7 online supermarkets to shop in the quarantine

Among the many inconveniences that the quarantine caused by the Coronavirus brought, one of the biggest is having to limit the purchase of food for the home. As such a place can be dangerous, many people have avoided making larger purchases and are left with items missing from the kitchen. Fortunately, there are some online supermarkets that you can use to place your orders, which are delivered to your home quickly.

Today we will take advantage and give you the tip of the best online supermarkets to take advantage of during the quarantine and even after it ends. To check all the suggestions, just check the list below!

1. Carrefour

carrefour online supermarkets

Possibly one of the best known markets in our country, Carrefour also has the option for home delivery. Considering that it is available in much of Brazil and has a good variety of products, it is easily one of the best supermarkets online.

If you want a place to shop without too many limitations in the quarantine, this is one of the most suitable. To find out more, just check the official website.

2. Day

Another online supermarket you can use is Dia, which is also well known for its physical establishments. They started making deliveries at home some time ago, but it's still kind of limited

The ideal is to check to see if they deliver to your city and neighborhood before making the shopping list. Other than that, the availability of products is quite varied and worth checking out. Check out more on their website.

3. Extra

It is very easy to find an Extra in almost any city in Brazil, so it can be an interesting option for online shopping in quarantine. Its availability helps a lot for those who do not live close to other markets, for example.

Its variety of products is also quite large, not just focusing on food or cleaning products. You can check out more about their delivery on Extra's official website.

4. Probe

online supermarkets probe

Another good suggestion is Sonda, which is a better known network in some cities. They focus more on food, but it is also very easy to order with different cleaning products and utensils.

You can check if they deliver to your home by entering the zip code of the official website. There you can also check which products are available for home delivery. Just access the following link.

5. Sugarloaf Mountain

A lot of people don't know, but Pão de Açúcar has been offering delivery services for a long time. They are even one of the most comprehensive online supermarkets in our country, delivering to several cities.

Its focus on food is very large, but you can also find other products for the home. You can check this and more by visiting their official website.

6. Hirota

Another good option is Hirota, which has face-to-face stores in many places, but also has the possibility of delivery. They have many food products and even have a legal focus on healthy eating.

To find out if one of the stores delivers to your home, just enter your zip code on their official website. Then, just choose which products you want to buy in the online version. Check out more on the website below.

7. Mambo

online supermarkets mambo

Finally, we have Mambo, which is not as well known as some of our other suggestions. Still, it is one of the best online supermarkets you can find for shopping.

The cool thing is that it has several types of products and goes well beyond just food. If you also need utensils or cleaning products, it can be a good option. You can check out more on the official website link.

Did you like online supermarkets?

Did you take advantage of our list to visit some of the best online supermarkets to do your shopping in quarantine? So just don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions.

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