Adobe Spark Page: How to create websites with the tool?

To create a good web page you need to have access to a complete tool. One that is highly recommended is Adobe Spark Page, one that offers a completely free version. Find out more about it through the link!

Keep reading below to know everything about it, in addition to learning how to use it!

What is Adobe Spark?

Before we explain how the process for creating a web page with Adobe Spark Page works, we will first explain what it is relatively succinctly.

Adobe Spark is the name of an application package developed by adome. Account with Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Video and Adobe Spark Page.

The first of the three serves to create graphics, such as flyers and vectors. The second aims to create videos, working as one of the best video editors, being extremely complete with the most varied video editing tools and allowing you to easily add subtitles to videos.

What is Adobe Spark Page

Finally, the third is what we will cover in this guide. Through it, you can create web pages very easily the way you want, free of charge.

With Adobe Spark Page, you can perform the following functions:

  • Add text by either typing or dictating;
  • Use photos stored on your device, Lightroom library or Creative Cloud files;
  • Choose a layout that you like so that the app improves its appearance;
  • Choose from many themes to have a polished look;
  • Change fonts and colors with just one touch;
  • Adaptability to any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer;
  • Add action calls, such as "Donate now", “Volunteer” or "Find out more";
  • Share your page on Twitter, Facebook, email, text message and more.

In case you buy the pro version of Adobe Spark Page, you can:

  • Remove the Spark logo and add yours;
  • Add logo, colors, select a font and more;
  • Customize all elements of the page;
  • Have custom layouts and themes.

How to create websites with this tool?

With all that in mind, now is the time to create your page by Page. To do this, the first step is that you go to the official website of the platform or download the app on your iPhone. In this guide, we will use the web version.

  • Now, you must then register on the platform;
  • Then click on the + on the left side of the screen and Web page;

Create new Adobe Spark Page

  • On the screen you see, you can easily add a title and subtitle, just click and write;
  • At the bottom of the screen is an icon that, when clicked, will allow you to add photos;

Top of page Adobe Spark Page

  • To add more elements, simply scroll down on the screen. You can add:
    • Photograph: Use this for a single photo of any shape or size, but not for groups of photos;
    • Text: All text boxes will be added here, with the exception of captions in images;
    • Button: Add a link with a graphic;
    • Video: It is not currently possible to upload a video directly to Adobe Spark Page. To add, you need to paste a link from Vimeo, YouTube or Spark Video;
    • Photo grid: Here it is possible to add several still photos, being really good for albums;
    • Glideshow: Glideshow is used to show several photos successfully with each other with transition effects. It is possible to add other photos and text at the top of the images;
    • Split layout: Finally, here it is possible to add two different elements to the same section of the page.

Add elements

  • In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a Themes through which you can change the theme of your page. To create your own theme, you must be a subscriber.

Adobe Spark Page Themes

Now that you've done all of that, you need to edit the elements you've added and you think you need to. Clicking on each item will bring up a menu for you to edit:

  • In images, you can change the image, change the display mode and be able to change the image so that it looks perfect on each screen;
  • In texts, it is possible to change the size, add quotes, add links, change the color, put in Bold and much more.

Edit Adobe Spark Page

Finally, it's time to finish the process and save your page created in Adobe Spark Page.

  • Click the button at the top of the screen that says To share;
  • Then click Publish and share link;
  • Now, you must add the page title, its category, the author, the photo credits and if you want your page to be highlighted. Finally, click Create link to be able to share on any social network you want!


So, did you like our guide on Adobe Spark Page?

Leave in the comments if you already knew this incredible tool offered by Adobe or if it was a novelty for you. Remember to also check out how to use Apple Clips and check out the best apps for editing photos and videos!

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