9 tips to stay focused on the coronavirus home office!

If you are starting to work as a home office now, you may be having a hard time staying focused. To help you, we have selected here the best tips to be able to focus.

Read on to find out what they are all and implement them in your professional life!

1. Establish a working schedule

One of the biggest advantages of working from home as a way to make money is the fact that you can make your own schedules. However, this does not mean that it is not very advantageous to have an established daily schedule for when you go to work.

This is not only because having a certain routine helps to focus, but also because it is very easy to get lost at work and, by not having a schedule, you end up neglecting your personal and leisure time. So, pay close attention to when you go to work and when you relax, using one of the time management tools to assist.

Set a work schedule to stay focused on the home office

2. Find the right place

In order to be able to work as a home office and stay focused so as not to hinder the gain of extra income, an appropriate place is needed for your work. This means good lighting, as little noise as possible and a lot of comfort.

Above all the things mentioned, having your own office to work (yes, at home) is very important, as it helps to stimulate focus.

This is because, when working in the place where you sleep or in the place where you spend leisure time, you may end up either associating every room in the house with work or never being able to focus.

3. Create a routine

Having a routine is very useful, even if it is not strictly necessary for everyone who does home office. The routine ends up serving as a guideline for when you go to work, helping to avoid situations in which you want to spend leisure time and remember that you need to deliver a project.

In addition, routines serve the purpose of helping to put your body at an appropriate pace, as it will know when it's time to eat, when it's time to sleep and, of course, when it should work.

4. Optimize your task list

Having your tasks organized is very useful for you to know when you need to do what, helping to stay focused in the home office. This goes far beyond the chores of the job, including your household chores, going to the market, appointing doctors and more.

To manage your team's tasks, MeisterTask is the most recommended tool, helping in business communication. Through it, you will know which tasks are open, which are ready, which are in progress and much more. Follow the link to know everything about the tool!

MeisterTask stay focused on the home office

5. Take regular breaks

Even in creating a routine, but valid for having a specific topic, be sure to set regular breaks in your work to further increase your productivity and focus.

There is no single recipe that is valid for everyone: each one will work better by working for different times and pausing for different times. However, to start, try to work for 1 hour and pause for 15 minutes and try it from there.

6. Set interpersonal boundaries

In order for you to be able to keep your focus while doing home office it is essential that your interpersonal relationships with those who live have well-established and defined limits.

That is, do everything you can to make it clear that you are going to work at X time and that you should not be interrupted in that time. Interruptions always draw attention, after all, so unless it is some urgency it is best that you can be quiet.

7. Don't be distracted

You can go into part of the previous tip, but not being distracted is really very important for everyone. Distractions go far beyond the people you live with talking to you, including for example sounds from the street and television.

Some guidelines for you to avoid distractions are: put your phone in silent mode (or even in airplane mode), close all social networks that may be open, turn off the television … in short, everything that requires attention.

8. Organize the office

So that you can really maintain your focus by doing home office, having an organized environment is strongly recommended. This is because when things are disorganized, your mind is disorganized too.

In addition, your focus may end up going to other things that are in your field of vision, causing many distractions. A tip to help with this is to have a trash can to dispose of empty bottles, used packaging and the like.

Organize the office stay focused on the home office

9. Dress appropriately

This tip may seem strange, since when working on the internet in general, you no longer have dress requirements. However, it is very good that you dress as you would dress if you went to work (of course, you can relax a little, no need to overdo it with ties!)

When working in pajamas you can very easily get the feeling that you are relaxing, not working. Also, since many home offices require online meetings, you can't even dress so casually.

Did you like our tips for staying focused on the home office during coronavirus?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all or if any of them were new to you. Don't forget to also check out our complete guide on how to make extra income online and how to choose the right digital bank for you.

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