7 best alternatives to Linktree for Instagram bio

Instagram biography is an important element for anyone who wants to make money online. Even though it is one of the best strategies to gain followers, it is so limited that it only allows you to include an external link and even the description has space for just a few sentences for Instagram bio.

Linktree is the most famous escape route for this problem. While it does not allow you to increase the length of your description, it does allow you to create a link that directs your followers to a page with several of your links. But is the tool really the best for this function?

Before rushing to create a Linktree account, we invite you to discover some of these alternatives to Linktree. All of them are able to multiply the links that are in your profile, but all have some particularities that are worth paying attention to.

So, find out below some of the best alternatives to Linktree for your Instagram bio!

1. Link in Profile

The first of the alternatives is Link in Profile. It serves as a landing page tool. The difference with conventional capture pages is that this link leads to different pages of your business, whether for blog content or a sales page, without restrictions.

The main benefit of this is that you get a way to analyze which accesses to your pages came through your links on Instagram. Link in Profile is simple and easy to use, in addition to working with ecommerce applications like Amazon, WordPress and Shopify.

The platform has a monthly subscription that costs $ 9.99, but offers a free trial period. Check the link.

2. Campsite.bio

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In addition to Instagram, Campsite.bio allows you to create links to post on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Unlike Link in Profile, it has a free and a paid plan, allowing greater choice.

Among the features, we highlight the possibility of customizing your links page, including your brand logo and defining the best background color to highlight your links. Both functions are available in the platform's free plan.

In the premium plan, the Campsite watermark is removed from your landing page, you can use the link with your own domain – instead of campsite.bio/suapagina, for example – and integration with email marketing platforms like MailChimp. The premium plan costs $ 7 monthly.

Click on the link to learn more about Campsite.bio.

3. ContactInBio

One of the most popular alternatives to Linktree, ContactInBio even has more features than its rival. In addition to creating the landing page, the platform allows you to add a contact form. That is, it is also a perfect platform to capture prospects in your business on Instagram.

Other functions include the possibility to include blocks of text, image carousel and buttons for your pages on social media.

Like Campsite, ContactInBio has free and paid plans. In the free version, the watermark is also present, but in a more hidden corner of the page, rarely disrupting its design.

In paid editions – ContactInBio has two! -, the watermark is no longer mandatorily inserted. In addition, you can upload your own images and videos to compose the page.

Click on the page to learn more about ContactInBio!

4. Linkr.in

This is one of the alternatives to Linktree that almost does not notice the differences. Its main advantage is that it is completely free.

On the other hand, it does not have many editing possibilities and can be considered a very basic platform. If you didn't like Linktree for any reason, but don't want any extra functionality, try Linkr.in by accessing the link.

5. Linkkle

Another simple solution, but not as basic as Linkr.in. Linkkle also doesn't have as many features as other alternatives to Linktree mentioned here.

On the other hand, one of them is very important: it offers you a report on the clicks made on the links configured by him. Even though it is free, the app does not insert your watermark on the pages you create for it.

Still, you'll have to deal with occasional ads that will pop up on the Linkkle screen. To avoid this, you can make a one-time payment of $ 5 dollars.

Get to know Linkkle through the link and draw your conclusions about it.

6. Swipop

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The penultimate among the alternatives to Linktree in this article is Swipop. The platform is ideal for influencers on Instagram, as it allows you to create a link to a sales page for your content. In a similar way as the managers of Instagram's best friends like Bume already do.

It is worth mentioning that Swipop is free and easy to operate. Its defect is that it does not allow the inclusion of your images on the capture page and few customization options.

However, it does not force you to use a watermark and also does not have ads. Just click on the link and start using!

7. Tap Bio

Closing the alternatives to Linktree is Tap Bio.

Among its features, we highlight the possibility of customizing the entire page including the buttons that contain the links to your landing pages. Even a background can be added to these buttons.

Tap Bio is free and can be used by accessing the link.

Which of these alternatives to Linktree have you used?

Does your Insta bio already have one of these alternatives to Linktree? Or do you prefer to use Linktree itself? Remember to test all platforms and see which one best suits your profile!

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