6 Tools to calculate shipping

The first thing that entrepreneurs think about when they want to go online is to create their own virtual store to increase their sales. There are also other ways to sell over the internet, through other channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, but investing in an e-commerce platform is a step that will change the company's image, as the consumer has the feeling of dealing with a serious, professional and secure company, which does not always happen in a transaction via social network.

In this article we are going to help you with a very important part of this process, presenting 6 tools to calculate shipping, because doing this calculation correctly will directly influence the increase of your sales and, consequently, your profit.

It's possible to create a free website to have your e-commerce and launch your own business, you don't even need to have a physical store because nowadays many people decided to undertake and work from home. But when we talk about e-commerce, we can't just think about generating sales, that's the goal, but it's also very important to know the tools to calculate shipping. This calculation is also made by the consumer at the time of purchase, since the value of the shipment gained great weight when deciding where to buy, so having the best service to offer it implies having several delivery options, prices and terms, which gives your company a great differential.

Before listing the 6 tools to calculate shipping, let's tell you some important aspects about the subject.

Ways to calculate shipping

As they say, it is not possible to please everyone, but when it comes to shipping, it is good that this happens, because expensive shipping makes the customer give up and look for other options. Considering that this is a sensitive issue, it is important to consider two things:

  • Cheap shipping conquers the customer and helps to build their loyalty;
  • The customer wants a lot of transparency when checking the value of the shipment.

It is important to know how the calculation works, since the freight quote can vary according to each case, however there are main and more common points to consider. Take into account the volume of the order and the route traveled. That's because not only the weight of the package matters, but also the space it occupies.

The account is made as follows:

Shipping = (Length of package x width of package) x Height of package / 6000

The length, width and height of the package must be measured in centimeters. The value of 6,000 is an international standard created by the International Airline Entity (IATA).

Doing this calculation you find the cubic weight of an order, which is precisely the unit of measure used to determine the price.

Let's say you have a package that is 30 cm long, 20 cm wide and 10 cm high:

    1. Cubic weight = (30×20) x 10 / 6000
    2. Cubic weight = (600) x 10 / 6000
    3. Cubic weight = 6000 / 6000
    4. Cubic weight = 1 kg

Tools to calculate shipping

The best way to offer good options to your customer is knowing the modalities available on the market. Below we will list 6 tools to calculate shipping.

1. Best Shipping

Melhor Envio is a logistics platform that brings together entrepreneurs, e-commerce and carriers.

6 Tools to Calculate Shipping Best Shipping

The site offers a free calculator to check the price of traditional freight or reverse logistics. The calculation takes into account height, width, length, weight and load value.

The service also features simultaneous quotation with several different carriers which facilitates shipping for e-commerce owners and offers opportunities for shipping companies.

In addition, the Best Shipping also has good shipping conditions, tracking of orders, shipping management and support from a team specialized in logistics.


6 tools to calculate Vtex freight

VTEX Log is a VTEX freight calculation tool that connects carriers and retailers in an intelligent and simplified way.

she has a Integrated network which drives a network of integrated carriers to ensure better delivery costs and increase the reach of your operation. It is also possible to manage and have visibility of your operation with performance, accuracy and financial performance metrics.


VTEX TRACKING offers communication between brand, carrier and customer, providing increased efficiency. With it it is possible:

  • Script and connect to the driver – register deliveries, define routes with the shortest path and time, and create a direct communication channel with the driver to start the route.
  • Notify the customer – send the arrival time forecast to customers via SMS, email or WhatsApp.
  • monitor in real time – track information on delivery status and routes chosen by the driver.
  • confirm delivery – Digitally signed and receive a customer service evaluation.

4 – Postal Shipping Calculator

The Post Office Shipping Calculator is an online shipping tool that can be used to accurately calculate the price of shipping parcels through the Post Office.

6 tools to calculate courier freight

5. Frenet

Frenet also has its own tool to calculate Post and Jadlog freight.

6 tools to calculate Frenet freight

The calculator takes basic shipping information into account and simulates shipping at a discount when compared to the rack rate for shipping companies.

6 – Easy Shipping

Envio Fácil is a front-end platform from PagSeguro, so you need to have a verified seller or business account to use it. It has an automatic insurance from the Post Office in case of loss, theft and misplacement. It is possible to integrate your PagBank account and manage it through the PagSeguro panel, in addition to being able to pay with the balance of sales.

6 tools to calculate shipping easy shipping

Did you like our tool tips for calculating shipping?

Now that you know these 6 tools to calculate shipping, just choose the one that best fits your e-commerce.

If you don't have your online store yet, take a look at our article about 16 best platforms for online store.

Tell us here in the comments which tool you found most interesting.

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