5 websites to buy medical and hygiene products in quarantine

The main recommendation that we must follow since the arrival of the coronavirus in Brazil is to stay at home, quarantined. But what to do when it is necessary to purchase basic supplies, such as hygiene products or medicines? The answer is quite simple: find websites to buy medical and hygiene products that deliver to your door!

Typically, they work like any normal online store. If you own a pharmacy, nothing prevents you from learning how to create a sales website and also deliver medicines and hygiene products to a new range of customers.

As this is a subject for another article, we will show below only the sites to buy medical and hygiene products you need for your home during quarantine. Check out the following pages!

1. Farmagora

Combining the words "Farma" and "Agora", this page sells everything you can find in the pharmacy on your street. To do this, just register and choose the products you need.

Farmagora sells medicines, first aid items such as band-aids, gauze and antiseptic sprays, in addition to basic equipment such as pressure gauges, masks and facial protectors, which are especially effective in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The same can be said of hygiene products. Cotton swabs, shampoo, soaps and any basic hygiene item can be found on these websites to purchase medical products.

Evaluate prices and find out if Farmagora is the ideal online pharmacy for you by accessing the link.

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2. Farmadelivery

With a proposal similar to Farmagora, Farmadelivery is a fully online pharmacy, also offering the possibility to buy medicines and hygiene products to receive at home.

It is worth considering that the company offers delivery throughout the country, making it easier to buy medicines, medical equipment or hygiene and perfumery products. Another important factor to remember is that Farmadelivery has digital protection certificates, indicating the security of its website, in addition to excellent qualifications in evaluations of virtual stores.

See if Farmadelivery is the best among sites to buy medical products by clicking on the link.

3. Ultrafarma

Perhaps the most well-known service among websites for buying medical products, Ultrafarma also offers deliveries across the country. In your inventory, we can purchase medicines, equipment and basic medical products and hygiene and perfumery items.

It is worth mentioning that the page offers daily promotions and discounts. If you regularly purchase medicines, it may be interesting to keep an eye on Ultrafarma's offers to buy what you need with more discount.

The company pages and the online shopping environment are easy to use and have digital security certificates, making it reliable to create a register. Ultrafarma also offers telephone service and online chat, making it easier to buy what you need during quarantine.

Click on the link to start using Ultrafarma.

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4. Damn Ray

A large chain of retail pharmacies, Droga Raia also has an online arm to serve its customers. Like other sites for buying medical products, the inventory available at Droga Raia covers most of the necessary medicine and hygiene product needs.

Also with an excellent rating on sites like eBit, Droga Raia sells on its website, but also through its app for Android smartphones or iPhone. In addition, you can buy the products to pick up at the store, avoiding shipping costs if you live near a unit in the pharmacy chain.

If that is the case, however, make sure you are buying everything you really need to not break the quarantine.

Visit the Droga Raia page to learn more!

5. Pacheco Drugstores

Another website of a large chain of pharmacies, Dracharias Pacheco also has an online environment to buy medicines and personal hygiene products, essential to deal with the coronavirus.

On the website, you can also buy through telesales and use almost any type of payment method, such as boleto and the different credit card brands available.

Pacheco Drugstores also have a mobile application for Android and iPhone. In addition, you can also do your shopping on the website to pick up at a store near your home.

Click on the link to visit the Dracharias Pacheco website!

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Stay at home to fight Covid-19!

Using these sites to buy medical products is one of the best ways to fight this pandemic, without breaking the quarantine it imposes on us.

So stay tuned for AppTuts' tips and stay with us to learn how to deal with boredom in quarantine!

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