7 apps to download free music on mobile

If you often listen to music on your smartphone, it's common to find it difficult to find apps to download free music on your phone. It's not that difficult on the computer, as we showed in this article with tips for free websites to download to your PC or Mac.

Those who use Kodi addons have the advantage of being able to listen to radio online. On the phone, though, it's a little harder. The offers of streaming services are the most suitable, as they cost little and have a great collection.

Can't spend on subscriptions just to listen to your songs online? So downloading free music on mobile is best.

So keep reading below for 10 free music download apps on your phone, be it Android or iPhone!

1. Freegal Music

One of the largest holdings of free music for smartphones, Freegal Music has over 15 million songs. They are all available for free listening and in various formats.

That is, Freegal also offers functions similar to what we see in Spotify. These include playlist creation, curated playlists defined by gender or emotional state, among them.

In addition, they also offer free audiobooks. All of these can be downloaded for offline listening.

See more about Freegal Music by downloading it to your Android or iPhone.

free download mobile phone freegal

2. Spinrilla

Are you a hip hop fan? Then you can start downloading Spinrilla on your mobile. It is ideal for meeting new artists and genres out of the pop circuits.

Along with this, Spinrilla also features documentaries and video clips that you can view in the app. As with Freegal Music, you can also download them to listen even without your internet.

An interesting feature is that you can follow artists you like, receiving notifications whenever they launch something new in the app.

Spinrilla is available on Android or iPhone.

3. FMA – Free Music Archive

A platform created by a nonprofit organization, Free Music Archive brings a varied and free collection. It has music of all genres, which can be downloaded to your smartphone.

It features playlists put together by the platform's curation team and lets you share them across social media. Ideal for meeting new artists and having music available on mobile.

Download the Free Music Archive from Google Play or the App Store.

4. Mazika

One of the few apps to download free music on mobile that is exclusive to iPhone. Mazika brings everything a music app offers: song collections, the ability to create playlists or browse ready-made lists. Besides being able to download the songs, of course.

Mazik also brings online radio stations for those who prefer not to listen to music in such a programmed way. You can also share what you're listening to on social media.

Click the link to download Mazika on your iPhone.

download mazika on iphone

5. MP3 Stage

On the other side of the coin is Palco MP3, an ideal app for those who like Brazilian music. Don't think it's an MPB listening app only, as it covers all music genres.

It is also one of the few applications to download free music on mobile, with no payment required. Its collection brings about 1 million songs produced in the country.

It also brings different online radio stations to listen to your favorite genre and if you are a musician you can submit a song of your own to join the collection.

Click the link and download the MP3 Stage on your Android smartphone.

6. Audiomack

Enjoy Hip Hop, electronic music or reggae? Then Audiomack may be one of the best options for you. As with other apps, you can search for songs and playlists.

What makes Audiomack unique is that it lets you record short snippets and create your own mixtape. That is, remixes that you can make and make available in the app.

You can also create your own playlists and follow artists or users. The best: you can download everything without paying anything!

Audiomack can be used on both Android and iPhone.

download free music audiomack

7. Free Music

It's hard to find popular music for free as the original versions are protected by copyright. That is, it is only possible to download by paying. But if you have no problem listening to covers, Free Music may be the right app for you.

Nevertheless, it does not have many features. You can just search for the songs and download them on your smartphone. Click the link to download Free Music on your Android.

What do you do to download free music on your phone?

What apps do you use to get new music on your smartphone? Or prefer to stay on streaming services? Comment with us and see the best apps for watching movies and shows on Android!

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