of Udemy, Coursera differentiates itself by bringing free courses or classes from renowned universities. For classes in English, the platform provides subtitles, offering greater inclusion for those who do not have the language as a second language.

Coursera also has a broad portfolio of online courses, including subjects such as data science, law and business, among many others. Some of the platform's free courses even allow the issuance of certificates.

Click the link to start exploring Coursera!

see coursera online courses

5. Owl

The last of the platforms to study without leaving home in quarantine is Corujito. Unlike Duoling and the other sites shown throughout the article, this platform is not for online courses.

In fact, Corujito is a good option for those who like to learn exclusively. That is, with a private teacher.

As the coronavirus does not allow these teachers to visit in person, you may well choose someone to teach you through online meetings. The platform connects students to teachers of different subjects, just by searching for a specialist teacher in a given subject and checking the results.

From there, just set the prices and schedule the time to start studying without leaving home. Click on the link to meet Corujito right now!

platforms to study owl

How do you usually study online?

Was anyone already used to studying without leaving home even before quarantine? How has your routine been these past few months?

In addition to online courses or classes, consuming cultural content can be a good idea, especially books, which take a long time to read and are a guaranteed distraction.

Best of all, even if you don't like to read, you can follow the stories of these works through audiobooks.

Now that you know the best platforms to study without leaving home, comment with us: what is your favorite? Was any of this article missing? Tell us!

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