5 sites to monitor Coronavirus to prevent

Although there are only 151 confirmed cases in Brazil (on 03/13/2020), it is inevitable that the number of infected people will increase in the coming days. It is worth considering that the onset of symptoms takes 2 to 14 days to appear, so it is likely that the numbers will increase before decreasing. That is why having some sites on hand to monitor the coronavirus is important.

The virus is highly contagious, though not lethal. Still, it is important to note that contagion in the elderly and people with low immunity can prove fatal, so it is also crucial to take care not only to avoid infection, but also to infect your loved ones.

Another similar danger is the spread of fake news, with unnecessary information and alarmism in relation to COVID-19.

Although staying alert is necessary in unprecedented situations like this, it is important not to panic and to prevent the increase in future cases.

In addition, seeking information from reliable sources is also essential to know how to prevent and fight the virus, if necessary.

To help you with this task, we have put together some sites to monitor the coronavirus. In them, you will find prevention information, updates on its spread in the country and the world and what to do if you are suspicious of the disease.

So, stay with us for the next few paragraphs and save these sites to your favorites!

1. Coronavirus.app

This is the official website for monitoring the situation of Coronavirus in the world. Through it, it is possible to know the number of infected, dead and cured of the disease. In addition, it is possible to monitor local statistics and the progress of infections, including on Brazil and Portugal.

The website is in English, but most of its information is visual, as you can see in the screenshot below. Click the link to check the site for free.

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2. Saúde.gov

The Ministry of Health website is the place to go for official information and notifications about the progress of the disease in Brazil. In addition to updated information, the site provides recommendations on how to prevent and what to do if you are showing symptoms of the disease.

With the imminent risk of the disease, it is common for the site to fall due to the high number of access attempts. So don't be surprised if an error message appears on your browser.

Click on the link to access the Ministry of Health portal. If you are unable to access it, try again another time or check out the other sites below.

3. Fiocruz Portal

One of the most traditional healthcare institutions, the Fiocruz Portal is also a source of reliable information about the new coronavirus. On the website, you can check tips for personal or community prevention, such as in work environments. and have access to the contingency plan recently developed by the institution.

In addition, the institution recently published a contingency plan for the pandemic that we are going through in early 2020. You can also find videos and articles with everything you need to know about COVID-19.

Access the link to be well informed about the epidemic and how to protect yourself from the disease.

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The sites for monitoring the coronavirus at Brazilian Federal Universities are also reliable for consulting information. Especially UFRJ's. The federal university in Rio has updated its pages to include information on preventing the disease.

Among the texts published so far, an explanation of what a pandemic is, the schedule for the suspension of classes at the university and its own contingency guidelines against the virus.

Click on the link to access UFRJ's special page on coronavirus.

5. DGS

The website of the General Directorate of Health – the Portuguese equivalent to the Ministry of Health – also provides information on the coronavirus, if you are a resident of the country.

In it, you can get information about how contagion is affecting Portugal. You can also find prevention tips and procedures if you believe you have the symptoms of the disease.

The page also provides guidance to health professionals on how to proceed when receiving patients who claim to have coronavirus symptoms. Access the page to learn about COVID-19

Beware of false information and take care!

WhatsApp groups are not reliable sources for learning about the coronavirus. The chances of hitting false news and spreading misinformation are high. Avoiding fake news is important, but also be sure to report it if you come across one. To learn how to report, check out this article.

Finally, we will list below some recommendations, which we found on the websites to accompany the coronavirus that we mentioned throughout this article:

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially as soon as you get home;
  • Do not frequent places clusters;
  • Avoid leaving the house in general, only in unavoidable situations;
  • Sanitize frequently used devices, such as your smartphone;
  • Do not buy masks if you are not showing symptoms. These resources are limited;
  • Do not panic. The situation is alert and it is important to pay attention, but panic does not help anyone. 🙂

Stay with us for a few more minutes and also see the coronavirus apps!

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