5 sites to download free music of all styles

For those who have a more eclectic taste in music, it is always good to have a website where you can download free music of all styles. But we know that it can be difficult to find just one site with enough variety at times. Therefore, we have separated some of the main ones where you find several different genres.

This even includes instrumental songs and songs without copyright. If you are curious to know which are the best sites to download free music of all styles, just check out our list below!

1. Soundcloud

download free music of all styles

You can't make a list of sites to download free music of all styles without mentioning Soundcloud. This is one of the most popular platforms on our list and is often used by both novice artists and veteran musicians.

They themselves decide whether their songs can be downloaded for free. So it is easy to find all kinds of things at no cost there. Even what cannot be downloaded can be heard for free, which is already a good benefit.

We even have a tutorial teaching you how to download music from Soundcloud if you need to. You can check out more about the site through the link.

2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is our next suggestion for downloading music online. Like Soundcloud, the musicians themselves put their songs on the platform and can make them available for download.

The cool thing is that each artist has a personalized section on the website, which makes the experience more enjoyable. Like the others, you can also receive song suggestions based on your interests. Click on the link to check the site.

3. Free Music Archive

download free music of all fma styles

Another very interesting option that you can try is the Free Music Archive. We always recommend this platform when it comes to finding or downloading free music.

Through the website, it is possible to find tracks of all styles you can imagine. Other than that, it is very easy to find music without copyright, something perfect for those who want to use them in videos or other types of projects.

The cool thing is that we also have a very complete tutorial on how to download music online through the website. You can check it out for yourself at the following link.

4. SoundClick

SoundClick also serves as an alternative when downloading music online. On this platform, it is really possible to find and download free music of all styles, whether from independent or better known artists.

You can search for artists, albums, songs, genres, etc. It is worth mentioning that there is a lot of paid content there as well, so it is good to be aware before making your downloads.

The website interface is also very beautiful and easy to use, which is great for anyone who wants to take their music offline. Check out more through the link.

5. Jamendo Music

download free music of all styles jamendo

To end our list, we bring Jamendo Music as one of the best sites to download free music of all styles. It is also much more used by independent artists, so you are unlikely to find very famous musicians there.

But of course that doesn't mean that there is no good quality music there, as it doesn't just depend on fame. The cool thing is that in addition to listening to or downloading music, you can find very interesting radio stations and playlists on the platform. You can check out more on the official website.

Did you like the sites to download free music of all styles?

Did you take advantage of our list to see some of the best sites to download free music of all styles? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions.

Also don't forget to tell if there are other platforms to download and take your music offline that you would like to see here.

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