Adobe Spark: Learn how to create videos [Passo a passo]

For those who like to create and edit videos, no program is ever good enough. Adobe Spark is one that comes close to being perfect, and in this guide we will explain everything about it so that you can create the best videos possible. To use it, follow our link!

Read on below to learn more about the platform and start using it!

What is Adobe Spark?

First of all, we will explain what this application is and what its main features are so that you know everything you can do with it. Only then will we show you how to create videos with it.

A group of media creation apps for mobile and web devices developed by Adobe, Adobe Spark features Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Page and Adobe Spark Video.

The first one is for creating graphics, such as flyers and vectors. The second is dedicated to creating web pages. Finally, the third is what we will cover in this article, explaining how to use it. He is one of the best video editors.

It is a completely free application that automatically saves to the cloud, so that you can work on any device you are logged in without ever losing anything.

What is Adobe Spark?

Initially launched in 2014 as Adobe Voice, it was an animated video app for iPad to create video “stories”, eventually becoming Adobe Spark Video in early 2016.

Through Spark Video you can create stories in video format in minutes, being able to choose from millions of options and features for your creations without having to have any experience in creating and editing videos, for free. The following things are possible:

  • Create videos quickly, with simplicity and having fun;
  • Combine videos, photos and icons into an engaging video;
  • Add text on top to give more impact;
  • Choose from a wide variety of free soundtracks or be able to add your own music files;
  • Use your own voice to convey your message, being able to edit it as you wish;
  • Control the volume of video clips so that the best moments are even more striking;
  • Opt for themes that will automatically add cinema-quality animations so that your creation looks incredible;
  • Share the videos or put them on your website, blog or page created on Adobe Spark Page;
  • Save your video to your smartphone's gallery to upload to Instagram or your favorite video site.

By upgrading to the premium version of Adobe Spark Video within the app itself you will unlock the following features:

  • Remove and replace the Spark logo with your own logo on the videos;
  • Add your logo, colors and choose a font with ease to make your brand even more striking;
  • Choose from custom video themes and make updates with one click on all projects;
  • Use Spark web and all three Spark apps to create videos, graphics and web pages for your brand.

How to use Adobe Spark Video?

With all this in mind, we will then teach you how to create your videos using this amazing Adobe application. To start, you need to create an account, which can be done through the link.

On that page, click the "Start right now" which is in the middle of the screen to be redirected to the account creation screen. There, you can register in many different ways:

  • Connect to Google account;
  • Connect to Facebook account;
  • Connect with your Apple ID;
  • Create an account with your email;
  • Log in with your Adobe ID account.

Adobe Spark registration

Then, you will need to accept the terms of conditions and click on the "Continue". Now that you have managed to login, you will be able to choose what you want to create, and how.

First creation

To create a video in Adobe Spark, you must click on the "More", Click in "Videos" at the top of the screen and then select the video model you want to use. With that, you will go to a page where you should put a title on your video and then click on "Advance".

Now, you can choose the initial model for the video from the list offered, and you can drag it to the sides to see more, or else “Start from scratch”. In our case, we select the "Presentation".

You will then see a screen guiding you on what to do next, with a very useful tutorial. If you want to skip it, just click "OK, I'm ready!".

Add photos or videos

It is highly recommended that you now choose a background image for the home screen of the video presentation. To do this, just click on the "+" in the bottom left corner of the screen. With that, you can choose whether to add video, text, photo or icon.

Add photos or videos

Choose "Photograph". To choose the photo, you can upload, find free photos or use any of the many other options offered.

In case you want to add a video, the only option is to upload it from your computer, usually in .mv4 or mp4 format. The video will open and then you will be able to choose which section you want to appear, remembering that only 30 seconds of it can be included.

Move the white bars below the video to select the length of the video, and drag it to the sides so you can then select which section of video will appear. Finally, click "To save" to introduce you to the Adobe Spark presentation.

Add a scene to the video

To add a scene to your presentation, simply click on the "+", as previously done. This will add a new scene after the one currently selected, and you can drag them to rearrange.

Add a scene to the Adobe Spark video

Choose a layout for the scene

Now that you know how to add scenes, you can also choose a layout for it, from what you find most appropriate. To do this, click "Layout" on the left side of the screen. You can choose to:

  • Full screen: Here, the scene will have only one image;
  • Split Screen: Here, you can add two images (or videos or any media) to the scene;
  • Subtitle: You can add subtitles to the videos, in text, image, video or icon format;
  • Title and Text: You can add a title and caption to your video.

Options for adding your scene

There are four simple-to-use options for adding to scenes in Adobe Spark. We have already talked about photos and videos, and the processes for others are basically the same.

Add text

As easy as pictures, to add text just click on the "T" so that a cursor appears and you can then type. The more you type, the smaller the letters will be.

Add Icon

It is possible to add icons, too, which is a similar process to adding photos. To do this, click "Icon" in the options. With that, just search for a word or two and the related icons will appear. Click on what you want to use to make it appear.

Add your voice

In some scenes, you may want to add an excerpt from your speech, explaining what is going on, which is particularly useful if more information is needed in addition to what is being shown

To add a speech in Adobe Spark, just click and hold the microphone button and speak normally. When you're ready, just release the icon to add it, and you can re-record it if you dislike the result.

Add your voice

Add music to your video in Adobe Spark

With all of that done, the final step is to add music to your video so it doesn't get boring. This can be done through the "Music" in the upper right corner of the screen.

When you click on it, you will see many options to add, you can go further down to see more. When you click on a track, it will play. When you find the one you want to use, click on her name. If you want to add your own music, click "Add my music".

Add music to your video in Adobe Spark

Review the video

Now that you have finished creating the video, adding the images, texts, videos and everything else, it is recommended that you view the video. This can be done by clicking on the "To view" at the top of the screen.

With this, you can review it before publishing and sharing it with others. Make sure to review the entire content, listening and seeing everything you've created. Make sure the presentation is in the planned order.

If you have any problems, just close the preview window to be able to edit it in Adobe Spark until it is perfect. It is worth remembering that it is essential that you have plenty of time to read everything that is written, since the reading speed of each one is different.

In the lower right corner of the screen is a gray rectangle with a clock. It will show you how long each scene will last, in seconds, before moving on to the next. The minimum time is one second and the maximum is 30. To change the duration, just click on the clock and drag the bar to the desired duration.

Share your Adobe Spark video

Once your creation is exactly the way you wanted it, you can then share it with your family, friends and the world. To start this, click on the "To share" at the top of the screen, in the center.

You can choose whether you want the "Publish" or if you want "To invite" people to see it. The recommended here is "Publish".

Now, you can change the title of your video, select its category, enter a subtitle, change your author name (and if you want it to appear) and if you want your project to be featured on the site.

If you have added photos or videos of others, you can add credit in a text box, saying who is the original author of these media files. In addition, you can choose to subscribe to Adobe Spark to remove the logo from the platform.

Finally, just click “Create public link” for your share link to be created. Now, you can choose where you want to share the video and post it on various social networks!

Share your Adobe Spark video

What did you think of Adobe Spark to create videos?

Leave in the comments if you already knew everything about this platform or if we were the ones who introduced it for you, saying if you intend to start using it. Don't forget to also check out Movavi, an alternative for Windows computers. Click on the link to meet him!

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