Amazon Echo: How to change Alexa's language

As many people already know, Amazon Echo is one of the best speakers you can find today. Even more to use together with Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant who can hear, respond and perform tasks through the speaker. Although it has support for different languages, Portuguese was released this year for use with Alexa and Amazon Echo. So it is very important to know how to change Alexa's language.

This is even more so for those who already used Alexa in English or another language and want to change it. It is also a good idea if you want to use even more phrases to talk to Alexa. So, if you want to know how to change Alexa's language, just check out our complete tutorial below!

Alexa app

Before we delve deeper into how you can change Alexa's language, it's important to know where you can do this. Basically, all the settings of the virtual assistant can be found in its official app.

You can download this app on Android from the Google Play Store or on the iPhone from the App Store. The app is completely free and very light, so it works on any modern smartphone.

How to change Alexa language

With the Alexa app installed on your smartphone, open it to begin the process of changing Alexa's language. Then, click on the “Devices” option.

alexa devices

Then, you will see a more general screen of the devices that you have registered in the app. Click on the "Echo and Alexa" option.

select amazon echo

On the next screen, you will see the devices you have. To proceed, just click on your current Amazon Echo.

echo dot

This will take you to the general settings of your Amazon Echo. There, you will see the “Language” section, which will be in the default language or has been chosen previously.

alexa language

Clicking on this option will take you to another screen full of different language options. Fortunately, Portuguese will also be available there.

Choose the language you prefer, be it Portuguese or another one you want to try. You will have to confirm that you want that language so that it is actually changed.

Alexa options to change language

With that done, you just changed Alexa's language with complete success! And all in a few minutes and in a way that can help you set up routines on Alexa.

And don't forget that whenever you want to change the language, just repeat this same process. It is worth mentioning that the option only applies to the Amazon Echo you have chosen.

So if you have more than one, you will need to repeat these steps to change your language as well. Fortunately, it's all very simple and quick to do with the app.

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