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7 Things To Do After Your Android Has Been Stolen

7 Things To Do After Your Android Has Been Stolen

Considering that the smartphone is the device where most information and personal data are stored, this makes it one of the worst devices to be stolen or lost. Unfortunately, having a stolen Android device is not that unusual. It is therefore important to be prepared if this happens, which is valid before and after the theft.

If you're curious about the most important things to do after realizing Android has been stolen, just take a look at our list. You can see our suggestions in detail below!

1. Call Mobile

android was stolen tips

First of all, call your cell phone. This is even better for those unsure if Android was stolen or forgotten about somewhere.

Of course, we do not recommend simply talking to the person who serves you if this happens. Also do not check by simply meeting with the person to pick up the smartphone unless it is at a police station.

However, calling the device can also tell you if it is still on. And that brings us to our next tip.

2. Locate the smartphone

If the device is turned on and the GPS function is active, you can try to locate it. This is quite simple to do if you have a computer with an internet nearby.

You just have to go to Google's "Find my device" site, which can be accessed via the link. Google can track virtually all movement if you are logged in to your account. So just log in to your PC to see exactly where it is.

Of course, we only recommend that you look for it if it is a safe situation. It is also good information to have when reporting the theft to the police.

3. Lock the device

android stolen

On the same page as Google's "Find My Device" you will see the "Protect Device" option. This will cause Google to block stolen Android and still sign out of your Google account automatically.

Even doing so will still be able to locate the smartphone via GPS. It is highly recommended that you do this so that no one can unlock the device.

This ensures that your data is safe, even if you haven't entered a password on it before. Even in situations where a password is set, the thief may try to crack it in some way, so this lock is most recommended.

4. Log out of social networks

Once you have followed the above suggestion, we recommend that you take further action to ensure your safety. Since you should have social networks and email or messaging apps, it's best to get rid of them all.

You can do this on the web version of the app or social network and look for the active sessions option. There, you must find your stolen Android among the options to have the opportunity to undo the login.

This ensures that even if someone unlocks your smartphone, your social media accounts are safe.

5. Call your carrier

Then it's also a good idea to call your carrier. Give us all the information you need and let us know that Android was recently stolen or lost.

Ask to have the number deactivated at the same time. This way you avoid potential scams involving your mobile number.

There are ways to retrieve the number on another chip and smartphone later. So it is also worth asking for this option during this first call as well.

6. Delete data remotely

erase data from android

Still on that Google page to find your device, you can choose to delete all data from your stolen Android. This can be done remotely through the site.

This way all apps, information and files will be completely deleted. Once you do this, you will not be able to locate the device either via GPS.

We advise you to do this if you really have no hope of recovering the device or if you think your data is in danger. Remember that Google backs up your data in the cloud.

So when you sign in with your Google account on another Android, most information will be restored.

7. Tell friends and family

Of course you should not forget to warn your friends and family that your Android has been stolen. This will make them more aware if someone calls them using your mobile number.

This is very common for those who use the stolen number for scams, something that can happen even by WhatsApp messages. Even if you have contacted your service provider, this is an important step in preventing loved ones, friends, and co-workers from being victimized.

Liked the tips on how to deal with stolen Android?

Could you use our list to learn how to handle the situation of having your Android stolen? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and if there's another factor you'd like to see on our list.

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