5 types of polls to use with your audience on Instagram

You can't deny that Instagram is one of the best social networks today. Whether for those who want to use it in a personal or professional way. But one question that many people have is how to make their Instagram followers engage more with their content and with their profile in general. It is always thinking about making good posts for Instagram, but what can help you most are different types of polls that can make your audience even more interested.

Of course, a lot of people still don't really know which questions to ask on Instagram Stories, but that's what we can help you with. We have separated some of the best types of polls to make everyone more engaged with your posts and also to help you gain followers on Instagram. Check everything in detail below!

1. Open questions

types of polls on Instagram

To start, there is no failing to mention one of the most common types of polls you can find on Instagram. Open questions are questions that you take a moment to allow your followers to ask whatever they want.

For anyone offering a product, service or other type of work, this can be very beneficial. It's a great way for your audience to ask questions, get to know you better and get a better sense of how you do your work.

The answers can all go in your stories, which already guarantees extra engagement. After all, everyone is curious to know what questions have been answered.

The cool thing is that you can answer them with a short text or even video. It depends a lot on what type of content you usually post, since it makes more sense to keep everything in the same visual identity as always.

2. Closed questions

Taking advantage of the tip of poll types with open questions, it is worth talking about closed questions as well. These questions work even simpler and are easier to manage.

Just open your stories, ask your audience a specific question and answer options. Your followers will see the question and will be able to click on one of the answers you created for them.

So, when you think enough people have responded (and before the story is gone), just make a new story or post commenting on the subject. It's a good way for your audience to interact with you and your profile without taking too much time.

3. Tips

polls on stories

Another cool tip is to take surveys asking about a topic that your followers want tips. Then, you create two subjects and ask which one your followers want to know more about.

They can vote and at the end you give the result for the stories or in a post for that. Hence, just give the tips on that subject that has been chosen by the public.

This can also bring engagement to your profile and can make followers more interested in your tips. Our only recommendation is that you always offer subjects that have to do with what you post on Instagram.

4. Feedback

For those who use Instagram to expose their products or services, it can be cool to do feedback polls. What you can do is ask your followers what they thought of such a product, a feature, the launch, etc.

This is not only a good opportunity to engage with your audience, but it is one of the best types of surveys to receive constructive suggestions and criticisms. Always remember not to bounce comments, as this can affect your image negatively.

5. Followers' opinions

poll type tips

Another very cool type of poll to do on Instagram is one that takes the opinion of your followers. You can do this based on what you usually post or offer to your audience.

Let's say you sell a product that can be purchased in different ways. In this case, you can simply ask which of the two types is preferred by the majority of the public.

So you can even have a legal notion of what draws the most attention and works with those who follow you. This lets you think about how to make more similar products or services in the future, for example.

Did you like the types of polls?

Did you take advantage of our suggestions to find out more about what types of polls you can do on your Instagram? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and what other polls you think should have appeared on the list!

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