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7 sites to link to in the Instagram bio

7 sites to link to in the Instagram bio

Any Instagram user knows that the bio space is very limited. If you want to put information about your work, some of the most used hashtags on Instagram or even where people can contact you, you need to use the small space wisely. It is interesting to put a link in the Instagram bio, but not always one is enough.

Fortunately, there are many sites that manage to link to the Instagram bio, which leads to a mini site with all the links you want. This can include your other social networks, YouTube channel, your official website or sales pages, for example.

As we know that it can be difficult to choose such a good service, we have separated some of the best sites to link to the Instagram bio. Check out our main recommendations below!


put link in the instagram bio apptutsbio

Our first suggestion for linking to the Instagram bio is It is very simple to use and allows you to use only one link on Instagram to redirect your followers to a personalized page with all the other links you want.

You can put contact for your WhatsApp, Telegram, a form, YouTube, Facebook, an official website or blog. The cool thing is that can still show you some interesting data related to the links you put in it.

You can see, for example, how many people clicked on each custom link you created. Other than that, you can customize your page in several ways, including the possibility of putting your company logo and colors.

It is possible to use the service completely for free, but there are even more benefits in the paid version. Something more recommended for users who use Instagram professionally. Check out more about through the link.

2. Linktree

Another option that we can recommend is Linktree. This is an interesting alternative, but it does nothing very different from other sites to link to the Instagram bio.

With it, you generate your personalized link to insert in the profile bio. As you can imagine, this link takes you to the page with your other links.

The page interface can even be modified a little, but in general it maintains its own visual identity. You can test the tool for free on their official website.

3. Link in Profile

Link in Profile is also very interesting. In general, it does the same as the others: it offers a link to a page with all your other chosen links.

One of its biggest differentials is that it can display an image of one of your posts on Instagram with the links in question. This can be a different attraction if you don't mind the page with the links not being so direct.

The service can even be tested for free, but it is paid if you want to continue using it. Check out more through the link on their website.


Following a line similar to the previous one, also tries to make your page more customizable. This makes it a good option to link to the Instagram bio, but it can also make the interface a bit polluted.

We say this because you can add not only photos, videos, and even an integration with Spotify. In theory it is interesting, but it is good not to overdo it.

Also remember that some of your followers can access the page using mobile data, which will be horrible to upload if it is full of things. If you are curious, just check out the website at the following link.

5. Lnk.Bio

put link in instagram bio lnkbio

For those who only use one Instagram account, Lnk.Bio can be a good option. It has a free version, a monthly subscription or a premium edition with a single (and more expensive) payment.

In the free version, you cannot customize the URLs of your links, which is bad if you want something more professional. Still, the tool has some static and can show you how many people have accessed your links.

If you work with social media, there is another version of the service aimed at agencies. Anyway, you can check out more at the link below.

6. Campsite

Campsite is definitely a little simpler in terms of the options available. Of course, if you really want a faster experience than sites like Link in Profile or, it can be very good.

Just create your account to have and link to the Instagram bio. After that, you add all the links you want, put images to use as a cover for your mini site. If you want, you can also choose a ready-made theme that you like best to adjust the look of your page.

There is a free version and a premium edition with monthly subscription. You can check this and much more by accessing Campsite.

7. Metricool

put link in instagram bio metricool

Our last recommendation on the list is Metricool. It is not just a website that serves to link to the Instagram bio. In fact, it serves more as a way to manage your social networks.

Therefore, it has many options of what you can do and that includes the possibility of creating a personalized page with all your links. The only problem is that this specific tool is only available in the paid version.

You can choose to pay $ 10 a month if you choose the annual plan or $ 15 a month if you don't want to commit for an entire year. As you can see, this service is much more suitable for people who want to be able to manage their social networks completely. You can check everything he offers in the following link.

Did you like the sites to link to the Instagram bio?

Did you take advantage of our website suggestions to link to the Instagram bio? So be sure to tell us what you think of the options and if there are other similar services that you know and haven't seen on the list.

It is worth mentioning that we also have excellent suggestions for phrases for Instagram bio. If you want, you can also check out our tips for gaining followers on Instagram with our guide through the link.

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