8 sites with the best Christmas 2020 recipes

It's December already and Christmas is less than a month away and the year is over. Marked by the quarantine caused by the coronavirus, the year ended up being very different from all the others.

Still, certain traditions will continue to be maintained, such as the Christmas dinner. But not everyone will be able to take advantage of grandmother's recipes because of the pandemic. So how about learning some of the best Christmas recipes and rocking the kitchen during the year?

See below some sites with the best Christmas recipes in 2020 and have an excellent supper!

1. Edu Guedes recipes

Entrepreneur, chef and television presenter, Edu Guedes uses his recipes as content for his page. Like many pages, it has been including the best Christmas recipes for those still thinking about what to do for supper.

It is possible to find both complete meals and desserts. In the catalog of the website, we find recipes for Christmas fruit cakes, mini panettone and a recipe for tender balls, traditional on the date. Click on the link to know the recipes!

screen from the edu guedes website, showing some of the best christmas recipes

2. Cláudia Magazine

One of the main women's magazines in the country, Cláudia Magazine has an exclusive area with the best Christmas recipes on the site. They separate the recipes by different types, so it can please vegetarians, carnivores and desserts, for those who cannot dispense with good sweets.

In addition, the magazine's website also features specific recipes from guest chefs. Ideal for those looking to innovate in some Christmas recipe. See the website's recipes by accessing the link.

3. Dr. Oetker recipes

Manufacturer of used in desserts – mix for cakes, fruit strips or chocolate sprinkles, among others -, Dr. Oetker uses recipes as content to attract visitors and buyers to his website. But don't expect a lot of healthy cooking recipes, as everything here can be classified as a treat.

On the website, you can find the most diverse desserts. Cakes, puddings, ice cream and even things like cookie lollipops are taught on the page. Discover Dr. Oetker's best Christmas recipes by visiting the website.

4. Ana Maria Braga website

Practically an icon of Brazilian TV, presenter Ana Maria Braga shows recipes daily on her program. After the exhibition, these recipes are published on the presenter's website.

In fact, the website publishes compiled of these best Christmas recipes, like this list with the best desserts. These are not the only recipes published for the traditional holiday. When exploring the site, it is possible to find recipes for meals and snacks, among others.

screenshot of ana maria braga's website

5. Reception

Unlike free recipe apps, Receiteria is a website that can be accessed by your internet browsers. There is no shortage of articles on how to create different special recipes for your Christmas.

The website has a complete catalog for Christmas recipes able to please any member of the family. You can find recipes for starters, salads and full meals. For those who are not fans of meat, vegetarian dishes are also included, for example. Of course, desserts are also present.

Click on the link to see the recipes available at Receiteria!

6. EverythingTasteful

A blog with the purpose of helping novice cooks to get to know your app, TudoGostoso compiles some of the best Christmas recipes from the app in articles on this site. It has several options, suitable for all types of cook. Whether you're a beginner or someone familiar with cookware.

Like other pages, you will have options for starters, desserts, salads and complete meals, all to have a complete supper in your home. It is worth mentioning that video fans can also access the brand's YouTube channel.

For now, click on the link to see the site!

7. Tastemade

A direct competitor of the previous site, Tastemade also has sectors for those who like apps for travelers or those looking for entertainment options. In the culinary part, we can find a wide collection of recipes and compiled from the app.

Although the site does not contain a special area dedicated to your best Christmas recipes, you can find them when browsing the site. In addition, although some recipes are not classified as “Christmas” by the website, they are traditional dishes for supper.

8. PetitChef

Even though the layout is considered outdated, Petitchef has an excellent collection of Christmas recipes. It is worth remembering that, by learning different recipes, you can make extra income working from home and earn money by helping other families to have an excellent supper.

Returning to the site, at Petitchef you can access a special menu with specific recipes for the holiday season. You will find both innovative recipes and traditional dishes that we eat every year. The site also features desserts specific to that date, including the famous french toast.

Click on the link to see Petitchef's recipes!

petitchef website screenshot

What better Christmas recipes do you want to cook?

He is close to the kitchen and is already preparing for the marathon of dishes that he will make at the end of the year. Or just prefer to enjoy good food and limit yourself to cooking games.

Regardless of how Christmas will be this year, we at AppTuts hope it will be a great date for you!

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