AirPods only carry one side: what can it be?

AirPods, Apple's wireless headset are very high quality products. They have excellent durability, they look good and they sound really good. Still, they can present problems, such as when AirPods only charge on one side.

If you are facing this problem and want to be able to fix it to enjoy them again, just follow our guide with some very useful tips. Check it out below!

How are AirPods loaded?

If you have them, you know you need to put them inside the charging box for them to charge, guaranteeing you up to five hours of music. By charging for just 15 minutes, you can listen for another 3 hours.

Now, considering that AirPods need this charging box to charge, it's very likely that the problem lies with it, or with the contacts, and not the headphones themselves.

By that, I mean that you are likely to encounter problems with the USB cable connecting the box, the connector input, the box's internal contacts for the AirPods, or the contacts of the AirPods themselves.

AirPods and AirPods Box only carry one side

And how can I fix AirPods that only charge on one side?

Here's where the good news comes: it's easy, no matter how many ways and many tests you have to do. Come on:

  • First, check the status light on the cargo box. When AirPods are charged, the light should turn green, indicating a full charge. If you see an amber light in the place, even after charging all night, there may be a charging problem.

In this situation, it is recommended that you try plugging in a new charger to see if it makes any difference and trying to charge it from your MacBook. Also, make sure the AirPods are properly placed in the cargo box, as if they aren't, the contacts may not be connected.

  • Now make sure the charging icon is showing on your iPhone. When you hold the case close to your iPhone with it open, a charging icon should appear while the AirPods are connected. If you don't see it, it could mean they aren't carrying anything.
  • A very important thing to do with AirPods to ensure their functionality is maintenance cleaning. If you've never cleaned them, it could be the root of the problem with single-sided AirPods.

AirPods charge icon only charge on one side

As is normal with electronic devices, lack of cleaning can result in the accumulation of dirt, lint, and the like on the contacts, which will result in slow charging (or simply not charging).

What you need to do, then, is get yourself an interdental toothbrush (the thin ones, which go in between the teeth). With it, gently brush the charge cable entry, the internal contacts of the charging box and the contacts of your AirPods.

Also, it's good to use a little isopropyl alcohol (using regular alcohol is not recommended), dampen this brush, and rebrush all inlets and contacts.

Then it's time to test it again and see if your AirPods that only carry one side is now charging both!

  • Resetting your AirPods may be necessary if none of the previous steps did anything.

To reset them, simply press and hold the button on the back of the cargo box. Hold until the status light flashes white, then amber, then white again.

AirPods on an iPhone AirPods only charge on one side

If, for some reason, you still can't reset your AirPods, follow these steps: On your iPhone, go to the settings, in General, in reset, and then on Reset Network Settings. Keep in mind that you will need to reconnect to your Wi-Fi after that.

With that, disconnect the AirPods when going to your Bluetooth and touch To forget they. Try resetting them again and see if it works.

Now, if even after all that, you still haven't been able to reset your AirPods, you'll need to speak directly to Apple Support for information about replacement and repair of single-sided AirPods.

Have you been able to fix your AirPods that only charge one side?

So, was our guide helpful to you? Have you finally managed to make both sides work as they should? Leave a comment with your opinion and don't forget to also check out our article on AirPods Pro, what's new in iOS 15 and the best accessories for iPhone 11 Pro!

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