AliExpress Brazil: how to buy products from the store

During quarantine you may be looking to save more than ever, as the money is tight for everyone. That being the case, we created a guide to help you buy on AliExpress in Brazil, an excellent site for those who want to buy hygiene products, such as masks, cheap.

Read on to check out our complete guide on how to use this site and start shopping saving!

1. What is AliExpress Brazil?

Before we get to what brought you here – how to buy AliExpress products in Brazil – we will explain a bit about what AliExpress is, how it works and a brief history of the platform.

An online retail service, AliExpress is based in China and belongs to the Alibaba group. It was launched in 2010 and consists of many small businesses in China and other countries, such as Singapore and even Brazil, which offers products to international virtual buyers.

It is the most visited e-commerce site in Russia and Brazil is the tenth most popular site. It serves to make it easier for small businesses to sell to consumers anywhere in the world. The site has already received many comparisons with eBay, as both sellers are independent.

AliExpress started out as a sales portal between merchants, but has since expanded to include sales of trades to consumers, from consumers to consumers, cloud computing and even payment services.

This website is available in many languages, including Portuguese, and is widely used by e-commerce stores that use the dropship.

Strangely, AliExpress only allows consumers from other countries, such as Brazil, to buy from the platform, excluding Chinese buyers.

2. How to buy products on the website?

If now you have decided that you will use AliExpress to do your shopping in Brazil and save (a lot) compared to buying here, read on and find out how to use the site to find exactly what you want to buy with ease.

  • The first step, of course, is to go to the official website of the platform, where you will see the page below;

Home page

  • Then, write what you want to buy in the search box so that the site returns the existing ads;
  • Now, if you want to filter to see products only from Brazilian sellers on AliExpress, click "Shipping location" and select Brazil;

AliExpress Shipping Location

  • In addition, you can also use several other filters to better find what you want to buy. On the left side of the screen are the “Related categories”, where you can select the ones that best fit.

In addition, you can also select to view only products with free shipping, free return and some other filters.

One very important thing to know before making any purchase online, on any website, whether it is one of the best alternatives to AliExpress in Brazil, the Mercado Livre or whatever the name is, is how reliable the seller is from who is buying.

In order to get a sense of this, there are some tricks that are listed below:

  • On the search page itself, there is a filter that you can check to limit results only from sellers with four stars or more. This is not a definitive answer as to whether it is reliable, as it can have very few reviews;

Four Stars or more AliExpress

  • When opening an ad, scroll down a bit to see more information about the store on the left side, next to the ad description. Then, you will see the percentage of positive reviews that the store has and if it has a medal. The medaled ones are always the best.

Top Brands on AliExpress Brazil

Finally, if you found what you wanted and now want to buy, check out the guide on how to place your order on AliExpress, whether from sellers in Brazil or not.

  1. On the ad screen, you can choose where your item will be shipped, remembering that when selecting from Brazil, delivery will be much faster;
  2. Choose all options such as color, size, quantity and the like and then click on the "Buy now" if you want to buy only that item or in "Add to cart" to be able to buy more in the same purchase;
  3. Now perform your registration or login on the site, add all the necessary delivery information, such as your name and address, add the payment method you want to use, put the coupons you have and finally click on "Place the order". Okay, now just wait!

Did you like our guide on how to shop on AliExpress in Brazil?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the site and if you already knew the tips we have included, also saying if we help you. Don't forget to check out the best places to buy cheap office supplies, the best online supermarkets to use in quarantine and find out what you can buy with your cryptocurrencies!

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