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5G on iPhone 12: What's new?

5G on iPhone 12: What's new?

Although the iPhone 12 was not so innovative in its features, there is an aspect that was very welcome. The arrival of 5G on the iPhone 12 was a mix of surprise and relief. After all, even though it is expected that premium smartphones start to launch with 5G support from now on, Apple has always been slow to adopt such recent technologies.

But after all, what does it mean to have 5G support on the iPhone 12 and what changes with this technology? To learn more about the subject, just check out the complete guide we prepared below!

5G on iPhone 12

worth having 5G

As we mentioned, not many people expected to see 5G already on the iPhone 12. This is because in addition to Apple taking time to adhere to these technologies, you cannot say that it is easy to use 5G today.

We say this because it is still difficult to find a place where the network really works. And we're not just talking about Brazil, since in the United States, there are very few places that support 5G.

There is still the problem that not all places with access to 5G offer the promised technology to be faster than Wi-Fi. In many places, the 5G offered is still only 20% faster than 4G.

As if that weren't enough, most iPhone apps are also not capable of using 5G correctly. In large download situations, for example, there are many apps that require the use of Wi-Fi instead of 5G on the iPhone 12, even though the new technology is faster.

What changes with 5G

We’ve already talked a lot about 5G on the iPhone 12, but it’s worth digging deeper into what changes with this new technology. Well, as the name makes clear, this is the natural evolution of 4G, but what it has to offer is extremely more advanced.

This new generation of mobile network promises much higher speeds, a more stable internet and a much broader coverage than the previous ones. To get a sense, it will be possible that up to 1 million devices can connect per square meter.

Other than that, speed ends up being the biggest highlight. While 4G can reach 45 Mbps, it is estimated that 5G easily exceeds the speed of 1 Gbps. And that's not the limit, as experts expect speeds to range from 10 to 50 Gbps in the future.

That's why we mentioned before that it can be much faster than the Wi-Fi we currently have.

Is it necessary to have a smartphone with 5G now?

5g on iphone 12 is worth it

With all this in mind, the question remains whether it is really necessary to have 5G on the iPhone 12 today. In tests in the USA, many journalists reported the difficulty in using the network constantly due to the little support that exists at the moment.

And of course this is true for any cell phone and most countries, including Brazil. In general, you can say that it is not a good idea to buy a 5G phone now if you are going to pay more for it and are planning to change handsets in the next 3 or 4 years.

It is quite possible that you will really only be using 5G in the future, so keep that in mind. Of course, if you were going to buy the device regardless of that, the 5G on the iPhone 12 turns out to be just an interesting bonus.

Did you like the guide?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn more about 5G on the iPhone 12? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of this news and if you plan to purchase a phone with 5G soon or if you will wait a few more years.

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