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9 best ride apps to save

9 best ride apps to save

It has never been so expensive to maintain a car. The driver's license, buying the vehicle, paying taxes for issuing documents and supplies can easily reach tens of thousands. This is because we do not have the necessary maintenance and insurance, especially for those who live in a metropolis. Hitchhiking apps are much more attractive alternatives.

Cheaper than the traditional taxi most of the time, these apps make it possible to get to a destination faster or return home more safely than public transportation.

The phrase “get a Uber” to use hitchhiking applications, for example, has become common. But it's not the only app available and you shouldn't just rely on it.

That's why we've put together other hitchhiking apps that you can install on your phone as alternatives. Ideally, whenever you need one, use annotation apps to compare prices, choosing the one that offers the best.

Check out the best hitchhiking apps below for any phone, be it Android or iPhone!

1. Uber

We already talked about the main ride app here on AppTuts. Although not the first app of its kind, it was he who changed the way we handle transportation today.

Using paid rides, the app allowed a new way to generate income for those who had an idle car in the garage. On the consumer side, Uber has given many people unable to hail a cab access to such services.

Especially in places where public transportation does not work 24 hours. If you don't know how to use Uber yet, check out this article to learn and download the app on your Android or iPhone.

hitchhiking uber apps

2. 99

Formerly known as 99 Taxis, 99 kept taxi service in its app, but also offered paid rides. They are accessed through the 99 Pop service and allow you to compare the cost of private transportation and taxi.

Otherwise, the app works similar to Uber. Its main advantage over its rival is the driver's commission, as the 99 takes a smaller percentage of races. Download 99 on your Android or iPhone.

3. BlablaCar

Unlike the two examples above, BlaBlaCar is a reference in intercity or interstate lift applications. That is, it is not suitable for everyday transportation, but may be ideal for travel.

Drivers in the app register a trip that is not yet done and indicate how many seats they have available in the car, along with the fare they will charge. Anyone looking for a lift to the same location can meet these drivers and ask for a seat sharing the trip.

The option is a great alternative to bus travel as it allows you to combine a common meeting point for both. That means you won't have to travel to your city's bus station, especially if it's far away.

BlaBlaCar is available for Android and iOS.

4. Cabify

We can say that the dispute between the main hitchhiking apps in Brazil boils down to 99, Cabify and Uber. Like its rivals, Cabify allows drivers to offer transportation around the city through the app.

The app has joined forces with Easy Taxi and also offers this type of service, allowing you to compare private transportation with taxis on the same screen. Cabify can be downloaded from Apple phones or Android smartphones.

hitchhiking cabify applications

5. Waze Carpool

Perhaps the purest of the hitchhiking apps shown so far. Waze Carpool doesn't use the paid ride model we see on Uber, 99, and Cabify.

Despite having a payment, the value is smaller and symbolic, calculated just to help you with the fuel. It's like buying clothes online at a factory price.

Its system is more similar to BlaBlaCar's, uniting drivers who already have a specific location as their destination with carless users who are also going to the same place. It's a cheaper alternative than Uber himself, but you need to remember that you're hitching a ride, not a private transport.

You can use Waze Carpool on both Android and iPhone.

6. Zumpy

Working similarly to Waze Carpool and Uber Together mode, Zumpy allows you to register your transport routine. From there, he finds up to 3 other people with routine similar to his. He then pairs the group with a driver registered in the app.

The professional picks up the three users and drives them to their destination, at a lower price than what we see in private ride services. One of its advantages is that women can choose to travel only with other women, making life easier for those who do not feel safe traveling alone with men.

Download Zumpy on your Android or iPhone.

zumpy app screens

7. Wunder

One of the few hitchhiking apps unique to an operating system, Wunder is only available to users in Rio de Janeiro.

Similar to Waze Carpool, you can register your routine or enter a location you are going to. You will find drivers who are also going there and have a vacant spot in the car.

The driver can set the cost of the races, but the goal here is for the value to be low, only with the intention of sharing gas costs. Click the link to download Wunder.

8. Carpool Phone

Using the same concept as shared rides, Carona Phone works very similarly for drivers and riders.

That is, just register the place you want to go and the system will be in charge of finding users who are going to the same place. By being able to pair users, you can start talking to the driver and other ride partners.

That way you can know who is hitchhiking with you, with the option of accepting or rejecting someone who doesn't feel safe to travel. Carona Phone can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store.

9. Bynd

Unlike most hitchhiking apps described so far, Bynd is an ideal alternative for businesses. Focused on the corporate arena, it aims to save you and your coworkers on the route while also gaining time to integrate through rides.

Once your company has registered for the app, you and your colleagues can register their respective routes. The app matches those who live nearby, forming a ride set.

The idea here is to reduce the use of cars, as a group of four or five employees go to work using one car instead of one vehicle for each.

bynd app screens

Click the link to download Bynd on Android or on its iPhone App Store page.

Which ride apps do you usually use?

Now that you know a few options besides the obvious Uber and 99, you can start experimenting with other modes of transport and perhaps save money and make new friends.

What did you think of these ride apps mentioned in the article? Comment with us and be sure to also check out our article with a step by step how to circle your Instagram photo!

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