7 Apps for parents to keep their children safe

Keeping children safe is no longer just a physical issue. In addition to looking to see if they are not dropping something by accident or behaving in a dangerous way, you also need to know what they do on the internet. That's why some apps for parents are so important.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of technological solutions that let parents know what types of pages or social networks they are accessing. And most importantly, what they are doing in them.

Some examples of places on the internet that are dangerous for children or teenagers to interact with are relationship apps. As they are indicated for adults, they end up being an attraction for the most curious.

To avoid situations like this, check out some apps that parents should know to keep their children safe!

1. Qustodio

One of the main references in parental control, Qustodio has almost all the features you need to monitor your children's location and activities in the digital world.

Among the possibilities, Qustodio allows you to block access to adult sites or content that you consider dangerous. In addition, you can set a time limit for using specific apps and monitor the YouTube videos that the child watches.

Qustodio also makes it possible to record and monitor calls and SMS exchanged by cell phone, in addition to presenting a complete report with everything the minor has done and how much time has passed in apps like TikTok.

Are you interested in Qustodio and want to know more? So click on the link now and discover all its features!

qustodio is one of the best child safety apps

2. mSpy

An alternative to Qustodio among applications for parents to keep their children safe, mSpy also has a range of features.

You can monitor SMS sent or received, in addition to tracking GPS and routes they are using. Essential for when you need to send the children to the home of someone in charge, but you cannot take them on your own.

In addition, you can monitor all messaging and social media apps, regardless of the device you're using. It is also possible to get a copy of the contact list, as well as pictures and videos stored on the children's device, if they have one.

Click on the link to know everything about mSpy!

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3. Google Family Link

Google also offers a parental control app through Family Link. This solution allows parents to check a complete report on the use of the Android device, as well as all apps downloaded or spent on the Play Store.

It is also possible to track the location of the smartphone or tablet, lock the device and even erase all its content remotely.

Click the link to learn about Google Family Link.

4. OpenDNS Family Shield

OpenDNS Family Shield is an application that allows you to monitor even the tracker. In addition, you can schedule blocking of inappropriate websites and even the Internet usage time for that program.

This software blocks domains registered as "bad taste", preventing even known people from accessing this type of content while they are at your home. It is worth remembering that we are not only talking about adult sites, but also demonstrations of extreme violence, among others.

On the other hand, it requires some knowledge of how routers work. Access the link to know the OpenDNS Family Shield!

5. Life360

If you don't want such drastic solutions and just be aware of what is being accessed on other devices, Life360 can be the best alternative among the parent apps on the list. It allows you to track locations and accesses, but it does not block websites and apps like others do.

However, it has an “alert” function. Whenever the child arrives in an area pointed out by you, you will be notified on your device of the transgression and an automatic call is made. Visit the page to use Life360.

life360 is a good app for parents

6. NetNanny

The “internet nanny”, as her English name indicates, filters out inappropriate content on the internet. Another feature unique to him in relation to the others is the password manager, allowing him to have Wi-Fi passwords and all the other ones.

That way, it can prevent them from making undue purchases in games to play online, among others. Click to access the page and download NetNanny.

7. Norton Family Premier

Created by renowned digital security company Norton, Family Premier is focused on digital protection for little ones. As one of the apps for parents, it makes it possible to monitor and control access time to devices and also specific apps.

All of this accompanied by reports, in which you can see how much time you spent on each device and app, in addition to the websites accessed. A detail of this software is that it can even see which keywords they searched on Google, for example.

Click the link to discover Norton Family Premier!

Which parent apps do you use to protect your children?

With these seven options of apps for parents, we believe you will have enough tools to be able to protect your children from inappropriate websites and monitor their conversations with strangers, should it happen.

Had you used any of them before? Do you have any to recommend us? Comment with us!

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