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8 best apps for sales on Android and iPhone

8 best apps for sales on Android and iPhone

Want to start learning how to make sales? Just have a cell phone with some apps for sales on hand!

You no longer need to knock from door to door or even pick up a computer to start selling your used items. With an Android-powered smartphone or an iPhone, you can manage your purchases and sales wherever you are. You can still use applications to manage contacts to better understand your customers.

Sales applications work simply. You create an ad and people in your area can find what you’re selling when doing keyword searches. From there, she can contact you and you can combine the form of payment and how the product will be shipped.

You do not even need to use annotation apps for iPhone or Android to have control over your sales flow. Everything is done by the apps themselves.

How do these sales apps make money?

Usually, there are two possible ways. Some apps offer the ability to pay for the ad, with the promise of offering you a more privileged search position. This is usually optional.

Others prefer to charge a commission on the sale of your item. These rates vary depending on the service you choose.

Of course, some apps for sales work with both modes. Throughout the article, we’ll show you what each app offers, what it can sell on it and which of the models mentioned above they work on.

Check out the best apps for sales on Android and iPhone!

1. OLX

With the unmistakable slogan, OLX is the first in the list. Allowing to sell all type of item (until real estate and vehicles!), OLX is one of the biggest companies of the sector.

You can create ads with photos and description of your products, and mark your location so that it is found by those close to you.

detach detach olx and the best known tv slogan

OLX does not charge for the sale of the product, offering only the option to pay for your ad to have a better search position or to stay online longer. In the free mode, your ad goes online for 28 days.

Download OLX on your Android phone or iPhone.

2. Free Market

Predecessor to OLX, Mercado Livre allows you to sell and buy products since your arrival in Brazil in 1999. After years available in internet browsers, you can now sell and buy all kinds of products directly from the app.

Free Market does not charge for ads, as does OLX. On the other hand, you can choose to have better search positions. Depending on the type of ad you choose and the product you are selling, ML may charge rates between 11% and 16%, according to this table available on your site.

The Free Market app is available on both Android and iPhone.

3. Zaargo

Another of the sales apps you can use to sell any kind of new or used item. Zaargo is one of the few that allows you to sell your services, as well as products.

In addition, Zaargo makes it possible to use videos in your ads and share them easily and quickly on any of the most used social networks in the world. In-app advertising is free, but it’s unclear if the app charges a fee for the sale of products.

best apps for sales zaargo

I nailed it

One of the most famous apps for anyone who wants to sell used things. With a more youthful and less expensive “business-to-business” style, accessing Enjoei is like entering a digital storefront.

Enjoei allows you to sell a wide range of products, such as fashion items, perfumery and accessories for mobile phones, among many others. On the other hand, larger items such as real estate and vehicles can not be part of the acquis.

Despite the popularity and unique style, the Enjoei is one of the most expensive to sell: 20% commission plus $ 2.15 for the ad, which is charged only if the sale happens.

The Enjoei is available on Android and iPhone.

5. Facebook Marketplace

If you use Facebook a lot, then you do not even need apps for sales. Just access the Facebook app and use the Marketplace. Being able to sell everything, Facebook does not charge to advertise a product, whether new or used. Also there is no charge under sale.

However, it is worth mentioning that the competition will be bigger, since it is one of the few services that does not make any type of charge.

6. Yzye

Like Zaargo, Yzye also allows you to sell products or services. It has the proposal to offer a tool that allows you to sell in a few clicks.

use yzie to sell for free

Yzye also uses your location to determine when to fetch your products. On the home screen, for example, a user sees the 50 items that are closest to where they are.

It is also one of the few apps that charge no fee to make ads or collect commission on sale. Yzye can be downloaded on both the iPhone and Android.

7. Letgo

Using artificial intelligence technology, Letgo is an app for buying and selling used that recognizes, by the photos, the product that is selling. From there, he himself tries to categorize and create a title for your ad.

Like other apps for sales, it uses your location as the basis to show your ads to potential buyers. Focused on selling used, you can sell all kinds of thing.

8. Instagram

Despite not having the Facebook marketplace, Instagram can be a powerful sales platform through Instagram Shopping. The feature allows you to publish product photos and tag them with a kind of price tag.

Who touches the product is referred to the item description and can buy it. In addition to functionality, you can attract users who can become customers through applications to gain followers on Instagram.

Insta also facilitates the service with its own chat tool. You can create quick answers in Instagram Direct, making your response time fast.

Finally, Instagram does not charge for in-app transactions, but you can invest in Instagram ads to increase the reach of your offer.

Want to learn more about sales by platform? So check out our article with 15 tips on selling through Instagram!

best apps for instagram sales

Use Sales Applications and Make Money Online!

Selling products over the internet is one of the ways to make an extra income. Capriche in the photos, create a seductive description and test the apps you saw in our list to know which one gives you the most return.

Want more tips on how to use the internet to improve your income? So get to know these 65 sites to make money online daily!

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