All the care you need at home in the quarantine

Are you sure you are taking all the care you need to have at home in the quarantine? Because it is our safe place, we often relax in relation to the rules we take when going out in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

In other words: the same rigor that we have out there does not accompany us in our home. That is where the danger lies, as it may be contaminating loved ones or colleagues who share the house with you.

So that you don't slip into the rules and end up bringing the coronavirus to your home, you need to be extremely careful. Still have questions about the Covid-19 transmission and want to know what you need to do to protect yourself, even without leaving your home?

Then check out our guide below!

Entry protocol: what to do when you get home?

To begin, the most important point: what to do when you get home? Why is he so important?

Because you may have entered the coronavirus, even following all the safety instructions. See below for the protocol you must follow when you arrive, in the order they should be made.

  • Take off the shoes that went to the street and leave them at the entrance to the house. Use them only to go out.
  • Place the belongings you took with you on a surface, away from other objects that were already at home.
  • Remove the mask, touching only the tapes.
  • If it is disposable, throw it in the trash. If it is made of fabric, wash it or put it in the machine.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Sanitize the belongings you brought from the street with an appropriate cleaning product or cloth moistened with alcohol. See in this article how to properly sanitize your smartphone or notebook.
  • Leave them to dry. It is important to remember that electronic devices must be turned off before cleaning and remain turned off while drying, for about 15 minutes.
  • Clean the door handles with an appropriate cleaning agent or cloth moistened with alcohol.
  • Clean the surface where you placed the belongings you brought from the street.
  • Wash your hands again
  • If you have spent a few hours away from home, take a shower and change clothes.
  • If you have touched or used any utensil in the house before the cleaning process, also clean them.

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Care you need at home when receiving deliveries

With quarantine, it became impossible to think about going to bars or restaurants. But that does not mean that we should stop eating food that was not made at home. Many of these establishments are working exclusively on a delivery basis and are available in delivery apps.

Not just meals or drinks, but any kind of delivery should be received more carefully than before the pandemic. Using the same protocol model that we made in the previous recommendations, see the step by step with all the care you need to take at home when receiving deliveries.

  • Open the door and avoid any contact with the delivery person. Some applications even have the option of asking the delivery person to leave the order at your door, ring the bell and leave. If the app you are using has this alternative, use it.
  • Take the order and check if it is normally correct.
  • Place it on top of a surface and prevent it from touching other objects in your home.
  • Wash the hands.
  • Clean the door handles with an appropriate cleaning agent or cloth moistened with alcohol.
  • Clean the packaging with an appropriate cleaning product or a cloth moistened with alcohol.
  • Clean the surface where you placed the delivery.
  • Store the products and wash your hands again.
  • Avoid using cutlery that comes with the packaging. Give preference to cutlery from home. If not, clean the restaurant cutlery before eating.
  • Enjoy!

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The pandemic will pass

Although the situation looks like there will be no time to end, this is far from the truth. The quarantine that was imposed on us will eventually be lifted and, gradually, life will return to normal.

Can we say that post-coronavirus life will establish a kind of “new normal”? We have no way of knowing until that happens. It is also not a good idea to think about issues that you will not have direct control of.

Instead, it is a good idea to leave a mark on which people you need to see first when it is finally safe to see who is precious in your life.

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