6 best apps to download free music

Whoever likes to listen to music always wants to have their collection in the palm of their hand, saved in the memory of their smartphone. To make this possible, we have selected some of the best apps to download free music.

If you want to download your favorite songs with ease, keep reading our article, where we will explain each of the chosen apps!

1. Stage MP3

The first of the apps to download free music is the MP3 Stage, an ideal app for those who like Brazilian music, from the most varied genres and musical styles.

Through it, you can download the entire collection, which totals more than 1 million songs produced by more than 100 thousand different artists, completely free to listen to music offline on your smartphone.

It is also possible to create playlists with all the songs you like best, from your favorite artists. If you prefer suggestions, the app also has them, with playlists created by experts.

If you are an artist, you can also send your creations to integrate the collection. Finally, you will find several radio stations online, where you can listen to your favorite style. To download this app, follow the link to the official website, the Play Store or the App Store.

Stage mp3

2. Akazoo Music

If you want to listen to music offline, Akazoo is one of the best apps for downloading free music. With it, you can find all your favorite songs on the internet, and you can listen to them through your smartphone.

In it, you can easily find new artists and songs, and you can also stream them if you prefer not to download music online.

In addition, it also has a premium plan in which you can download absolutely all of the millions of songs offered, of the most varied styles. Check it out on the official website or download it for Android!

3. 8tracks apps to download free music

8tracks works more like a community of users who share music more than anything. Through this, among the applications to download free music, you can create numerous shareable playlists, which is the focus of the platform.

On the home screen of the website, you will find the most famous playlists and you can now choose one to play. In it, you can also download music online for free.

Offers free and paid accounts; the main difference between them is that, in the paid, you have no advertising between the songs, which are present in the free ones. Listen now through the link or click here to download!

8tracks apps to download free music

4. SoundCloud

If you like music, you certainly know SoundCloud, which has one of the most famous apps to download free music. It serves as a hub for independent artists who want to upload their creations.

In it, creators can choose whether they want their music to be downloaded for free or not. If you prefer, instead of downloading music online, you can also choose to listen to the music online for free.

If you are interested in getting to know the platform better, follow the link to the official website or download the Android and iOS apps.

5. 4Shared

4Shared is one of the most popular download platforms of all types, including music. It has millions of songs from the most varied artists, and you can contribute to the collection!

When you create an account on the app, you still get 15GB of online storage, where you can store everything you want.

Even if it is not specifically for music, you can find books, documents, movies, videos and more, it is one of the best apps to download free music anyway.

It has a simple and intuitive interface, being easily accessible to all users. A good thing to keep in mind is that, because it is so open, you may be able to find viruses on this site. Follow the link to download for Android or iOS right now!

4Shared apps to download music free

6. Your Music

The last of the best apps to download free music is Sua Música, a Brazilian music platform where you can listen online and also download for free.

In it, you will find the greatest hits of all Brazilian rhythms, such as forró, brega, sertanejo, funk, axé and MPB, with the biggest names in national music, such as Wesley Safadão and Gabriel Diniz.

It is also possible to access and create playlists with your favorite songs, from all the artists you like most. You can see rankings of the most downloaded, never to be left out of what is most famous.

An incredible tool of Sua Música is the possibility to follow the singers, to get even closer to them, having access to photos and news of all of them. Go to the official website or go to the Play Store to download.

Your Music apps to download free music

So, what did you think of the list of the best apps to download free music?

Leave in the comments your opinion about them, if you already knew one or if we didn't include your favorite. Also, check out how to download free music from YouTube and SoundCloud.

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