5 sites to download free music safely

Who likes to listen to music always wants to be able to increase their collection. To help you with this task, we have selected the best sites to download free music legally and safely.

Keep reading our article and check out each of the alternatives available on the internet!

1. SoundCloud

We started our selection with SoundCloud, which is certainly one of the best alternatives for anyone who wants to download music online. It is one of the largest and most well-known platforms for sharing music in existence, being used by even many famous artists.

In general, the content is exclusive for streaming online, but it is possible to find a very large selection of songs of any style you want to download, which makes it one of the best apps to download free music.

It is also widely used by novice artists, providing a possibility for them to become better known and for you to discover great new music to listen to.

The website is really easy to use, you just need to create an account to have access to all its content. To download the songs, just click on the very clear download icon.

It has a very complete website, which can be accessed at the link, in addition to versions for smartphones, be they Android or iPhones, in the Play Store and in the App Store. Start using it right now and get access to many songs offline!

SoundCloud download free music safely

2. Free Music Archive (FMA)

Another excellent option to download free music safely is using the Free Music Archive. In essence, it is a gigantic, completely interactive music library that offers free download so that its users can listen to music offline with ease.

It was founded in 2009 by the radio station WFMU, managed by the curators who choose and upload all the music found there. There are radio stations, artist collectives, concert organizers and some other categories that are responsible for this.

There, you can create an account, make profiles and chat with other listeners. You can create and share mixes of FMA music and even write posts on your personal blogs. In addition, it is possible to favor artists or even make a donation to them through the website!

All music on the site is free, but what you can do with it varies depending on your license. Start using FMA, one of the best sites to download free and fast music, through the link.

3. Bandcamp

Widely used by novice and independent artists, Bandcamp is one of the best sites to download music for free. It is really abundant on albums and tracks released for free, but not everything is like that. Much of the content is blocked by a donation request for artists.

It is probably the best platform for independent artists, as it allows them to actually make money from their music online, unlike many of the existing alternatives.

Each artist page you visit is created and curated by the musicians themselves, being really interesting to use and see their preferences. It offers you suggestions of what to listen to next, based on what you've been hearing.

It was founded in 2007 and has been growing ever since. It is completely supported by fans, being used by millions of users, hundreds of thousands of artists and more than 3000 record labels!

To start downloading free music, follow the link to the official website. You can also install the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Bandcamp download free music safely

4. Jamendo

Anyone who wants to download free music of all styles will certainly like Jamendo, which has more than 500,000 tracks by more than 40,000 artists distributed in more than 150 countries. It has a large number of independent and talented artists and is available in 7 different languages.

The entire collection is completely copyright-free, allowing you to download music online for free and safely at will. If you really like Brazilian artists, or want to help fellow musicians, you can find a large number of them on the website.

If you're an artist, just create an account to share everything you've created. It is really ideal for those who like indie artists and covers.

It aims to be a platform for independent artists who want to easily share their music with international audiences. In addition, it helps breeders to earn money using licensing for commercial use, which also serves to increase their exposure.

See more about him through the link on the official website. You can also download the app from the Play Store or the App Store

5. Musopen.org

Finally, we have Musopen.org as an alternative for those who want to download music online. It is a collection of classical music and extremely complete orchestras, which was founded in 2005 in California.

All content is in the public domain, allowing you to have access to everything. In addition, they finance recordings of classical music, always published on the website, by collecting collective money.

It is not completely free, however, having paid plans so that you can download some songs that are blocked by default, in addition to downloading everything in HD quality. To start using and downloading free music, just follow the link!

Musopen.org download free music safely

So, what did you think of our guide on how to download free music safely?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the sites we include saying if you already knew them and if you prefer any other. Don't forget to also check out our selection of the best music players and the best apps to get your music figures!

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