5 Tips to Gain Instagram Followers and Increase Engagement

It's no secret that high engagement is the key to gaining followers on Instagram. That's why, in a universe where several brands and influencers compete for attention, it's important create efficient strategies to ensure a good number of interactions and stand out.

That's the way to earn your place on Instagram's Explore page, where it's not just possible increase your engagement and visibility, but also gain new followers. A good initial debut might be to buy authentic likes left by real users on impulsegram.com, a completely safe and reliable company. Then, just put the other steps of your strategy into practice to keep growing.

And if you don't have anything traced yet, you don't need to worry. Below we list six ways to increase your engagement in a completely organic way.

1. Take care of your bio, published content and aesthetics of your feed

gain followers on instagram tips

Let's start at the beginning. It's needed write a standout bio and really be able to show what your brand stands for.

Then focus on the content you are publishing. It is necessary create something unique and that will resonate with your target audience. There is no better way to guarantee organic likes than betting on quality content.

Another essential point is build a visual identity that can reflect your brand's personality and make your feed more attractive.

Before following your account, any visitor will check your page. This is a fact. Therefore, it is necessary ensure they are attracted to your profile., which includes the visual aspect.

2. Buy services for Instagram

Here's a secret for anyone who wants to grow on Instagram: it is possible to buy the interactions to make this happen.

Buying services for Instagram like likes, comments and followers can help you start that journey to success and make it all happen much faster. Here are the reasons for this:

  • A large number of followers will certainly make your profile stand out and more people want to follow you.
  • A large amount of likes can bring you to the Explore page, bringing other likes and followers completely organically.
  • Nobody wants to be the first person to like a post. Therefore, having a high number of likes ensures that as many people as possible will interact with your publication.

The only care required when purchasing these services is make sure you're buying authentic interactions, performed by real users. Reject companies that work with bots or request your private information, such as your Instagram password.

3. Focus on subtitles and hashtags

gain tutorial followers

Subtitles may not even be a visual aspect, yet it is important to take the time to build subtitles that stimulate your followers and double-click on the screen.

Furthermore, hashtags can also attract a veritable flood of likes and followers.. Find the most interesting hashtags for your niche and target audience, a task that can be done with the help of following apps, and increase your visibility quickly.

We recommend that you use between 8 and 10 hashtags per post. We know Instagram allows for more than that, but remember that quality is always better than quantity.

4. Stories are the secret to success

If you want your audience not to forget about you, stories are the best way to ensure your visibility.

That's because by publishing stores frequently, you'll be establishing a closer bond with your audience while allowing them to continue to engage with your content. Even because the first thing any Instagram user does when opening the application is to view the stories.

It is possible to use filters and stickers to make things lighter and more fun. Furthermore, create your own filters and suggesting that your followers use them is also a possibility, being another strategy to increase your visibility.

5. Conduct sweepstakes and use user-generated content

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Everyone loves to get free stuff, so, sweepstakes are always an effective way to increase your engagement and gain followers on Instagram.

To ensure these interactions, just establish some rules like asking your followers to share the promotion post in the story or tag a friend. This will help increase your number of likes and comments.

In addition, it is also possible Leverage user-generated content about your brand. These are posts made by customers of your business on your own profile featuring some of the products or services you offer.

That way, new user traffic is directed to your profile and you can even share what was posted.

  1. Analyze the statistics offered by Instagram

Since you're working to achieve the best possible results, it's only fair to always keep an eye on your page stats and watch your growth closely.

And this is possible thanks to Instagram Insights, which can be very useful for increasing your engagement for two main reasons:

  • Allows you to analyze your content and see what results in the most interactions.
  • Allows you to discover the best times to post to Instagram, as it displays the time when your followers are online.

Did you like the tips to gain followers?

When creating any content for Instagram, it is essential that you stay connected to your audience.. Good strategies can make you gain followers on Instagram, but you also need to get them to interact with you all the time.

Make them feel valued and trust what you have to offer. This is the best way to stand out, gain followers on Instagram and get where you want to go.

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