Add reminder on Google Maps: how to do it?

If you’re experiencing problems with frequently missing your time, adding an exit reminder on Google Maps can be an excellent solution and way to resolve the issue.

Read on to find out everything about the platform and how to use this functionality to always remember to leave when you should.

What is Google Maps?

Before we start explaining how to add a reminder on Google Maps, we’ll show you what it is and what it offers to your users.

It is a map service developed by Google that offers satellite imagery, aerial photographs, maps and panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions and much more. It is currently used by more than 1 billion people a month.

Its development started with a computer program and, in October 2004, the company that developed it was acquired by Google, which then converted it into a web app that can be used through the best internet browsers.

After the company acquired two other smaller companies, Google Maps was officially launched in February 2005. The Android and iPhone apps were launched in 2008, becoming the most popular app in the world, with over 50% of users having used him at least once.

What is Google Maps? Add reminder on Google Maps

Platform features

Now, we will list everything you find when using Google Maps, which is a particularly good thing to be aware of.

  • Directions and traffic: Through Google Maps, you have access to a route planner, which allows users to find directions to where they want to go, whether by car, public transport, walking or cycling.

The company made it look like hundreds of public transport providers, so that you always know the right time your bus will arrive, in addition to making the data available to other apps;

  • Traffic conditions: Since 2007, Google has been offering traffic data as colored lines over streets, representing the speed of vehicles on specific streets. Uses data from all smartphones in cars to create this information.

The information collected to calculate the conditions is anonymous, and it is even possible to disable the sharing of your Maps data with Google so that the platform does not use them;

  • Street View: One of the best tools on Google Maps, Street View is also present through Google Earth. It allows users to virtually walk the streets of the largest cities in the world, using 360º panoramic photos. It also has internal mapping of many places, such as university campuses.

Because of privacy concerns, Google blurs the faces of the people in the photos, in addition to license plates. In addition to streets, you can also dive into the Australian seas and also walk inside the International Space Station;

  • 45 degree images: Since 2009, it is possible to see images at 45º of the largest cities in the world;
  • Listings: You have access to business listings that are created both automatically by the platform from online data, as well as information from users who want to include their companies;
  • Indoor Maps: You can, navigate inside different buildings and establishments, such as airports, museums, shopping malls, certain large stores and several public places.

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